There are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to turn your home into your personal office. First and foremost, pick a spot that is spacious enough for you — one that resembles a desk at work. Then, pick a spot that receives enough sunlight. If not, opt for standing lamps or table lamps that keep the zone bright all through the day. Lastly, set rules for a peaceful working environment. Distractions like family interactions and personal calls should be kept at a minimum. So try not to sit in a zone that sees through traffic. Now that you have have covered these parameters, our list of home office ideas will inspire you to get to working from the comfort of your home!

Home Office Ideas #1: Turning a home library into a home office

home office ideas-red arm chair-study table-book shelves-table lamp
A home library can turn into a home office

Ideal for a bookworm, a den or a study room is the perfect home office. A home library should have suitable lighting, furniture and plenty of space. Now, stick a DND sign and get to working. Moreover, a room without a bed will keep you from crawling back into it and working from there or snoozing.

Home Office Ideas #2: Designing a dedicated room

home office ideas-brown chairs-standing lamp-brick wall-white table
Adjust your dining space and transform it into a workspace

For a long term solution, you will need a room that is fully equipped with workspace essentials. Your best option while working from home is to set up shop at the in separate room. You can turn your standard dining table into a sizable desk. Keep in mind that this spot should be well lit and should have a plug point to charge all your electronics.

Home Office Ideas #3: Installing a workspace in a multipurpose room

home office ideas-study room-pooja unit-jaali door-blue sofa-desk designs
Opt for a chair that gives you correct support for your posture, weight and lumbar region

It’s important to invest in a few essentials for your workspace. For example, an ergonomic chair, a sturdy desk, some shelves and a lamp. Your chair should have good lumbar support for long working hours. A good chair, albeit expensive, will go a long way in terms of comfort. Moreover, natural light is your best bet when working with electronics that emit harmful blue light. Lastly, a desk with storage will keep clutter at bay and help you work in an organised manner.

Home Office Ideas #4: Revamping a study room

home office ideas-blue pattern wallpaper-floating quote box shelf-study unit-grey chair
Consider it a regular workday

This simple study room now has a captivating abstract print wallpaper with quirky dialogue box-shaped wall units make this place look bold and vibrant — perfect for those working from home!

Home Office Ideas #5: Designing an open workspace

Workspace demarcated by a parition

You don’t always require an entire room for a home office. Here, the partition provides privacy and clearly demarcates the boundaries of the workspace. This space is packed with storage in the form of book shelves and cabinets.

Home Office Ideas #6: Setting up a bedroom workspace

Add a desk plant and set up your electronics

Now, you don’t always need a separate study room to work productively. Make some room in your bedroom instead. Beside your bed or in front of a window maybe? Add a study table and a chair and voila! It’s a home office.

Home Office Ideas #7: Using a TV unit with a desk

home office ideas-white chair-grey and white tv unit-table lamp-desk plant
This minimally designed tv unit doubles up as a desk

Here’s a multipurpose unit put to good use. A TV unit with a work desk should be of standard ergonomic height. With an average height of 28 inches for a desk table and 18 inches for a chair. Set up a permanent space in your room with all work essentials and add on a chair.

Home Office Ideas #8: Turning a bedroom corner into a workspace

home office ideas-study unit-green chair-floating shelves-spot lights
Make good use of a corner

A bedroom with an empty corner is perfect for a home office. With just a few feet to spare, a minimal design works best. Here, floating shelves and spot lights provides plenty of storage and light.

Home Office Ideas #9: A laptop desk for cramped spaces

home office ideas-laptop table
A handy and affordable online buy

If all else fails, pick up a laptop table. A popular online buy, this breakfast table doubles up as a functional laptop stand is perfect for those living in a PG. Moreover, when you can’t get out of bed, this is a safe alternative to keep your laptop off your lap and prevent the heat from causing any problems.

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