Traced all the way back to rock carvings and pieces of pottery from a bygone era, the chevron pattern remains one of those designs that never really went out of style. Moreover, if it reminds you of the military or police for some inexplicable reason, we’ll tell you why. Several countries use chevrons as badges or insignia in military and police uniforms.

But that doesn’t answer the basic question – what is chevron and where to use it in your home interiors. Well, the chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern that flows smoothly. And as to where you can use it, we could probably find use for it in every part of your home. But to help you get started, we’ve scoured Livspace homes and found where and how chevron has been used. Read on and get inspired!

Chevron Design #1: The TV unit

Chevron pattern-tv unit-living room-wall trims
Wall trims and pastel hues for a pleasing TV unit

We’re blown away by the dainty pastel blue hues and chevron wall trims in this TV unit. Whether your room has a mix of bright colours or softer hues, this chevron patterned TV unit will fit right in. And what’s more, it’ll make your living room look like it’s straight out of a dream!

Chevron Design #2: Living Room Floor

Chevron pattern-flooring-living room-vinyl
Water- and stain-resistant vinyl floors laid out in a chevron pattern

If you thought that the floors of your home have to remain bare and boring, well, you’re wrong. Check out this vinyl flooring, laid out in a chevron pattern. As it is also water- and stain-resistant, the flooring is highly durable. What’s more, the chevron-patterned floor amps up the charm of the room!

Chevron Design #3: Dining Room Partition

Chevron pattern-wall pane-dining room-partition
Veneer panel for a rich wooden finish

This veneer finish chevron pattern wall could be just the statement piece your home requires! Not only does it provide the perfect backdrop for any space and make it look luxurious instantly, but it also helps in demarcating spaces with minimal effort.

Chevron Design #4: Kitchen Backsplash

Chevron pattern-kitchen backsplash-tiles
A chevron-patterned backsplash to draw your attention

If you want to highlight the backsplash in your kitchen, you cannot go wrong with chevron-patterned tiles. So take your cue from this kitchen that comes with white and wooden laminate finishes and a gorgeous black and white tiled backsplash. We bet you haven’t looked beyond the backsplash yet, have you?

Chevron Design #5: Bedroom Wallpaper

Chevron pattern-bedroom-wallpaper
Add a grey and white wallpaper to your neutral-hued bedroom

If you want to use colours sparingly but still want your room to have that dash of drama, this grey and white chevron pattern wallpaper might be just what you’re looking for. With such a wallpaper, you can add to the character of the room without making it overwhelming.

Chevron Design #6: Headboard

Chevron pattern-master bedroom-wooden headboard
A carved wooden headboard remains timeless!

No matter what your design aesthetic is like, a wooden bed carved with a chevron pattern will fit seamlessly into it! You can place it in a desi bedroom with hints of gold and traditional bedsheets. Also, inspired by the picture above, you can pair it with a subtly patterned wallpaper and place it in a room with neutral colours. In both cases, the wooden bed will look just right for the room!

Chevron Design #7: Bathroom Walls

Chevron pattern-paint-bathroom-rainbow colours
Keep wallpapers away from moisture and stick to paint for the bathroom

Who said bathrooms had to be dull and boring? A vibrant rainbow-hued chevron pattern takes over this bathroom. If you want to replicate this chevron design in your bathroom, we’d suggest that you steer clear of wallpaper – stick to good old wall paints, and your bathroom will look as cheerful as can be!

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