They are big, they are grand and they light up every corner of your room! We are talking about chandeliers, of course. These statement lighting fixtures originated from their medieval cousins, the candelabra. In fact, if we look into the etymology of the word chandelier, its origin is ‘chandelle’, French for candles. Post the 18th century, the candles were replaced by gas lights and chandeliers slowly evolved into their modern versions.

In their original version, these lighting fixtures had a tier form that was well-suited to the tall ceilings of castles and palaces. The modern chandeliers are more compact and less elaborate, making them fit seamlessly into apartments that have lower ceilings. 

We have curated a list of 10 such designs that would fit easily into modern homes with detailed notes of each one’s style and where to place them for best results. 

#1: The Wagon Wheel

 chandelier-industrial chandelier-grey wallpaper
Naked Edison bulbs on a wooden wagon wheel

Style: Industrial

Where to place: Narrow passageways, foyer

Works best with: This type of lighting can illuminate grey to blue colour schemes with azure brightness. Always use yellow light bulbs to populate this fixture to match the aesthetics of the industrial style. 

#2: A Crystal Bunch

 chandelier-art deco chandelier-blue dining chairs
 Linear shreds of crystal set in rectangular metal frame

Style: Art deco

Where to place: As a statement piece in living or dining space

Works best with: The crystals of this piece will add a dewy sheen to velvet finishes and marble top tables. Also consider adding plenty of mirrors to double up its shimmer and shine. 

#3: The Spotlight(s)

chandelier-spotlight chandelier-wooden dining table
A bunch of metallic spotlights pointed in different directions

Style: Contemporary

Where to place: In room with plenty of wall accents

Works best with: A minimal setting with neutral shades will benefit from the metallic glow of spotlights.  

#4: Copper Cluster

chandelier-minimal glam-marble table
Streamlines downward lights for a glamorous yet minimal look

Style: Minimal glam

Where to place: Corner of any room

Works best with: The copper tints look best with warm neutrals and glossy wooden finishes. As this style is essentially modern, pick furniture that is simple with straight lines. 

#5: The Rope Racoon

chandelier-industrial-blue armchairs
Edison bulbs set into coiled rope

Style: Industrial

Where to Place: As a statement piece in living or dining space or kitchen

Works Best With: This coir rope chandelier with naked Edison bulbs goes best with distressed finishes and rugged brick walls. Articles

#6: The Ottoman 

 chandelier-persian light-mirror designs
A circle of shimmered glass 

Style: Persian

Where to Place: Centre of any room that needs all round illumination

Works Best With: Moroccan or oriental style decor with curvy furniture and lustrous velvet or silk upholstery. Also mirrors, preferably in curvaceous shapes, will add some drama coupled with this piece. 

#7: The Vintage Vine

ndian traditional lighting-blue velvet sofa
A delicate design of glass vines

Style: Indian traditional

Where to Place: Centre of living room as the accent piece

Works Best With: This elaborate crystal piece looks best when paired with other shades of tinted glass and varnished wooden surfaces. Throw in some traditional Indian art like Raja Ravi Varma paintings to complete the look.

#8: Victorian Candelabra

candelabra-red carpet-red sofa
 A branched imitation of a candle stand

Style: Classical

Where to Place: For ambient lighting in any room

Works Best With: This traditional piece looks rather like its name, the candle holder, quite literally, as a chandelier is supposed to be. Despite its perfect symmetry and  grandeur, this piece will not brighten up every corner of the room. Instead it gives the space a subdued lighting, reminiscent of the ere it belongs to. Pair it up with rust, deep reds and rich hues of brown. 

#9: The Circle of Lights

modern hanging lights-blue l shaped sofa
An angular collection of spotlights for a modern home

Style: Contemporary

Where to Place: Just over your statement piece in any room

Works Best With: This decisively modern piece comprising spotlights facing downward is ideal for contemporary living rooms. It goes well with bold solid colours and metallic accents. 

#10: Chandeliers With Curves

transitional lights-red silk sofa
A vintage branched design that belongs in a modern home

Style: Transitional

Where to Place: For ambient lighting in the living room

Works Best With: This piece is ideal for homes that mix time periods. The style of this chandelier is vintage but can easily go with modern furniture and open layouts. Pair with rich reds and other warm shades. 
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