Haven’t we all at some point exclaimed, “Why is my plant dying?” It’s one of the greatest mysteries we’re trying to solve in all our homes as plant parents as we watch our babies wither, wilt and eventually die. We took our concerns to our friends at Lazy Gardener who pointed out that while we mean well, plants require some care and attention. It’s possible that we might be killing them with over-enthusiasm or neglect. 

Also, it would be good to check if your plant is really dead. How can you tell? Check the stem to see if it’s solid and pliable. They will be green on the inside if the plant is still alive, in which case, there’s still hope. If the stem is mushy and rotting, check the root. Given that the root is good, cut off the stems and start afresh with this plant. If not, you’ll just have to accept defeat. 

Here are 5 reasons why your plant is dying and we also tell you how to save them.

Why is My Plant Dying Reason #1: You placed it in the wrong location
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Give them sufficient sunlight

Now, plants that are in the ground, cannot be moved, of course, but potted plants should be moved to a place where they will get as much sunlight as possible. Plants that don’t get enough sunlight, tend to stop growing or grow slowly. Light is food for plants, so while you can water them and provide nutrients, they cannot grow without adequate sunlight.

Why is My Plant Dying Reason #2: You have poor watering habits
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Over watering plants can kill them

Your enthusiasm to see your plants grow may sometimes lead to overwatering, but truth be told, that does more harm than good. Also, not watering them a sufficient amount/at all can lead to the soil drying out. Both cases do not have good outcomes as you may have seen. Do your research on the plants and find out how much water each requires. Also take care to water the plants in the morning when the sun is just beginning to warm the soil.

Why is My Plant Dying Reason #3: You aren’t dusting them often
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Keep them clean and healthy

You need to ensure that the plant is at its optimum capacity to soak up as much sunlight as possible. When dust accumulates on the leaves of the plants, it prevents them from performing photosynthesis as well as they can. Cleaning the surface of the leaves with a soft damp cloth is the best way to get your plants looking pretty and giving them the best chance to take in all the sun that they can!

Cleaning your plants also includes getting rid of any dead leaves or stems. Dead, rotten leaves and stems can cause infections in the healthy ones. So it is necessary to get rid of the dead parts promptly. Weeds should also be taken out of the pot. Sometimes small vegetation grows in the pot without you even planting anything, but these weeds take up resources from the soil.

How To Take Care Of Indoor Plants Tip #4: Use Fertilizer
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Nutrition for plants

Plants also need nutrition from time-to-time to grow foliage and flower. If you have the time and energy, spend it with your plants and use good manure and fertilizer to give them the extra boost to grow. If you’re busy, like most of us are, opt for Lazy Gardener’s nutristicks, which just need to be inserted into the soil and can feed your plants for two months.

How To Take Care Of Indoor Plants Tip #5: Improve Air Quality
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Clean and purified air works best

While plants to help clean the air, they require clean air to survive and thrive. Clean and pure air works best for all living things. Contaminated air with pollutants are often the reason for stunted growth and root growth being affected. Have you left your plants to face the road and smoke? Try to relocate them and wipe them down as you nurture them back to health.

While you’re at it, read up on How NOT to Kill Your Succulents. This was an eye-opener for us and we’re sure you’ll benefit from it.

— editor@livspace.com