Bright colours and enticing wall treatments make this home a dreamy paradise.

Old-school charm meets modern glam in this dreamy space

Who Livs here: Shruti Sharma with her brother Priyank Sharma and his wife along with their parents.

Location: Builder Flat, Sec 47, Noida

Home Size: 3BHK spanning 3,500 sq. ft.

Design team: Interior Designer Pooja Pawar with Quality Manager Sandeep Jain

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Everyone wants a unique home. However, only a few dare to go the extra mile to make the home stand out. This home in Noida is a statement with stunning wall treatments, bright colours and little details that create a lively atmosphere.

There is no point in taking a vacation as this home feels like a cafe, a holiday home and a resort put together. When Pooja Pawar, Livspace designer, designed the home interiors, Shruti Sharma felt that everything was subtle and wanted a pop of colour in terms of the furniture. Thus, every room has statement upholstery in vibrant colours that give it a stunning look.

#1: Making memories

Snap, frame, lounge – a picture-perfect living room story

Bright yellows are a welcoming sight and make the compact space look bright. However, don’t be fooled by the realistic exposed brick wall, it’s just a 3D wallpaper! It acts as a gallery wall featuring travel tales and memories.

We love how the rug feels like there is confetti on the floor. This balances the setting and gives it a vibrant boost. The five-tiered display unit has a stunning design that is eye-catching and exudes an airy feel.

#2: Nothing too formal

Living on the edge of minimal dining elegance

Keeping the mood vibrant, the dining space sports low-back seating and a floral-upholstered bench for a fun effect. While it fits perfectly in the close-packed space, it also feels visually light. Doesn’t this remind you of an outdoor picnic?

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Living the brick life: no hard hats required

The home has a lobby space that is comfy and warm. An industrial effect with a red brick wallpaper design gives it a cafe-like appearance. The family loves to have conversations and spend time together. This is a perfect setting for them to connect.

#3: Delicate designs

There are two pooja units in the home. One greets visitors in the foyer and the second forms part of the main mandir in Shruti’s room. The stunning jali designs give a graceful mien around it.

#4: Lively & beautiful

Let your walls tell a story, lit up in vintage
Cosy corners with a touch of the past

Grace, beauty and charm surround this bedroom! A stunning wallpaper inspired by the Krishna Mehta collection is the foundation for such finesse. The copper lights and pink headboard complement its statement look. Is this what it feels like to wake up to a view of the royal gardens? This design transports you to experience the luxurious living of the kings.

Bedroom dreams taking flight on floating shelves

To complete the look a display unit and a TV unit find a place opposite the bed. The floral curtains just add to the room’s spell-binding demeanour.

#5: A touch of royalty

Sleeping beauty? Meet your royal bedroom match right here
Because every dream deserves a touch of regal splendour

Shruti’s brother, Priyank Sharma and his wife have also opted for a stunning bedroom design. A statement wallpaper highlighting the room gives it a luxurious touch. The wall sconces and upholstered headboard make it feel like a hotel-style room.

Cupboard-cum-TV unit? Why not?!

A wooden chest of drawers doubles as a TV unit along with adding warmth to the room. The floral couch is great for reading while the plush area rug is alluring to sink your toes into.

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#6: Understated elegance

interior design noida
Chevron charm meets dreamy nights
Trims, chevron, and cosy dreams – the bedtime trio

The parents’ room is cosy with a white and wooden theme. Trims on the wall and chevron patterns on the headboard and side table look chic. Sober colours and warm wooden accents make it a compelling room for the elders.

Here’s what the owners say!

“It was a comfortable experience working with the family. Though there are a lot of elements in place, nothing feels odd and we finalised the design quickly too.”

—Pooja Pawar, Livspace Interior Designer

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