Gone are the days when pastel colors were considered appropriate only for nurseries or kids’ rooms. This soft family of colors has so much more to offer! From lending a calm, soothing tint to your walls to adding a pop of color to a room and everywhere in between, pastels are colors for all seasons. And their use has been rediscovered in recent times. Join us on a trip to discover how to use these soft, relaxing shades to change the mood of your home!

Pastel Colors #1: Minty greens & steely blues for your walls
Accent wall in minty green
Textured moss green accent wall
Steel blue bedroom walls

Pastel room colors are the quickest and simplest way to set the tone for the room. With the entire room or even an accent wall painted a soft green, the space becomes the perfect for rest. On the other hand, the brighter blues make for a vibrant room suited to energetic people!

Pastel Colors #2: Sky blue & soft pink wallpapers
A vibrant wallpaper can breathe life into your room
Romantic pinks for the bedroom

If you do not want to go through the trouble of repainting a room but still want to give it a makeover, fear not! Wallpapers are a faster way to revamp your walls. A floral sky blue wallpaper livens up the dining room, creating a refreshing vibe.

On the other hand, a soft pink wallpaper on the bedroom wall creates a romantic vibe that is perfect for a couple. When the wallpaper is used together with a matching blanket and cushions, the color sets the mood for happy, relaxing pillow talk.

Pastel Colors #3: Tiles in varying hues of green
Pastels in the bathroom
Kitchen tiles in moss green

If you are thinking that pastel room colors find no use in kitchens and bathrooms, think again! A pop of pastel green like this one can brighten up the dullest of bathrooms.

Also, the kitchen is the heart of the house; the space where nourishing meals are cooked from scratch. A soft, mossy green hue on the kitchen tiles is natural and life-affirming. It certainly, uplifts the mood of the home chef!

Pastel Colors #4: Sea green shelves, candy-colored wardrobes & steel blue cabinets
Going Green

Why should pastel colors be limited to the walls? Play around with colorful shelves and cabinets to breathe new life into your home! A sea green shelf against a monotone wall draws attention effortlessly. Use it as the perfect backdrop to display all your knick-knacks!

As sweet as candy

If candy brings sweetness to our lives, won’t candy-colored wardrobes do the same? These cute wardrobes can find place effortlessly in a kids’ room or playroom. Who knows, it might even inspire them to keep their belongings tidy!

Drive the blues away

If shelves and wardrobes can be pastel-colored, why should cabinets be left out? Liven up your kitchen cabinets with these soft tones and let there never be a grey moment while cooking! Steel blue cabinets in the kitchen drive the blues away, making sure you create many more memories while cooking!

Pastel Colors #5: Upholstered furniture in sea greens & baby blues
Pastel upholstery in the living room

Why keep your upholstered furniture in neutral shades? Pretty pastel for upholstered furniture make the space appear soft and soothing! Take inspiration from this sea green couch and ottoman that complement the soft colors and plenty of natural light in this living room, adding to the laid-back vibe of the room.

Elegant baby blue couches

If you are afraid of going overboard with the pastel shades, fear not! Add a pop of color with brighter cushions. Powder blue couches with red or maroon-colored cushions against a neutral wall look at once edgy and sophisticated.

Pastel Colors #6: Soft furnishings in light pinks and steel greys
Pretty pink cushions

Against a neutral setting, the easiest way to alter the appearance of a room is through the extensive use of soft furnishings. So use throw cushions, bedspreads, pillow covers, curtains, and the likes. These are always the easiest to get hold of and don’t involve too much investment!

Grey bedspreads to help you sleep

The trick with using pastel colors in soft furnishings is to find the right balance of neutrals that make them pop without going overboard. Brighten up a fresh white bed with soft pink cushions and a matching bedspread. And watch your room take on a soft feminine tone, or use a blue-grey bedspread for a more elegant bedroom.

Pastel Colors #7: Pastel-hued Accessories
Pretty pieces on the wall
Soft pastel hues for the living room

The right accessories make a difference to the appearance of a room. Hang a painting or piece of art on the wall, and watch how it transforms the room in a matter of minutes! The amazing part about using pastels is that they can go well with neutrals, whites and deep colors just the same. So pastel accessories can fit into any kind of decor.

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