Once called a Pensioner’s Paradise and the Garden City, Bengaluru is now the beating heart of the IT sector in India and our very own Silicon Valley. Namma Bengaluru has many feathers in its cap that represent the different aspects of the city. So when it comes to interior decoration for flats in Bangalore, we see some distinctive trends. 

Being in the business of making beautiful homes, we are more than interested in knowing about the trends that capture Bangalore’s taste in home interiors. 

5 Things we See in Interior Decoration for Flats in Bangalore

  • Neutral palette with a pop of colour
  • Functional and contemporary designs without too many frills
  • Easy-to-maintain interiors   
  • Plenty of warm, wooden tones
  • Turnkey solutions that solve real home design problems

Now that we know what defines the homes of Bangaloreans, let’s get some inspiration on our plate. 

Top 5 #LivspaceHomes That Showcase Bangalore’s Taste in Home Interiors

#1: Home for the busy working couple

interior decoration for flats in bangalore-balcony planter-working couple
Alok and Ratika on their day off

Alok and Ratika’s suburban home in Bangalore is an apt example of what millennial couples want. The busy pair wanted a place to come back to after work where they could unwind and relax. To achieve this, our designer, Shafiqua S, used designs that were both breezy and functional.

interior decoration for flats in bangalore-partition design-coral cushions
Don’t miss the partition with geometric patterns!

At a glance, you might feel that this home has a lot of popping colour. But look closely and you will see that the basic colour palette is neutral. The pops come from a carefully selected range of soft furnishings and accessories. 

Design Takeaway #1

Unless you are sure, stick to a neutral colour palette. You can always add colour to the space in the future by changing the soft furnishings and accessories.

interior decoration for flats in bangalore-decor accessories-cushion designs
A splash of young colours!

If we had to describe this 3BHK in one word, it would be youthful. So what about this home makes it look young and alive?

Designer Takeaway #2

A space becomes youthful when you pick fresh colours and use the right kind of lighting to highlight the different areas of your home. Plants also make spaces look alive as they symbolise growth. 

For more images of this home, click here.

#2: Compact home for a couple with a kid

interior decoration for flats in bangalore-family photo-grey couch
Swati and Gaurav with their daughter

Just like our previous couple, Swati and Gaurav also come in the bracket of 30-somethings. But this young pair have a toddling munchkin, too! So our designer, Gautam Gupta, designed their home as per their family’s needs. 

interior decoration for flats in bangalore-yellow dining chairs-partition design
Notice the partition with tied ropes here?

These cosy Chesterfields look good enough to sink into! And the yellow dining chairs in the corner give a sunny disposition to this home. Did you notice the rounded backs of these chairs?

Designer Takeaway #3

When you have growing children, opt for furniture with rounded edges. Moreover, natural light and ventilation make the house a healthy space for children and adults alike. The point being, soak up the sunlight from anywhere it comes. 

interior decoration for flats in bangalore-parallel kitchen- acrylic kitchen
All the base cabinets are drawers as the kitchen is built for efficiency

This high-end, heavily accessorised kitchen is where the couple has invested the most. It is special because it was built keeping the existing backsplash intact. Designed for efficiency, the kitchen is fitted with an oven and wicker baskets, and all the lower cabinets are drawers for easy access. 

Design Takeaway #4

Functional spaces like kitchens should be designed depending on how you intend to use them. Also, invest in accessories and designs that will make your life easy. 

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#3: Renovating an old kitchen in the Pensioner’s Paradise

interior decoration for flats in bangalore-villa in bangalore
Rama and Ramesh at their Jakkur villa

Rama and Ramesh’s Jakkur villa gives us a peek into the old and peaceful Bangalore. Nestled among the greens, their home has an idyllic vibe with travel curios and framed photos of children living abroad. Their kitchen, which has walked the road from the old town to the new tech city, has a story to tell about interior decoration for flats in Bangalore. 

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interior decoration for flats in bangalore-red kitchen-kitchen accessories
The kitchen has storage for all kinds of essentials

Their U-shaped kitchen was a spacious one but our designer, Smitha Mole, moved a few things around for practicality. For instance, the dishwasher was placed next to the sink, where it should typically belong. She also installed a tambour unit with a roller shutter to accommodate the smaller appliances that usually take up the counter space. Most importantly, the cabinets have tandem boxes to accommodate Rama’s huge cooking vessels.

Design Takeaway #5

A kitchen must be designed in accordance with the number of appliances and vessels you have. It should also take into account the amount of groceries you usually store.

interior decoration for flats in bangalore-red kitchen
A little rearrangement can buy you a lot of space

Apart from the sheer functionality of this kitchen, its vibrant wine red appeal is not lost on us. The cabinets have an acrylic finish so that cleaning is an easy chore for Rama or her household help.

Design Takeaway #6

Easy-to-clean finishes like acrylic or high gloss laminates are ideal for elderly couples, especially in spaces like kitchens that need regular maintenance. 

To take a closer look at this kitchen, click here. 

#4:   A home celebrating singlehood

2bhk in bangalore-home for a single woman
Shruthi in a home just for herself!

It’s not every day that we come across a young and single woman like Shruthi Kolagad designing a space that is solely for herself. But thankfully, the number of singles (men and women) buying homes just for themselves is growing and designing for one person is a new kind of goal. It is a goal that our designer, Sushritha Surya, achieved by leaving an imprint of Shruthi’s personality everywhere.

foyer design-3d tv unit-wallpaper design
Hints of Shruthi’s personality in the house

The highlight of this home is its fabric-panelled TV unit that gives a 3D effect to the wall. We love how creatively this piece comes together and also how plush it looks without being exceedingly expensive. 

Design Takeaway #7

The devil is in the details and so is the genius!

bedroom design-wallpaper design
Cosy unit for sleeping with a canopy-like detail

A home is all about warmth and this warmth often comes from the people who live in it. But for those that live alone, home interiors must provide this element of cosiness to make them feel at home. A classic example of this would be the canopy-like detail in Shruthi’s bedroom. The designer has used a wallpaper that extends from the headboard wall to the ceiling, making a cosy sleeping space for Shruthi.

Design Takeaway #8

Cosiness is a function of design and not space. Even large spaces can be cosy.

To take a full tour of this home, click here.

#5: The classic home for NRIs

3bhk in bangalore-seating in bedroom-home for nri
Mr and Mrs Francis in their son’s Bangalore home

Dennis Francis and his wife have never really stayed in their Salarpuria Sattva home in one of the more posh localities of Bangalore. In fact, they were not here even when the home was being designed. It is Dennis’ elderly parents who stay in this remotely designed 3BHK apartment. While this might seem strange to others, the story is quite common in Bangalore as a huge portion of the IT workforce keeps travelling overseas. 

The design team made their choices accordingly to ensure that when the NRI couple return home, they find it to their liking. 

3bhk in bangalore-tv unit design-red armchair
When you want specific designs, customise

Notice how every piece of furniture in this home fits like a glove? It’s because every single item is custom-made on site. This is a bit of a trend we see in NRI homes. Having travelled and lived abroad, people develop a taste for furniture that is not necessarily available from catalogues in the Indian market. So customising is a good idea. 

Design Takeaway #9

If you are not constrained by budget, customise and don’t compromise.

white sliding wardrobe-walk-in closet designs
Indian walk-in closets have shutters

This walk-in wardrobe is a testament to the way an NRI envisions his/her home. They pick concepts and ideas from their life abroad and we Indianise them for their homes. The walk-in wardrobe, in itself, is a Western concept. However, a typical walk-in wardrobe abroad has no shutters. In India, thanks to the dust concentration in the air and security concerns, that is not an option. 

Design Takeaway #10

A home is a product of its location and we must design it to fit its surroundings accordingly. 

Take a full tour of this home here to learn more about interior decoration for flats in Bangalore.

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