Speckle your home with greenery and bring yourself close to nature with our pick of indoor plants that can grow without sunlight.

These low-maintenance plants are tailor-made to suit your busy lives as they can thrive in indirect sunlight and don’t need regular pruning or watering. So, decorate just about any corner of the home – hallways, basements, balconies, and windows that don’t get any sun, without worry.

Plants That can Grow Without Sunlight #1: Mother-In-Law’s Tongue
plants that can grow without sunlight_mother-in-law's tongue
Easy to grow and with a lovely texture

This plant earns its unique name because of the sharp edges of its leaves. It’s a popular indoor plant that can grow exceptionally well without sunlight. Not just that, it can purify the air at home. Standing stiff and tall, it can also store water in its foliage. So be careful not to over water the plant as the roots can rot. Avoid this plant if you have pets at home as ingestion can upset their stomachs. Also, wear gloves when moving the plant to prevent minor skin irritation.

Plants That can Grow Without Sunlight #2: Lucky Bamboo
indoor plants for indian homes-lucky bamboo plant
Growth of good luck!

Although it is not a bamboo plant, the lucky bamboo instantly captures hearts with its mini, bonsai-like proportions. They are especially popular in Zen and minimalist settings and are commonly sold in two ways – potted in soil or suspended in water.According to Feng Shui, it attracts auspicious energy, depending on the number of stalks clumped together. As this plant can grow without sunlight and is available in various sizes, you can adorn any corner of your home with it. Be sure to water it periodically when the soil feels dry to touch.

Plants That can Grow Without Sunlight #3: Peace Lily
indoor plants for indian homes-peace lily plant
A plant to bring peace into your home

Yet another plant that can grow without sunlight, while purifying the air at the same time. However, the peace lily needs regular watering. Also, this indoor plant has to be kept away from direct light as its leaves can get damaged. Follow these simple steps and enjoy your peace lilies as they flourish and lend a calm ambiance to your home.

Plants That can Grow Without Sunlight #4: Spider Plant
indoor plants-spider plant
Bushy and green

The chaotic way in which the spider plant grows makes it an attractive plant for hanging pots or baskets or just adorning the floor areas. Keep it away from direct light and water it regularly to prevent it from looking shabby and unkempt.

Plants That can Grow Without Sunlight #5: Maidenhair Fern
plants that can grow without sunlight-maindenhair fern
Lush green with the smells of the hills

Also known as the Venus Maidenhair Fern, this plant’s delicate, drooping leaves repel water. It grows naturally in shaded and moist areas and can be easily grown in low light areas indoors.

Plants That can Grow Without Sunlight #6: Pothos
plants that can grow without sunlight-pothos plant
Binding vines

Give it some support and watch it climb elegantly or plant it in hanging pots and admire its beautiful hanging tendrils. The Pothos also known as Devil’s Ivy is a tough plant that you can even use to adorn your bathroom walls. This indoor plant can easily grow without sunlight and can also purify the air of carbon monoxide. Trim the vines and water periodically to keep the pothos looking full and luscious.

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