Most plants do thrive outdoors with plenty of sunshine and natural conditions. But indoor plants have a reputation for being fussy and delicate. There is an infamous joke that if you water your houseplants on Saturday instead of Sunday, they get sick and decide they must die! The trick here is to pick the best indoor plants for your home that can survive in low light and also adapt to our busy lifestyles. In short, you need to pick plants that will make it through some neglect on your part.

Guess what? We have put together the ultimate list of houseplants for amateurs and sheer lazy people in collaboration with our friends at the LazyGardener.

Vinayak Garg, the founder of LazyGardener, takes through this video where she shows us all the easy to grow indoor plants in their office. 

Best Indoor Plants for Home#1: The Palms (Raphis + Areca)

best indoor plants-palm plants-yellow pouf
Tropical palm plants

This tropical family of plants grow very easily in low-light conditions. At least, most of them fare quite well indoors. The tall and bushy Areca palm is great for the sunny corners in your home. It needed indirect sunlight to thrive. The Raphis palm is a much sturdier variety and our friends at the LazyGardener tell us that it can survive just on artificial light. Keep it on your table tops or consoles or even the dark corners and it will thrive. 

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Best Indoor Plants for Home #2: The Syngoniums (Pink + White)

You may have come across this plant and know it as the Goosefoot or the Arrowhead (due its arrow-shaped leaves). This plant comes in many shades of green but we love this whitish green and pink the most. For Vinayak, the pink Syngonium is the go-to plant for adding some colour to your home though it is a slow-growing plant.

However, we were intrigued to find out that this plant had another strange quality. Apparently, it is great for the Feng shui of your home as the five lobes of its leaves represent the five natural elements. 

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Best Indoor Plants #3: The Philodendrons (Congo + Common)

best indoor plants-philodendron
The faux money plant!

It looks like a money plant, it behaves like a money plant but it ain’t a money plant. Chuck it! Who cares as long as it does not need maintenance and grows like a weed! The common Philodendron should be kept in a larger pot for it to achieve its full potential. The Congo variety, however, can be potted in dainty pots and kept on table tops. 

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Best Indoor Plants #4: The Algonemas (Pink + Lipstick)

best indoor plants-aglaonema-pink aglaonema
The lipstick Algonema

Algonemas are essentially Chinese Evergreen plants. As this is a foliage plant, it adds texture and volume to your home. And the colours are just so bright. The best part is that in spite of being a foliage plant, this is a rather slow-growing plant. So it will not outgrow its pot in a hurry! All you have to do is keep the soil moist. 

Best Indoor Plants #5: The Snake Plants

best indoor plants-snake plant-balcony plants
Mother-in-law’s tongue

It’s got character and a great structure too! The Snake plant looks quite like its name snake with its long and slender leaves. The best part is that this plant can survive without sunlight so you can place indoors without much ado. Plus, it’s not a very fussy candidate and can survive some neglect on your part.

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Best Indoor Plants #6: The Money Plants

This is one plant that requires literally no introduction. We all know what money plants (and have occasionally dreamed of getting rich by growing them!) and know how easily they grow. They come in many varieties and shades of green and each one grows as fast and easily as the other. There is one point to note for growing money plants; never put them in direct sunlight because they will burn out. Also, they are climbers, so you can also grow them in a basket.

While money plant is clearly one of our favorite indoor plants, it is by no means the only one. Check out the other hot favourites too. 

Best Indoor Plants #7: The Song of India

song of india-blue ceramic pot
A vibrant & musical green

As is apparent from its name, this plant is a tropical rhapsody. It likes hot and humid weather but adapts to drier climatic conditions as well. This plant can survive without sunlight but it’s growth rate slows down. So if you want a large and thriving plant, you need to give it sufficient natural light. The best part about this plant is its vibrant mix of white bordered green leaves, and thus, it is an excellent pick for an ornamental plant. 

Best Indoor Plants #8: Peace Lily

peace lily plant-lily potted plant-blue wall ideas
A peaceful bloom

A plant that flowers indoors! Walah, we have got our wish! The peace lily is a really fuss-free flowering plant. It doesn’t need light and likes to stay dry. Making it bloom could be a tricky business so it’s best to use the Bloomstix from LazyGardener if you want flowers. However, think twice before you keep this plant indoors if you have pets because it could be toxic if chewed. 

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Best Indoor Plants #9: Spider Plant

spider plant-air purifying plants
A bushy addition

These plants do remind of spiders with their sprawling leaves but they look pretty when they are bunched together. If you are an amateur gardener, try growing the Spider plant without hesitation; it is rather hard to kill! All you need to do is keep it watered and have a well-draining pot to prevent its roots from rotting.

In return for your efforts, you get a plant that improves the air quality in your home. And this is a good time to think about the air quality, so it will help you know  these 7 Spots to Keep Air-purifying Plants at Home.

Best Indoor Plants #10: ZZ Plant

best indoor plants-zz plant-metallic pot
A shinny ZZ

Did you know that a healthy ZZ plant actually glows? No exaggeration there, this plant has a natural sheen to it. If that is not enough reason to convince you, we have two very tempting reasons. A ZZ can live in very low-light conditions without batting an eyelid. You can forget to water it frequently and it will still survive. Basically, it is a lazy person’s houseplant; don’t we like it already! 

Best Indoor Plants #11: The Ivys

ivy plant-vertical garden ideas
A vertical Ivy garden

In the English countryside, it is difficult to imagine a stone wall without ivy creeping on it. This climbing plant is essentially a weed and grows with great speed. The most amazing thing about it is its adhesion to the surface on which it grows. These plants are excellent candidates for vertical gardens. Need a pro tip? Spray a mist of water on ivy plants instead of watering the pot; they like humidity. 

Best Indoor Plants #12: The Bamboos

lucky bamboo plant-bamboo plant in water
Good luck with bamboo

If there is one plant that is just as versatile as our hot favourite money plant on this list, then it has be the lucky bamboo! It grows in soil or water and makes no demands on your time. Apart from being a super easy plant to grow, this plant is also good for the Feng Shui of your home. 

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Best Indoor Plants #13: The Ferns

plants to keep in bathroom-boston fern
Smells like the mountains

Ferns come in more than a thousand varieties but not all of them are ideal indoor plants. Boston ferns are a fairly common variety and easy to grow at home. The most important thing to remember while growing ferns is that they love moisture. Water them in plenty and keep them naturally moist places like the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. 

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