Your bathroom floor deals with a unique mix of moisture and physical wear. Selecting the right tile goes beyond aesthetics; it’s crucial for safety, functionality and creating the right ambience. Let’s take you through a selection of stunning bathroom floor tiles based on material, shapes and patterns.

What’s the budget for designing your bathroom floor?

The budget for designing your bathroom floor can vary greatly depending on several factors:

  • Size of your bathroom
  • Materials you choose
    • Budget-friendly options: Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and vinyl flooring planks. These can approximately cost* ₹60, ₹65, and ₹70 per square foot respectively
    • Mid-range options: Vitrified tiles and natural stone tiles like marble. These can approximately cost* ₹120 and ₹150 per square foot respectively
    • Luxury options: Custom-designed tilework. These can cost way more than the ones mentioned above irrespective of the chosen material

*Disclaimer: These costs are for reference purposes only; exact costs may differ according to location, size of home, nature of requirements, materials/finishes chosen and the scope of work.

Pick your perfect bathroom floor tile material from these collections

#1: Toilet floor tiles designed with vinyl

Vinyl flooring can handle the bathroom heat

Vinyl flooring is a great pick for bathrooms because it comes in many forms, like luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or vinyl roll (also called sheet vinyl). Both options are super suitable for bathrooms: they’re tough, don’t get easily damaged by water, are easy to wipe clean, and feel pleasantly warm on your feet.

#2: Vitrified washroom floor tiles

From poolside to bathroom, vitrified tiles handle moisture with ease

Vitrified tiles are not technically waterproof, but they excel at repelling water. This is attributed to their high-temperature firing process, which renders them exceptionally durable with minimal porosity. As a result, while water may bead on the surface temporarily, it is less prone to permeate through easily.

#3: Bathroom floor tiles made of granite

Granite floors: an investment for generations (with proper sealing)

Renowned for its durability, granite stands as one of the toughest natural stones, capable of outlasting your home with proper care. But is granite suitable for bathroom floors? Indeed! Its innate water and stain resistance make it an excellent choice. However, it’s worth noting that without a slip-resistant coating, granite floors can pose a slipping hazard when wet.

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#4: Washroom floor tiles designed with terrazzo

No two tiles are ever the same!

Venetian workers started using scrap marble fragments from their upscale projects to create the terrazzo design by placing them in clay mortar for their own terraces and residences. The installation options these days include:

  • Thin-set epoxy
  • Sand cushion
  • Polyacrylate
  • Bonded
  • Monolithic
  • Rustic

Note: Terrazzo floors can be slippery eventually, so make sure you don’t use wax and all-purpose cleaners to maintain it.

#5: Marble bathroom floor tiles

Natural stone, naturally stunning

Marble tiles look amazing in bathrooms with their unique veining patterns. While marble tiles with a natural finish aren’t as slippery as a polished finish, it’s still a good idea to add extra anti-slip treatment to your marble shower floor.

#6: Porcelain toilet floor tiles

Porcelain tiles work great with heated floors, keeping your toes cosy in the morning. They are also cheaper than most stone floors and hold up better against water than regular tiles. Since porcelain fights bacteria naturally, it’s perfect for bathrooms, especially for a health-conscious homeowner. Remember to clean the gaps between the tiles (grout) regularly and seal them to prevent stains and mould.

#7: Ceramic washroom floor tiles

Ceramic tiles offer resistance to steam and everyday moisture. While they won’t break down from water exposure, they can still absorb some moisture. To prevent this, you can use a silicon sealant between the tiles and walls.

#8: Pebble tiles for bathroom floors

Kiss cold tiles goodbye: Warm up your shower with a touch of nature

Pebble bathroom floor tiles are a great way to add a bit of nature to your shower. These pebbles look great next to shiny surfaces like glass, metal or regular tiles. Plus, some people find walking on pebbles more relaxing than cold, hard tiles. Pebble tiles with spaces in between them allow for better water drainage compared to flat tiles, reducing the risk of water pooling and potential mould growth.

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Unique patterned bathroom floor tiles for a stunning makeover

#1: Mosaic bathroom floor tiles

Warning: May cause excessive barefoot walking

  • Mosaics break the monotonicity of the plain walls in the bathroom
  • Depending on the pattern and colour choices, mosaics can create the illusion of a larger space
  • Strategic use of mosaic tiles can create a focal point in your bathroom, drawing attention to specific areas like the shower or bathtub
  • Mosaic tiles, particularly those with a textured surface, can provide better slip resistance compared to smooth floor tiles

#2: Geometric bathroom floor tiles

Feeling boxed in? Diagonal tiles open up your room

From classic tessellations and hexagons to contemporary 3D patterns and chevrons, geometric tiles offer a wide range of options to suit various design preferences. Diagonal patterns can make the room feel larger, while bold geometric patterns can add depth and dimension to smaller bathrooms.

Here are 3 unique bathroom floor tiles with geometric patterns:

#2.1: Herringbone

The luxurious wow factor your bathroom is missing

  • This dynamic pattern can make a small bathroom feel larger and more spacious by creating the illusion of movement and expansion
  • Whether you choose ceramic, porcelain, marble or wood-look tiles, the tactile arrangement of the tiles can enhance the sensory feel of the floor

#2.2: Hexagonal

Feel the beauty buzz of your bathroom with these honeycomb patterns

  • The shape of the hexagonal tiles itself creates a pattern and, if you prefer a quirkier look, you can choose different coloured tiles for a one-of-a-kind design
  • The honeycomb pattern can create an optical illusion of a larger space, particularly when using lighter-coloured tiles and minimal grout lines

#2.3: Rectangular

Sometimes we need to go back to the basics

  • Rectangular tiles inherently create a sense of order and clean lines due to their simple shape
  • Compared to smaller, intricate tiles, rectangular tiles with fewer grout lines generally require less maintenance and are easier to clean

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#3: Chevron

Add some zig zag to your bathroom routine

  • The zig zag lines naturally draw the eye towards the floor
  • This can create an illusion of a longer and wider bathroom, particularly effective in smaller spaces
  • In certain contexts, a chevron pattern with specific colour choices (black and white) can evoke a vintage or mid-century modern aesthetic

#4: Floral

This floral masterpiece is our personal favourite

  • Floral floor tiles often feature soft colours and delicate motifs that give your bathroom a romantic touch
  • Whether you choose subtle, watercolour-inspired blooms or bold, vibrant florals, the intricate patterns can serve as a focal point

Bonus bathroom floor tile designs you cannot miss!


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