Have you been struggling to find small bathroom ideas? Small bathrooms pose a common complexity – how to turn this compact space into one that allows you to relax awhile?

Gone are the days when compact bathrooms could only have white walls. So, whether you like bright colours or muted ones, a serene space or an upbeat one, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our favourite small bathroom ideas for inspiration.

1. Opt for Marbled Patterns

Small bathroom designs india-granite countertop-white basin-tile flooring
Luxurious designs

If your compact bathroom boasts of a large counter top area as well as a wall-to-wall mirror, bring in the right materials to make a difference. See this deep wine-coloured granite counter, which stands in stark contrast to the white basin. Italian marble-like tiles on the floor make the best small bathrooms.

2. Never Go Wrong with the Right Lighting

Lighting-mirror-vanity unit-cecilia marble sink
The right lighting makes all the difference!

If this bathroom reminds you of a spa, you aren’t wrong. And we can tell you how to replicate the same as well. Here, we have wooden flooring and wall tiles that mimic Italian marble.

A Cecilia marble sink fits perfectly into the plush settings. And, profile lighting around the mirror only adds to the charm of this small bathroom design.

3. Brighten Up Your Compact Bathroom Layout

Small bathroom designs india-blue floor tiles
A dash of blue makes for a cheerful space

Why stick to white bathroom interiors all the time? Have a look at small bathroom ideas, where you can play with colours, or peacock-hued floor tiles.

You can find a few on the walls as well, brightening up the small space! A frameless mirror over a white laminate vanity unit covers the essentials as well and completes the compact bathroom layout.

4. Find Beauty in Minimalism

Exposed brick wall-glass shelves
Rustic designs are in!

Any talk of small bathroom ideas, and minimalist bathrooms are always in. Peek into this rustic bathroom with an exposed brick wall and glass shelves. While white opens up the compact space, the shelves allow for storage without making it look cramped. Rustic yet beautiful, isn’t it?

5. Make an Instant Impact With Details

Small bathroom designs india-mosaic-yellow shelves-wooden vanity
Breathe life into your bathroom with sunshine hues

Dainty details can make an instant impact on any bathroom. This one comes with mosaic tiles and floating shelves in a peppy yellow. A handle-free cabinet adds to the seamless appeal of such small bathroom ideas.

6. Use Textures in a Compact Bathroom Design

Small bathroom designs in India-textured tiles-mirror
Add another dimension with textured tiles

You can never go wrong with tiles while looking for small bathroom ideas. If you don’t believe us, look at this rustic bathroom setting created with the use of the right tiles.

To add another dimension to your compact bathroom design, pick out textured or etched tiles that will uplift the space.

7. Add a Dash of Sunshine to the Space

Bring sunshine into your bathroom

Take a look at this cosy little bathroom with an intriguing black and white pattern. Such small bathroom designs are created to have an immediate impact.

So, the tiles in this bathroom have been carefully installed without grout lines. As a complete contrast to the colour scheme, a peppy yellow mirror frame adds a dash of sunshine to this compact bathroom design.

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