On walking into a dark room, our first impulse is to switch on the light. As lights play a vital role in how we perceive any home, it is about time we started using gorgeous traditional lighting to brighten our homes this festive season. From the biggest rooms to the quietest corners, festive lights can breathe life into every nook and cranny of your home.

Join us as we peek into several homes with different types of lighting – those that are the focal point of the room, as well as those that subtly uplift the home. As Diwali approaches, draw inspiration from these traditional lighting ideas and brighten your home!

#1: Festive Lights for Living Rooms

As the primary entertaining space, the living room sets the mood for the home. Why not entertain guests in style with unique lights? While living rooms with high ceilings can look at grand chandeliers reminiscent of palaces, homes with low ceilings can opt for more modest versions. These can be coupled with intriguing pendant lights that envelope the room in a soft, warm glow.

While chandeliers are statement lights and become the focus of a room, pendant lights are more subtle in their impact. So shoo away darkness from those dull corners and install these hanging lights to make way for good cheer!

festive lights-chandelier-living room lighting-traditional living room
Grandiose chandelier
festive lights-glass corner lights-pendant lights-living room
The glint of glass
#2: Festive Lights for Dining Rooms

As the saying goes, the family that eats together, stays together. The right lighting sets the mood for conversations that flow over the course of a meal. Think of traditional, candle-inspired chandeliers for some old-world charm, or wall-mounted lights for a more colonial aura.

wall sconces-exposed brick wall-dining room lighting
Colonial charm
festive lights-dining room-chandeliers-open kitchen
Fairytale dinners
#3: Festive Lights for Passageways

Be it at the entrance of the home or even between rooms, passageways are opportunities to flaunt your lighting ideas. Welcome your guests with pretty pendant lamps in the entryway. When you are trying to make the most of a narrow passage, nothing works better than a bunch of pendant lights. 

Inside the home, let us not forget the passages that connect different rooms. Add the spirit of festivity to these passageways with traditional lights. 

festive lights-passage lights-pendant light-entryway
Welcome home
festive lights-chandelier-passageway-traditional lighting
A modern chandelier
#4: Festive Lights for Bedrooms

Pretty pendant lights in a corner of the bedroom set the mood for pillow-talk. They create a laid-back atmosphere conducive to rest and recuperation. The use of pendant lights in traditional designs add to the charm of the bedroom while keeping the harsher lights away. On the other hand, table lamps bring in  soft lighting that lets you read or work in bed without disturbing your partner.

festive lights-pendant lights-bedroom-study table-red and white wallpaper
Cheerful corners
table lamp-side table-bedroom
Your bedside reading companion
5: Festive Lights Mix and Match

How do you make a boring space interesting? Some unusual lighting might do the trick! Breathe life into your study or home office  by using a mix of bright wall colours and and stunningly ethnic lighting. This traditional chandelier is a off-beat choice of lighting for this boho-chic room. However, the unusual combination does work!

Similarly, you can add a touch of tradition to a contemporary living room with the right combination of chandelier and pendant lights. Find the right blend of lights, and stand back and watch your room come to life!

blue ceiling-blue chair-wooden study furniture-chandelier
Quaint and creative
festive lights-chandelier-pendant lights-mirrors-living room
Chandelier and pendant lights for the perfect combo

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