Getting into the flow at work is an uphill task for many, not least because of the myriad distractions around the work desk. But if there’s anything you’re completely in control of at work, it’s how your desk looks and feels. Your work environment can heavily impact your productivity; houseplants improve concentration. Put two and two together, and you now know you’ve got to get some office desk plants! We’ve done all the digging to find out what green friends work best as office desk plants.

#1: Cacti

They can retain water so no worrying about watering them often

Easy to care for and rad-looking, cacti are a no-brainer as office desk plants. They retain water for a long time and need watering only once or twice a week. You could opt for flowering cacti or the long spindly variety– just make sure to keep it in a corner that’s out of immediate reach!

Pro Tip: If you have a window desk, you’re in luck– cacti thrive in direct sunlight. If you don’t have a window desk, you now have an excuse to ask for one!

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#2: Snake Plant

Need less light and minimal water

Scientifically known as Sansevieria, the snake plant can last for up to a month without water, so you can take that month off without a care. They do well in low-light conditions but can also hold their ground in sunlight, making them the ideal office desk plant.

Pro Tip: Snake plants are said to purify the air and rid it of toxins– a perfect companion to dispel negative energy!

#3: Golden Devil’s Ivy

Thrives in indirect sunlight

Yet another low-maintenance indoor plant, the golden devil’s ivy is a potted plant small enough to keep on your work desk. It only needs minimal care and thrives under indirect sunlight. Put some plant food into the pot once a month for additional nourishment.

Pro Tip: Looking at your Devil’s ivy plant can tell you how it’s faring– the lighter the leaves, the more sun it needs!

#4: Bamboo

These can be kept in self-watering pots

Bamboo is great to have as office desk plants because it needs very little light to survive and thrive. They can be kept in small self-watering pots– all you’ll need to do is change the water every once in a while. Keep an eye out for the number of shoots you pick out, though, because every number has a different meaning!

Pro Tip: Bamboo scores a lot of brownie points in Feng Shui for good luck. And who doesn’t need a bit of luck at work, right?

#5: Peace Lily

Requires moist soil but not overwatering

A surprisingly easy-to-grow variety of flowering plants, peace lilies make for great office desk plants. The soil needs to be kept moist but not overwatered; additionally, you can mist the leaves once a day to keep it nourished.

Pro Tip: While peace lily plants thrive in moderately lit areas, keep them out of direct sunlight.

These easy-care office desk plants are all the more reason to invest in your work environment and make it a happy, productive place to spend the better half of your day in. Read this for more: Plants That Bring Good Vibes to Work.

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