Don’t we all love our modern, urban apartments? But there is one thing that is a bane for everyone living in apartments – the size of our bathrooms! Tiny, cramped and cluttered, Indian bathrooms are a far cry from the luxury, spa-esque bathrooms we see in movies. Thus, we felt the need to highlight bathroom design India — designs and decor that are the perfect fit for compact Indian bathrooms. 

What makes a luxurious, spa-like bathroom? Is it the size? Not really! Luxury completely depends on how you design and decorate your space. Even if your bathroom space is tiny, some smart style tips are all you need to transform it into your very own at-home spa! Here are some easy-to-implement tricks that are perfect for small Indian bathrooms.


Lighting is one of the easiest ways to open up a cramped space. So, if you are looking for small bathroom designs for Indian homes, the lighting is the first thing that you must consider!

#1: LED Lighting

bathroom design India-bathroom interior design-LED lighting
An energy-efficient solution

The year is 2021 and it’s time we all go green! LED lighting is an energy-efficient option that will not only help you do your bit for the world but also save cost. This convenient lighting option is a great choice for small bathrooms. Use LED lights around your bathroom mirror to create an edgy and modern look.

#2: Cove Lights

small bathroom designs for Indian homes-cove lights-bathroom lighting
The soft glow transforms the look of the bathroom

Who doesn’t want a bathroom that looks like a spa?! But is that even possible in a compact bathroom, and that too within a budget? It definitely is! With cove lighting, you can transform a basic bathroom into a 5-star one! You can conceal these subtle lights behind mirrors and false ceilings. The resultant look is soft, intimate and warm.

#3: Spotlights

Indian bathroom designs for home-small spotlights-sink-shelves
Light up the space without focusing on the small area

Looking for something simple yet distinctive for your bathroom? Spotlights are an easy way to light up your space without going overboard. The best thing about spotlights? They will enliven your bathroom without drawing attention to the small size, cracks, clutter etc.

#4: Profile Lighting around Mirror

bathroom design India-profile lighting-backlighting-stone sink-candles
For a spa-like look!

We Indians love some pizzazz in our home décor! Needless to say, when it comes to bathroom design India, there has to be some ‘WOW’ element! Profile lighting can give you that opulent look even if you have a small bathroom design. Add it around your mirror as backlighting and instantly transform your bathroom into a spa.

#5: Statement Wall Lights

small bathroom designs India-wall lights-sink-wallpaper
Statement lights can transform a plain bathroom into a hotel-like one

Revamping your bathroom should not create a dent in your wallet! A great low budget option is to add some pretty wall lights in your bathroom. Available in different styles and varieties, you can easily pick a couple up from a thrift store. Use them beside your mirror to create a statement effect.

Wall Designs

When it comes to Indian bathroom designs for home, your wall décor is of utmost importance. When space is small and cramped, the walls provide the only way to create a stunning look.

#6: Wallpaper

bathroom design India-floral wallpaper-toilet-cabinets-sink
A convenient and cost-effective choice

When we say wall designs, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If your answer is wallpaper, then you’re on the right path! Wallpapers are the easiest way to remodel the look of your bathroom. This convenient option is available in a variety of designs and colours. And the best part? You can get gorgeous designs without emptying your pockets!

#7: Floating Shelves

Indian bathroom designs for home-wall mounted cabinets-storage
Use vertical space when there is no horizontal space

If you have a small bathroom, vertical space is your best friend! Make the most of your bathroom walls by installing floating cabinets. This not only keeps the floor space clutter-free but also provides ample storage. At the same time, you can also keep candles, plants and curios in these cabinets to create a laid-back and plush look.

#8: A Statement Mirror

small bathroom designs India-statement mirror-sink
Use reflective surfaces to open up small spaces

Here’s a tip from experienced designers — reflective surfaces like mirrors can create the illusion of a large space. Mirrors are your answer to small bathroom designs for Indian homes. Generally, Indian bathrooms come equipped with a small face mirror above the sink. However, if you really want to open up the space, consider investing in a large statement mirror. A designer statement mirror will make your bathroom look trendy while also opening up the available space. 

#9: Greenery

bathroom design India-vertical garden-shower cubicle
Reminiscent of tropical forests

Imagine this — you are bathing in a waterfall in a tropical rainforest, surrounded by lush greenery. An impossible dream, we know! While you cannot go to a tropical rainforest, you can add some greenery to your bathroom. When it comes to bathroom design India, greenery is an easy way to revamp the entire look. Just add some potted plants to your bathroom windowsill. And if you want to go all out, get yourself a vertical garden for your bathroom wall.

Pro Tip: For the lazy ones, a faux vertical garden will do just as well as a real one!

#10: Moroccan Tiles

Indian bathroom designs for home-moroccan tiles-mirror
A splash of colour!

When we talk about bathroom design, the tiles are one of the primary factors to consider. Moroccan tiles are a great way to add some brightness and colour to your bathroom. The vivid patterns can make even the smallest of bathrooms look striking! These tiles are available in a wide price range starting from Rs 65/sq. ft.

Pro Tip: Don’t have the bandwidth to add new tiles in your bathroom? Get a backsplash wallpaper in Moroccan print.


One of the deciding factors of the overall look of your bathroom is the colour. If you have a small bathroom, the theme and colour are the easiest ways to make the space look beautiful and spacious.

#11: Pop of Sea Blue

bathroom design India-pop of blue-beige wall-beige ware
Aqua beauty!

Doesn’t this zesty sea blue bathroom design remind you of a luxe spa? Blue is a versatile colour that looks amazing wherever you use it. Keep it elegant by matching sea blue with beige tones and pristine white bathroom ware.

#12: Rustic Wonder

Indian bathroom designs for home-rust walls-sink-wooden cabinet
Reminds you of autumn

Another great bathroom colour is rust. A warm shade reminiscent of autumn leaves, this colour palette is a much-needed change from the cool tones generally used in bathrooms. Combine it with wood-like ware for a cosy and snug bathroom design.

#13: Bright and Colourful

small bathroom designs for Indian homes-colourful stripes-white wall-whiteware
A pop of colour looks great with pristine white interiors

Why just choose one colour when you can choose many?! Colourful walls may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when used judiciously, they can look stunning. Colourful walls are generally the first choice for kids’ bathrooms. However, you can even use this scheme in the main bathroom. Keep it muted by only having one wall or part of a wall in multiple bright colours while keeping the rest of the walls neutral. 

#14: Fresh Greens

bathroom design India-green tiles-green bathroomware-floral flooring-gold accessories
Gold and green for the royal look

This bathroom looks so luxurious and royal! Pastel green is a soothing colour that can make even the smallest of bathrooms look plush. To keep it from looking tacky, avoid painting the walls green. Instead, opt for green tiles and bathroom ware. Pair it with gold accessories and a pretty floral flooring design for that complete spa-esque look.

#15: Bold in Black

small bathroom designs India-black walls
Bold and beautiful!

You might be thinking, “Don’t dark colours make a space look smaller? Yes, they do, but not if you use them smartly! Black is a bold colour that looks amazing in bathrooms. But to keep it from making the space look smaller, consider choosing a softer shade than dark black. Also, use bright white bathroom ware to keep things balanced.

Design Styles

Now, we come to design styles. There are multiple small bathroom designs for Indian homes that you can try. Here are a few:

#16: Contemporary

bathroom design India-contemporary style-white tiles-whiteware-lighting
Clean lines and pristine interiors

It goes without saying that the contemporary design style looks perfect in modern bathrooms. Clean lines and a subtle palette; it’s easy to see why contemporary design is a great option for small bathrooms. Choose light colours to open up the space and use backlighting or accent lighting for a ‘WOW’ factor! 

#17: Scandinavian

Indian bathroom designs for home-Scandinavian style-natural tones-shower cubicle
Use glowing whites, natural tones and warm textures for this look

The Scandinavian design style has taken the world of interiors by storm! The defining characteristic of this style is the ample use of white. This makes it perfect for small Indian bathrooms as white makes a space look large. Also, remember to keep it minimal and clutter-free. You can add an accent wall in warm natural shades as Scandinavian design revolves around nature. 

#18: Bohemian

bathroom design India-Bohemian style-yellow walls-colourful shower curtain-statement mirror
Oh so lively!

If you are looking for Indian bathroom designs for home, the Bohemian style is a great look. Vivid and free-spirited, Boho design has only one rule — do what you love! This mix-and-match style is quite easy to achieve. Just throw together different things — shower curtains, towels, tiles, ware — anything that you think will look good. And don’t forget to experiment with colours, designs and patterns!

#19: Traditional

small bathroom designs India-traditional style-wooden walls-whiteware
A warm, woody bathroom

Not keen on experimenting? Then choose a traditional approach for your bathroom design India style. But ‘traditional’ does not have to be boring! Wood-like finishes, pristine whiteware, statement lights and a dash of greenery — the recipe to a hotel-like bathroom design.

bathroom design India-tropical style-palm leaves-straw knick knacks
Beachy vibes!

Why not go with a themed look for your small bathroom design? We love the idea of a tropical-themed bathroom! But how do you go about it when your budget is small and so is your bathroom? Greenery and straw items are the answer! Visit your nearest thrift store to find some straw knick-knacks that you can add to your bathroom counters. And fill up your bathrooms with potted plants and greenery. This will not only look amazing but also fill up the space with clean air. 

Maintenance Tips

Having a stunning bathroom design is just the first step. You also have to maintain it. The secret to a luxe, spa-like bathroom is a combination of the two — stunning décor and utmost cleanliness.

#1: Clean the Toilet

bathroom design India-toilet cleaning-sink-counter
Don’t forget to clean your toilet!

This might seem like the worst job to you but it has to be done! A dirty toilet is not only disgusting to look at but also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Experts advise that you must regularly clean your toilet with the help of a cleaning agent and scrub. Also, do check the base and back of the toilet to avoid any emergency visits from the plumber. 

#2: Organisation

small bathroom designs for Indian homes-organisation-wall cabinets
Use cabinets to keep things organised

When you have a small bathroom, clutter can make the space look even more compact. If you don’t have some already, invest in sturdy cabinetry. When space is restricted, opt for wall-mounted shelves. Proper cabinets and storage units in your bathroom are essential for both a clutter-free space as well as your convenience. 

#3: Clean Walls and Floor

bathroom design India-walls-floor-cleaning
Regularly scrub your bathroom floor and walls

Before you start decorating your bathroom, you must ensure that the floor and walls are spotless. Bathroom floors are a high-traffic area and hence require regular cleaning. Do a daily scrub-down to remove all grime and dirt. If you have a bathroom mat, wash it at least once every month to avoid mould.

#4: Clean Sinks

small bathroom designs India-sink cleaning
Clean both the inside and outside of your sink

Sinks, if not cleaned on a regular basis, can get very dirty. Thoroughly scrub and clean your sink at least once a week. Also, the sink drain can get clogged up with gunk and mould. Use drainage cleaners to clean the drain as much as possible. 

A small bathroom design should not stop you from having a spa-esque bathroom to relax in. If you are looking for more bathroom design India ideas, check out the 3 types of bathrooms and how to design them. 

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