Livspace is known for designing homes that embody comfort while accommodating the needs of the client. This 3BHK flat in Ahmedabad is a fine example of this design principle we uphold. For this flat in Ahmedabad, our first-ever project in the city, we made sure it had a bit of everything — functionality, storage and style. All these elements were brought together in an elegant aesthetic and delivered to a highly satisfied Urvashi and her parents. Here are some trendy features of this home that are absolutely worth stealing!

Hirendra and Sadhna Signh and their daughter Urvashi

Who Livs here: Hirendra and Sadhna Singh and their daughter Urvashi

Location: Ahmedabad

Size of Home: 3BHK that covers an approximate area of 1,500 sqft.

Design Team: Interior designer Seme

Livspace Service: Full home interiors

Budget: ₹₹₹

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#1:  This 3BHK Flat in Ahmedabad Maintains Colour Continuity

Hirendra and Sadhna Signh and their daughter Urvashi

Colour continuity is the secret ingredient to make sure this 3BHK flat in Ahmedabad is neatly put together. Thus, Designer Seme added cool tones of blue throughout the flat to give this Ahmedabad home a serene atmosphere. Colour continuity can be maintained in several ways. For example, in this particular flat, the living room and dining hall have the same colour scheme when it comes to seating. On the other hand, the guest room has a celestial blue wardrobe with splashes of the colour on the wallpaper and the bed.

#2: Get a Chic Kitchen Like the One in This 3BHK Flat in Ahmedabad 

The elegant quartz countertop is trendy and low maintenance

The Singhs wanted an understated look in the kitchen and Seme’s two-toned kitchen delivered exactly that. The white-veined quartz countertop that matches the upper cabinets adds subtle sophistication to the space. Additionally, the marble backsplash lends a seamless look — a trendy move that is also easy to maintain! 

The seamlessness is evident in the handleless cabinets with a wood-laminate finish, which contrasts with the overarching white palette and is a low-maintenance option. Do not miss the tall crockery unit that can house a variety of crockery while keeping it organised. It has handleless glass shutters for ease of use and fits right into the kitchen.    

The wood-finished laminate of the lower cabinets work well against the white countertop

The upper cabinets are made with glossy white laminate which is scratch-resistant, practical and low-maintenance. Also, Seme maximised the storage capacity of the kitchen with the cabinetry and also added a basin on the countertop for washing fruits and vegetables. Notice the equi-distance of the cleaning, cooking and preparation zone? It can accommodate multiple people at the same time.

#3: This 3BHK Flat in Ahmedabad Plays with Pastels

The desire for mint green in the master bedroom took the form of a chevron-patterned backdrop

One of the demands that Sadhna had for the master bedroom of this Ahmedabad home was incorporating mint green into the interiors. It looks difficult. However, the designer accommodated her by using the colour  for a chevron-patterned backdrop for the bed. It also complements the cool blues patterns in the rest of this flat in Ahmedabad. The grey headboard is child- and elder- friendly and extends to accommodate the night stand neatly with the bed.

The handless wardrobe is space-efficient and works well with the aesthetic of the room

The wardrobe of this room is a definite steal-worthy idea. It fits right into the colour scheme of the room and stands tall with ample storage. The sliding door makes it space-efficient, as well as lends the room a seamless look, consistent with the rest of the house. It is made of reflexive, glossy laminate that complements the dresser beside it.

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#4: A Classic Kid’s Room Inspiration for this 3BHK Flat in Ahmedabad

Dusty rose colour palette adds a soft touch to Urvashi’s bedroom

Urvashi’s room is bathed in a dusty rose hue, which goes well with the wood-finish tiles. Notice the upholstery on the side of the headboard. It adds a soothing touch to the room. The colour scheme is enhanced by the chevron-patterned wall backsplash that is similar to the one in her parent’s room. Similarly, the headboard continues into the nightstand as it does in the master bedroom.  

 A glossy-finished wardrobe is in shades that complement this bedroom

The wardrobe is fits perfectly in the bedroom with the rest of the colour scheme. Another sliding wardrobe with a seamless finish, this is as functional as it is stylish. 

#5: A Modern Look in the Guest Bedroom

Cool blue dominates the guest bedroom of this flat in Ahmedabad

The guest room in this Ahmedabad home has pops of celestial blue and boasts a contemporary style. The subtle wash of blue on the wallpaper gives this bedroom a clean look. It is not devoid of a desi touch, however, as seen by the choice of bedding. Similar to the other rooms, the wardrobe is a space-saving model with seamless, high-gloss laminate doors.

#6: Get Inspired by the  Dining Room of This 3BHK Flat in Ahmedabad

An accessible dining room adds to the appeal of this Ahmedabad home

This Ahmedabad home has an open dining and kitchen area. The blue chairs jazz up the room while the wooden textures fall in with the overall  design aesthetic that Seme wanted for this 3BHK flat in Ahmedabad. The glass panels in the dining room add a unique touch to the room that also make the space appear bigger. 

We hope our first home in Ahmedabad will inspire you to get your own home done. Love unique and trendy homes? Read How to Design a Stunning Home That is Both Plush and Functional. Wondering how our customers feel about working with Livspace? You can check out the Livspace reviews here!

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