Personal space means different things to different people. Some could find their sanctum within a crowded room while others need a niche all to themselves. But we all need space that we can call our own within our homes. Since we always look up to the stars in tinsel town for inspiration, let’s carry on that trend. We sneaked into some Bollywood star’s houses and discovered what their personal nooks are.

Here are the five ‘me’ corners from celebrity homes that we loved and replicated for you!

Bollywood Stars Houses #1: Radhika Apte’s Reading Chair
bollywood stars houses-radhika apte home-armchair designs-blue wall colour
The reading chair

When Radhika Apte moved into her sun-kissed Versova apartment, she started with a blank slate. The first furniture item she purchased was an upholstered armchair that sports cool stripes. Eventually, this has become her go to spot for reading or curling up with throw.

Design Takeaway: So all it takes is a comfy chair that you connect with, and you have an oasis in the middle of a hustling life. To personalise this corner, surround it with your favourite things like artwork, photos and totems of the past.

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Bollywood Stars Houses #2: Huma Qureshi’s Balcony Seat
bollywood stars houses-huma qureshi home-balcony designs
Chai spot on the terrace

First things first, Huma lives with her brother Sakib in her Mumbai apartment. The point being, personal spaces become all the more important when you are sharing your home with family. So while Sakib has his gaming room, Huma has found sanctuary in a spacious terrace attached to their living room. This large stretch of open space is what inspired the siblings to move into this apartment.  

Design Takeaway: If you happen to have a decently sized balcony or terrace, set it up with a picnic table and bench like Huma. This will be the idyllic chai spot for you. Add in a bird feeder so that you can hear chirping bird songs in the morning! 

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Bollywood Stars Houses #3: Masaba Gupta’s Lounging Spot
bollywood stars houses-masaba gupta home-l shaped sofa designs
The lounging couch

Masaba camps in with mom Neena Gupta in their Bandra apartment that is just about two minutes from the sea. And guess what? Both mother and daughter are fixated on a long L-shaped sofa in their living room. But while Neena likes to sit in the centre of this couch, Masaba lounges on the recliner attached to it. Not only does this spot have an amazing view, Masaba also gets to be in thick of things while hosting her close friends here. 

Design Takeaway: A couch is essential when it comes to living rooms. So when you are picking one to host guests, it can be aesthetically pleasing. But when you want a couch to lounge in, choose one that “sparks joy!”

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Bollywood Stars Houses #4: Irrfan Khan’s Nook With a View
celebrity homes-irrfan khan home-armchair designs
‘Me’ corner with a view

Irrfan Khan’s home is quite unlike the average celebrity home; it seems to reflect a love of the ornate and rustic at the same time. Our favourite cosy corner in this celebrity home is this spot that overlooks a green balcony; it is furnished with an antique armchair paired with a plush-looking ottoman. We can totally imagine Irrfan on this chair with his feet up, chilling with a book and a cup of coffee. Wait! Did he not pose like that for a magazine cover?

Design Takeaway: While you may love every inch of your home, it always helps to have a ‘me’ corner for yourself. It could be the view you love from this spot or just the general energy of the space. But, ‘me’ corners help you unwind when you are stressed or have some quiet time when you need to think. There is no thumb rule for designing one, so just go with the flow. 

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Bollywood Stars Houses #5: Twinkle Khanna’s Signature Style
celebrity home-twinkle khanna home-console table-yellow wall designs
A poppy art corner

What can possibly be brighter than this bubbly yellow wall? It has to be Twinkle Khanna’s personality for sure! In between her sharp wit and exuberant sense of humour, she leaves an imprint of her personality on every corner of her home. And this corner just happens to be our favourite because it expresses Twinkle’s personality in a nutshell! Maybe it has something to do with the painting by Hulya Ozdemir. She is a painter deeply inspired by Freida Kahlo’s feminist ideology of art. 

Design Takeaway: A touch of the personal, read personality, is what makes your home unique. So don’t be afraid to design at least one niche in your house with art, mementoes, photos etc. that mean something to you. It could be a Harry Potter insignia or a poster of the Beatles, but this personal shrine will become the soul of your home.

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