When Grishma and her husband were looking for professional expertise to do their Prateek Grand City apartment interior design, they stumbled across Livspace website. So, they were put in contact with Livspace designer Jyoti Arya who understood the requirements of the interior design for Prateek Grand City house. The couple wanted elegant but budget interiors for Prateek Grand City apartment design.

Who Livs here: Grishma and her husband

Location: Prateek Grand City, Ghaziabad

Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 1,200 sq. ft. 

Design team: Interior designer Jyoti Arya and Project Manager Vivek Kumar

Livspace service: Storage, kitchen and wardrobes

Budget: ₹₹

A functional, yet budget home with elegant elements for a working couple

What we Love
The custom-made wardrobe in the master bedroom that is equipped with a mirror to double as a makeshift dresser

Look Out For:

– Customised study table with cove lighting
– In-built wardrobe with hinged doors in the guest bedroom
– Carefully picked out decor items for a refined look

Biggest Indulgence
The bar-cum-study unit in the living room that showcases the couple’s wine collection in style

Smart Buy
The custom-made modular-seating-cum-storage in the study room

Needless to say, she managed to do both for this 3BHK interior design for Prateek Grand City! Here is one example of Prateek Grand City 3BHK home design that you can take inspiration from.

#1: This Prateek Grand City 3BHK Home Design: Meet the Homeowners

Grishma with her husband

Grishma was impressed with the recommendations offered by Jyoti and Livspace services. Therefore, the handover was swift and without any roadblocks. She was impressed with the interior design for Prateek Grand City apartment:

“We really appreciate Jyoti for all the support she provided us. And to the Livspace team, it was a great experience working with you guys. Whosoever is looking to get their interiors done up, I will direct them to Livspace” – Grishma, Livspace homeowner

#2: The Bar-cum-Working-Table is a Custom Addition

Learn to perfect work and play from this custom design

The biggest indulgence in this house is the custom-made modular bar unit in the living room. If you look closely, however, it is more than that. This bar unit can also double up as a makeshift study table and even has enough space to serve as display space for any decor accessories. Also, equipped with moody lights, this Prateek Grand City apartment interior design makes for a pleasing space. We also loved the two-toned colour approach that Jyoti took so it matches with the colour palette of this 3BHK interior design for Prateek Grand City.

Budget Takeaway: 

Use laminates to reduce the cost of your custom pieces. Additionally, they are easy to clean as well.

#3: The Master Bedroom Interior Design for Prateek Grand City Flat is All About Blues

A two-toned bedroom with pops of colour
Jyoti used  mirrors and hanging pendant lights to create a visually airy space

For the master bedroom of this 3BHK interior design for Prateek Grand city, Jyoti kept it basic. To complement white bed set up against a blue wallpaper, she decided to go with a deep blue wardrobe with glossy laminate. Also, the wardrobe is equipped with a mirror which can easily act as a makeshift dresser for the couple. 

Budget Takeaway:

Don’t have the budget or space for a separate dresser? Get a mirror installed with your wardrobe. Mirrors on wardrobes are also protective and last for a long time as they are not prone to wear and tear.

#4: A Study Room Equipped with Smart Storage Solutions

The custom study table has open shelves for books
This seating is equipped with concealed storage

This Prateek Grand City apartment interior design has a study room where Grishma or her husband can work. Being a working couple in the IT sector, both of them spend long hours in front of the screen. Thus, Jyoti equipped the study table with cove lights, open shelves and a comfy chair. On the corner, you can find the window seating arrangement — an ideal spot to take a break from work or have evening tea.  

Budget Takeaway: 

When looking for budget interiors for Prateek Grand City apartments, note that having a mix of open and concealed storage not only gives the space visual appeal, it cuts down on the budget too.

#5: Neutral Prateek Grand City Apartment Interior Design for Guest Bedroom

Can you spot the wardrobe?

This Prateek Grand City 3BHK home design for a guest bedroom plays with a combination of off-whites and cantaloupe. Simultaneously, the two colours beautifully complement each other to give this guest room a soft and elegant look. Do you see the two doors beside the bed? Those doors open to an in-built wardrobe that can house all your storage needs. 

Budget Takeaway: 

Opt for hinged doors if you have an in-built space for a wardrobe.

#6: Decor to Amp Up the Budget Interiors for Prateek Grand City Apartment Design

The decor in the master bedroom ensures a chic look
The bar displays some eye-catching decor pieces

Jyoti carefully used decor pieces to bring together the interior design for Prateek Grand City apartment. Plants have also been used to break the monotony of colour. Also, the bedroom decor has a moody  yet personalised look. The accessories on the bar cabinet on either side is also about displaying a sophisticated taste to the guests. 

Budget Takeaway:

Don’t want to invest in really expensive decor pieces? Buy indoor plants! They are easy to maintain, look aesthetically pleasing and are sustainable. You can also swap them out anytime you want. 

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