What if you could have a spa within the privacy of your home? Haven’t we heard this a million times and dismissed it as wishful thinking? But it doesn’t have to be so! Turning your bathroom into a spa actually has nothing to do with installing a bathtub, Jacuzzi or other state-of-the-art bath fittings. The trick is in tiny steps! Just identify elements in a spa experience that can help you de-stress and replicate them on a smaller scale in your home.

We have some exceedingly doable ideas to turn even the smallest bathroom into a spa. And here they are:

Bathroom Interiors #1: Green Therapy
bathroom interiors_green theory 1
bathroom interiors_green theory 2

Do you ever recall visiting a spa that did not have plants? That would be highly unlikely. Naturally occurring greenery soothes our eyes and senses. Keep potted plants around your washbasin or prop them on shelves. If your bathroom gets plenty of sunlight and air, rearing plants will be easy. If not, you might have to take your little green friends out to get some sun once in a while. These also act as air purifiers and natural room fresheners.

Bathroom Interiors #2: Mood Lighting
bathroom interiors_lighting
bathroom interiors_profile lighting

If you pay attention, you will notice that spas are never brightly lit. Ambient lighting always works wonders for your mood when you are trying to unwind. There are several ways to incorporate mood lighting in your bathroom. Tinted glass lanterns with warm lights, in-built accent lights and mild profile lighting are some of the options you could explore.

Bathroom Interiors #3: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
bathroom interiors_mirrors 2
bathroom interiors_mirrors 2

Call it narcissism if you will, but spas are always filled with mirrors. After all, de-stressing is all about self-indulgence. Mirrors go well with the spa-esque vibe. Wall-to-wall mirrors would be ideal if you can spare the space. If not, install mirrors in interesting shapes to spunk up things in your in-house spa.

Bathroom Interior #4: Glass Partitions
bathroom interiors_partitions 1
bathroom interiors_partitions 2

Partitions are often used in spas to segregate spaces (think cozy corners in a large room). In a bathroom scenario, glass partitions do the job perfectly because they do not eat up the limited space available. Besides these partitions effectively compartmentalize the space and keep certain portions of the bathroom dry.

Bathroom Interiors: #5 Smart Storage
bathroom interiors_storage 1
bathroom interiors_storage 2

Storage is not something that you directly associate with a spa. But just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it is not essential. In domestic settings, well-designed storage helps you keep everything organized in the bathroom. Stow away toilet cleaners and used scrubs in closed shelves. So when you open the door to your personal spa, all you see is pristine beauty.

Bathroom Interiors: #6 Tinsel Tiles
bathroom interiors_tiles

Tiles are probably the most important part of designing your bathroom as they set the tone for the space. Subtle colours and geometric patterns constitute the Scandinavian style. White is a versatile choice for bathroom tiles and it always works. Dark coloured mosaic tiles look more groovy, especially with the play of light. Tiles can also be used as visual segregators to mark areas within a small bathroom.

Bathroom Interiors: #7 Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
bathroom interiors_nice 1
bathroom interiors_nice 2

Finally, we come to the elements of a spa that appeal mostly to our aesthetic sensibilities. Scented candles, fresh towels, bath salts, perfumed body washes, and fragrant oils help us perceive the spa as a relaxing space. It is not enough to have these luxuries in your bathroom, it is essential to see them as well. So put in ledges, open shelves, corner counters or wall-mounted holders to display these soothing elements.

Apart from the ideas that have been mentioned here, you can also incorporate fixtures with flowing water in your bathroom interiors. The sound of water is one of the zen elements in a spa. Ceramic dispensers for hand wash liquids, shampoos, conditioners and lotions also makes the space aesthetically pleasing.

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