Picking the best lighting solution for your home is crucial for its décor. Lighting has the ability to add character to your home, infuse a sense of grandeur, and alter the overall ambience of your space. In order to get the perfect house lighting design, it is important to understand the ground rules of lighting. Generally, there are three types of lighting options – ambient or basic lights that brighten up an entire room, accent lights that draw attention to points of focus, and task lights that are for specific activities. 

Livspace Homeowners are particularly partial to a few lighting options. We’ve rounded the top 5 light fixtures and the best places to use them.

Best Lighting Option #1: Wall Sconces
Wall sconces are great for the foyer

When it comes to house lighting design, wall sconces are arguably the most versatile, and complement your primary light fixtures well. If you have a long hallway, wall sconces can be used to illuminate your path, to make late night snack attacks easier.

While a foyer typically has a primary light source such as a bay window or a towering chandelier, a strategically placed wall sconce can soften the space. Quirky or unique wall sconces can also double up as design accents.

Best Lighting Option #2: Pendant Lights
best lighting-pendant-armchair-living-room-TV-sofa
Illuminate a corner with pendant lights

Pendant lights are the latest trend in house lighting design and can seamlessly transition from accent to task lighting. If your home has a large dining area, this is a good idea, as it wonderfully illuminates the space. Depending on the size of the room and the length of your table, you can either use a combination of lights, or one towering light fixture. 

Use pendant lights in corners, above your breakfast bar, or in your bedroom to add oomph and style to these spaces.

Best Lighting Option #3: Chandeliers
Make a statement with a chandelier

Nothing spells opulence like a beautiful cascading chandelier – especially in a grand living room with high ceilings. You can also create a soothing and tranquil environment in your bathroom by hanging a mini chandelier. If you are looking to bring back romance in the bedroom, chandeliers are one of the best lighting options (you could opt for one over the bed or for a couple of smaller ones on either side).

Best Lighting Option #4: Spotlights
Add focus to a particular element with spotlights

If you want a house lighting design to flaunt the pièce de résistance of your art collection or a special piece of furniture, your search ends with the humble spotlight. Whether you add them on the ceiling on tracks or on the wall, this adds focus to a particular spot. Sometimes natural light can damage artwork and sculptures, so installing halogen spotlights is an excellent alternative.

Best Lighting Option #5: Floor Lamps
Diffuse more light with floor lamps

If you are looking for multi-purpose fixtures, lamps are the best lighting option for you. From elegant metallic finishes to quirky cloth patterns, there’s a lamp that best fits your style. Floor lamps occupy some space, but the amount of light they diffuse is great for darker rooms. They work best in corners, in tandem with a primary light source. On the other hand, table lamps use down light that serve well as a task light. Use them on your study table, home office, or by your bedside for a little late night reading. 

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