Today, bathrooms are far more than they used to represent back in the day. They’re now sanctuaries and spaces to unwind and get away from the noise of the rest of the house. However, bathrooms also tend to be the most neglected spaces in terms of design and form. Even though they have the power to be the most transformative spaces. Using bathroom vastu principles, homeowners can revamp their bathroom spaces to make it inviting and positive.

Bathroom Vastu Tip #1: Fit a Wooden Door… and Keep It Closed
Bathroom Vastu-wooden-door-white-sink-towel
Metal doors foster negativity

Wooden doors work better for bathrooms than metal doors or those constructed of other materials. According to bathroom vastu principles, metal doors foster negativity in what should be a positive space; it could also have a bad effect on health. Even when not in use, the bathroom door should be kept closed as this prevents any lurking negative energy from permeating the rest of your home.

Bathroom Vastu Tip #2: Don’t Have Sharing Walls
Bathroom Vastu-yellow-grey-white-sink-counter
Don’t share the wall with high-footfall rooms

According to bathroom vastu principles, the walls of a bathroom shouldn’t be shared with the pooja room, kitchen or bedroom. This is because traditionally, these are high-footfall, positive spaces. However, in many compact homes, en-suite bathrooms are built in such a way that they have a common wall or two. In such a case, changing the position of your bed such that it doesn’t recline against the bathroom wall is your best bet to avoid negative energy.

Bathroom Vastu Tip #3: Ensure Sanitaryware is Correctly Positioned
Bathroom Vastu-rectangle-mirror-white-counter
All outlets except commode should be in the eastern or northern corners

Special attention must be paid to how the commode is positioned– it must always be in the western or north-western direction so that toxins leave the body better and faster. The washbasin, shower and shower area of a bathroom needs to be placed in the eastern, north-eastern or northern corners. The outlets for water drainage must also be placed in similar directions, to facilitate the movement of unhygienic materials and hasten the process of purification.

Bathroom Vastu Tip #4: Choose Lighter Colours
Lighter colours are good for vastu & for an illusion of space

The interiors of a bathroom, according to bathroom Vastu principles, are best done up in beige, cream and browns. Earthy shades work well to maintain the space as a sanctuary. It is best to steer well clear of darker colours, especially black. Not only do these allow negative energy, but they also make a compact space like a bathroom look smaller and more cramped than they are.

Bathroom Vastu Tip #5: Place Mirrors On the Northern Wall
Opt for square and rectangular mirrors

The placement of the mirror is integral to ensuring a bathroom ensures positivity and attract the right fortunes. Vastu principles dictate that mirrors in the bathroom are best placed on a northern or eastern wall. This way its away from the darkness and reflecting natural light. Square and rectangular mirrors are your best bet and they should be arranged at least 4 to 5 feet off the floor.

Bathroom vastu principles, when used correctly, ensure that your bathroom is full of positive energy, is well-maintained and attracts good fortune and health at all times.

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