As working professionals, we find ourselves within closed walls of an artificial environment for most hours of the day. In the midst of this, a rejuvenating element like office plants can make a huge difference.

We know what you’re thinking – you’re strapped for time and can’t take care of a plant!

Then these low maintenance office plants are exactly what you need.

Not only do they beautify your work space but also enhance air quality, reduce stress and more.

low maintenance office plants

Like motivational posters, accent pieces, photographs etc. low maintenance office plants are the perfect way to spruce up your workstation. However, there are a few pointers that you should keep in mind before you decide to add plants in the office:

  • When purchasing a plant for your office from your local nursery, try and explain what you’re exactly looking for so that they can  search better.
  • Ensure that your pot comes with a drainage hole so the plant’s roots don’t rot.
  • Invest in a saucer which you can keep under the pot for drainage of excess water. You don’t want to damage your office desk
  • For plants that need plenty of sun, place them at a window.
  • You can keep plants a little way from the window, if they require partial sun.
  • Shaded plants will grow well with very little or no sunlight or even artificial light.
  • Your coworkers might not be too fond of having plants around due to allergies. So do address that issue before you bring one in.
  • If your office is pet and child-friendly, then avoid succulents with sharp or spiny edges or plants that can be toxic when ingested.
  • Lastly, pick plants and pots that suit your personality and style so that you love working at your office desk everyday!

We are sure that with these tips, you can choose low maintenance office plants like a pro!