Do you always get confused about what kind of light to buy for which room? We don’t blame you. The market is flooded with all kinds of lights and it is impossible to know everything about lighting design. But it is always good to do some homework before you set out to buy anything. Lighting can make or break the way your home looks and feels, so you must not compromise here.

While we have written a lot about different kinds of lighting designs for your home, we thought it would be great to have everything in one place. Read on to know everything about the types, trends, styles and vastu of lighting along with other details. We hope this helps!

What should you expect in this article:

  • Types of lighting
  • A room-wise break up of lighting
  • How to set the right ambience with lights
  • Smart lighting
  • Energy-savers
  • Lighting for the festive season
  • Vastu for lighting
  • The latest trends in lighting

Let’s take you through the different types of lights first

Pendant lights

Pendants set the right mood in any room

A pendant light is any light fixture that is mounted to the ceiling and hangs down from the ceiling on a rod or chain or, sometimes, on three chains. Whether you hang them in a corner, or make them the centre of attraction, hanging lights are perfect for any part of your home. From opulent cascading pendant lighting to contemporary light fixtures, we have rounded up some of the best home lighting design. They can be used as general lighting, area lighting or task lighting.

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Cove lights

Cove lighting is perfect for highlighting your false ceilings

This lighting is one of the basic lighting techniques, a type of uplighting that directs light to the ceiling plane from a cove on one or more sides of a room to provide overall diffuse illumination. The resulting illumination is soft and diffused, though it needn’t always be so. It works particularly well when placed above crown mouldings or hidden behind valances.

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From traditional to modern, chandeliers add character to a room

Like most things fancy and fashionable, chandeliers are originally French. These lighting fixtures spearheaded tiered lighting to ensure that churches and palaces were brightly lit. Therefore, no wonder chandeliers have opulence written all over them. Contemporary versions of chandeliers retain most of the aesthetic elements of the classic ones for home lighting design.

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Industrial lights

Give your home an edgy vibe with industrial lighting

Industrial design is marked by raw edges and rustic finishes. When it comes to industrial lighting ideas, they typically include naked bulbs, exposed ducts and ropes. Apart from adding a quirk factor to the interiors, these home lighting design ideas ensure that your home has an edgy vibe.

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Do you know what kind of bulbs go into your favourite lights?

Choosing the right bulb is important

Lighting is an integral factor in designing the interiors of a home, not least because it determines the atmosphere and sets the mood. Lighting also affects the residents’ energy, sleep and productivity. Since every room in the house has different uses, it only makes sense to pick out a light bulb that serves the right purpose.

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Different rooms require different kind of lighting


A wheel light in the foyer will set the tone for your home

There’s a lot more to home lighting design than functionality. In fact, designers say that the right lighting can elevate your interiors. And it starts right from the entrance of your home! Whether the entrance is wide, narrow or barely-there, there are several ways to brighten your entryway in style. Spotlights in the entryway help highlight specific elements while pendant lights can be paired with an accent wall to create drama or they can be used as statement pieces to catch attention.

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Living room

Layered lighting works best for living rooms

Gone are the days when a tube light was sufficient to light up a home. Now it’s all about the glam and glitz with various fixtures. Stylish and statement, chandeliers never seem to go out of trend while wall sconces are perfect mood lighting. If you don’t want to waste floor space, you can always go for a table lamp instead of a floor lamp.

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Dining room

Pick that one statement lighting piece for dining rooms

Amongst all the common areas at home, the dining area holds a special place in our hearts. It brings family and friends together for conversations over some good food. So, wouldn’t you love to shine some light on this zone and in style? From cascading pendants to subtle recessed lights, whatever your style is, we have a home lighting design for everyone.

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Choose from pendants to wall lights and chandeliers for bedrooms

Bedroom lights can affect your emotional responses and moods, changing them from cheerful to romantic and intimate with the flicker of a switch. So, to influence your mood positively without compromising on the amount of light is not a Herculean task anymore. With a plethora of lighting options available, you can easily choose the kind of lighting fixtures, and the settings you want with them.

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Kid’s bedroom

Decorative POP false ceiling lights look perfect in kid’s rooms

Lighting is especially important in kids rooms where safety is paramount. Thus, the perfect home lighting design is one that lights the way without being an eyesore. Pendant lights can be used over task areas like a study table or a high ceiling play area. The quintessential table lamp is yet another kids room lights variation that provides task lighting.

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Task lighting works best for bathrooms

Bathroom lights are one of the key features of bathroom design. Therefore, if the lighting is done well, the bathroom can be made to look spacious and welcoming. There are several approaches to bathroom lighting just like lighting any other space in your home. We can guide you through the process of picking one that is apt for you.

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Study room

Under shelf lights will create the right focus

In the study, our primary intent is always to focus optimally and finish work faster. To this end, we usually show a preference for quiet rooms with plenty of natural light. But that is no reason for the room to be dull! Also, since lights form a quintessential part of this space, can you think of a better way to liven up this room than amping up the study room lighting?

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Floor lamps are ideal for lighting up corners

Lights play a crucial role in setting the mood of a room. From regal chandeliers to intricately carved wall sconces, we have rounded up different corner light options to add a spark to your decor. So if you want a comprehensive list of home lighting design options including pendant lights, backlit panels etc, to brighten up dull corners in your home, go here: How to Light Up Corners at Home


A wall light decks up garden walls

On balmy evenings, nothing feels nicer than to stretch out in the garden with a refreshing drink and good company. However, a poorly lit or unlit garden remains an inaccessible space at night. Remedy this by choosing from these garden lights to take your garden from basic to luxe.

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Do you know how to set the right ambience with lighting design?

Play with lighting to create a great ambience

Who wouldn’t love homes with the perfect ambience? And the most effective way to stir a little drama is to play with lighting! It can easily turn around the dullest of rooms to an elegant and welcoming space! If you’ve scoured the markets, then you’ll know about the confusing array of light fixtures. So we’ll tackle it one at a time by starting with recessed lights, a.k.a., false ceiling lights. Recessed lights emit light through the panels in a false ceiling.

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Let’s give you a lowdown on smart lights and their uses

Decorative & Customisable Smart Switches are Here! Switchboards are evolving from big round switches to conventional, retrofit and now smart home switches. Now when you design your home, the switchboards in your room can match up to the look, seamlessly. While the first ‘smart’ object you think of is inevitably your phone, it’s merely the beginning of a huge list. Among these are smart lights – lights that you can use and control through an app on your phone. And by controlling, we mean switching on and off, and sometimes changing the brightness. This is Why we Love Philips Hue Smart Lights.

We all love energy savers, don’t we?

LED lights save up a lot of energy

LED lights have been quite the rage in the Indian market, ever since it gained popularity for being “energy-efficient”. The conscious consumers are looking at the larger picture and opting for LED lights instead of the fluorescent bulbs. The former might cost you a tad bit more than the latter, but the durability, functionality and efficiency are unmatched.

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We also have festive home lighting design ideas for you

Pick up decorative lights from markets to achieve this look

On walking into a dark room, our first impulse is to switch on the light. Lights play a vital role in how we perceive any home, therefore it is about time we started using gorgeous traditional lighting to brighten our homes this festive season. From the biggest rooms to the quietest corners, festive lights can breathe life into every nook and cranny of your home.

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And there are vastu rules for lighting as well

Light up the right way say vastu shastra experts

As the famous saying implies, home lighting design is the only element that can brighten up your home. What’s the point of having great interiors if you cannot highlight them with great lighting? Your home is where your heart is and it deserves to light up in a way that brings ultimate joy to you. Vastu shastra has some good tips for extracting maximum benefit from lights for your home.

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And finally, here are some home lighting design trends for you!

Move away from cliche lights

Remember the days when lights were all about hiding bulbs behind beautiful pelmets? Only pretty chandeliers deserved a coveted spot at home. Not anymore! Today, lighting has become a vital component of home decor and people are increasingly using lights as decorative accents at home. From having extremely practical purposes to setting the mood, lighting has come a long way!

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We hope now you are better prepared to purchase the right lights for every space at home!

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