There are many approaches to designing a home, and they can depend on the budget you’re willing to spend. Homeowners with bigger budgets often opt for a complete overhaul of their interiors, whereas those with smaller budgets may prefer sticking to just the basics. Here’s where this 3BHK interior design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai can show us how keeping to a budget need not mean limiting your creativity. 

Shalini and her family approached Livspace with a fixed budget that needed to cover their kitchen, storage, and wardrobe requirements. And we had the perfect solution for them! Let’s take Shalini’s 3BHK flat design for Sunrise Orlem apartment as an example of what you can do with a budget of ₹16 lakh.  

Who Livs here: Shalini Kotian and her family 
Location: Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai 
Size of home: 3BHK 
Design team: Interior Designer Drashti Shah
Livspace service: Modular kitchen, wardrobes, and storage solutions  
Budget: ₹₹ 



To create a functional yet stylishly aesthetic home using modular kitchen and wardrobes

What We Loved

The subtle pops of colour brought about by the living and dining room furniture
Look Out For

– The use of warm lighting throughout the home to create a cosy ambience
– The interplay between contemporary and modern design elements 

Which Livspace Offering Should You Choose for Budget Modular Solutions?

Subtle pops of colour bring this living room to life

Like Shalini, if you are looking for a 3BHK interior design under ₹16 lakh in Mumbai, we have just the right solution for you. While moving into a new home, your first priority most likely would be the design timelines. Nobody likes delaying their move in dates due to project delays and unfinished interiors. So, why not go for a quick and budget-friendly solution like Livspace Select?

This 3BHK interior design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai uses Livspace Select’s modular solutions to stay under budget. With Select, Shalini was able to get her modular kitchen, wardrobes, and storage needs met. Moreover, this offering even comes with a 10 year warranty, ensuring your interiors stand the test of time.

What’s Covered in a 3BHK Interior Design Under ₹16 Lakh in Mumbai?

Go for cost-effective materials to keep your kitchen design costs down

This 3BHK interior design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai has a lot going for it. Though the main scope of work included infusing modular solutions for the kitchen and wardrobes, it doesn’t just end there. Apart from this, we also focused on using the right decor elements in this 3BHK flat design for Sunrise Orlem apartment.

Custom wardrobe designs help optimise the space effectively

Here are a few of the components that went into this 3BHK interior design under ₹16 lakh in Mumbai:

RoomDesign Elements Used in This
3BHK Interior Design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai
Estimated Price
Living RoomTV unit wall panelling₹25,317
Living RoomWall moulding₹28,762
Dining RoomBar table ₹21,240
KitchenWooden rafter partition₹37,760
KitchenSliding glass partition door ₹70,800
KitchenCabinets and other work₹2,12,519
Pooja RoomWall Shelf₹5,310
Master BedroomWardrobes₹1,20,460
Kid’s RoomWall mounted cabinets/shelving₹47,790
Kid’s RoomWardrobes₹1,72,847
Please note that these prices are from our 2021 catalogue and are subject to change

While this is not a comprehensive list of all the work done in this 3BHK interior design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai, it can offer some insight on pricing. A fair share of the budget was also spent on false ceilings, floor protection, and other miscellaneous work for the home.

The right TV unit and feature wall can add volumes of style to your space

However, please note that if you are planning your interior design for a 3BHK apartment in Mumbai, the prices can vary as per your scope. The size of your home, work required, and materials used are factors that can affect your total interior design cost. Alternatively, promotional discounts available at the time of purchase can also influence these costs.

What Are Some Cost-Effective Materials to Consider While Designing Your Home?

Plywood is both durable and relatively affordable compared to materials like wood

Since we covered a fair amount of cabinetry in this 3BHK interior design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai, we can tell you a thing or two about what materials work best for your budget. While designing your kitchen, we offer two main categories of wood: engineered wood and plywood.

A custom wardrobe ensures that it fits your room’s layout like a glove

Under engineered wood, you have the option of MDF, HDF-HMR, and Particleboard. Whereas with plywood, you can choose between moisture-resistant (MR), boiling water-resistant (BWR), and boiling-water-proof plywood (BWP). This 3BHK interior design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai uses both MDF and plywood for the kitchen cabinets.

Though engineered wood variants such as MDF and HDF-HMR can be lighter on the pocket, plywood is more durable. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to wood, plywood is a better bet due to its many varieties.

What Materials Did We Use for the Kitchen in This 3BHK Interior Design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai?

You can even mix and match materials like we did in this interior design for a 3BHK apartment in Mumbai. We used plywood for the cabinet carcass paired with MDF for the shutters. Similarly, we went for a mix of membrane and laminate finishes to seal the deal. The same choice of materials and finishes were maintained for the wardrobes in the bedrooms.

What Are the Benefits of Using Modular Solutions? 

Stick around to see what the entire 3BHK looks like in the following point

Modular kitchens are no new contender when it comes to interior design. In fact, they’ve become a fairly sought after style for most Indian kitchens. The kitchen in this 3BHK interior design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai stands testament to that very fact. But, what exactly is all the hype about? If you’ve ever pondered this, here are some of the benefits to having one:

  • One main system to rule them all: A modular kitchen is no different in that sentiment. They not only fit your space like a glove, but they also make the most out of it. Every inch of space in your kitchen can be put to use with a supporting accessory or cabinet to suit it.
  • You’re spoilt for choice: With a modular kitchen, you can customise your choice of cabinet materials and finishes as you desire. In this 3BHK interior design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai, we used a mix of MDF and plywood along with different finishes to complement this modular kitchen.
  • Made with convenience: Have you ever heard of the golden work triangle? It refers to the optimal placement of your hob, sink, and fridge to help improve workflow. Instead of planning this on your own, a modular kitchen comes with it pre-set.

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Let’s Take a Visual Tour of the Rest of This 3BHK Interior Design for Sunrise Orlem, Mumbai:

The living room sits pretty in bold, contrasting shades from the furniture and plants
The suede-finish furniture perfectly complements the brass table legs
Mirror wall panelling makes the bar area look more spacious
Durable kitchen cabinetry that can stand the test of time
The mandir unit sits between the bedroom entrances
Track lights under the curtain pelmet add ambient lighting
The third bedroom has been converted to a recreational room
A cosy jhoola overlooks a refreshing view during tea time
Placing the study unit near the window keeps this space bright during the day
We’ve opened up the floor by moving all furniture to the sides of the room

How Can Livspace Help You? 

We hope you enjoyed our 3BHK flat design for Sunrise Orlem apartments. If you want beautiful interiors for your home, then look no further. Book an online consultation with Livspace today.

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