If you ever tried getting a vastu compliant home, you know for a fact that mirrors are an important element according to vastu shastra. It is capable of affecting the energies at home, if not placed in the right direction. Vastu experts state that mirrors can stagnate the flow of energy through your home. Mirrors also have the power to double up prosperity and health, while sucking up the negative energy lurking around you when used right. Read on to find out how you can use this accessory in the correct way, to ensure that you reap the benefits it has to offer.

Mirror Vastu Tip #1: Right Placement Matters

Mirror vastu_placement

As per vastu shastra, wrong placement of mirrors at home can do a lot of harm. Never place two mirrors opposite to each other, since it can harbour negative feelings. Ensure that the mirror has been placed at a height of around four to five feet above the ground. Keeping a large side table or dressing table alongside bed is considered to be auspicious. But make sure that none of the body parts are reflected into the mirror while sleeping.

Mirror Vastu Tip #2: Shape Play

Mirror vastu_shape

Go for a square or rectangular mirror, since they are considered auspicious according to vastu. Avoid buying oval, round or other irregular shaped mirrors. Play around with the size of mirrors, since vastu does not impose restrictions on that. You can create interesting patterns using square or rectangle shaped mirrors.

Mirror Vastu Tip #3: What should reflect?

Mirror vastu_reflection

If you have a beautiful view outside your window, then place a mirror opposite to that window, such that the landscape is reflected in that. This replicates the positive energy and the beauty of the view, filling your home with it. If you feel negative energy creeping in your home or something feels negative, then placing a mirror in front of it will ensure that it sucks the negativity out of it. Also, never place a mirror, glass object or any shining thing in front of the main gate.

Mirror Vastu Tip #4: Should you place it in the dining room?

Mirror vastu_dining room

The answer is yes! Vastu shastra experts suggest that placing a mirror in the dining room, such that it reflects the dining table is very auspicious. It aids the doubling up of health, food and wealth. At Livspace, our designers can help you by giving you various options for placing mirrors in this room. One popular way to make your dining room stylish and vastu compliant is to install a mirrored wall that reflects the entire dining room.

Mirror Vastu Tip #5: How to double up prosperity?

Mirror vastu_prosperity

If you have a cash locker at home and want to double up prosperity, then make sure you place a mirror in front of it to attract more wealth. Ensure that the mirror is clean and does not show a distorted image of the locker. A clear reflection is a must when you’re using mirrors as per vastu shastra rules.

Mirror Vastu Tip #6: How about the bathroom?

Mirror vastu_bathroom

Do not forget your bathroom when thinking about placing mirrors in accordance with vastu shastra. When you are putting up a mirror in the bathroom, make sure that you light up the area. Do not place mirrors in darkness. It is considered inauspicious according to vastu shastra. Also, try placing the mirror on the North or East wall in the bathroom.

Some Do’s & Don’ts According to Vastu:
  • Place mirrors, wall clocks, glass showpieces and decorative items (that may reflect light) on North or East walls only
  • Ensure that all the mirrors are at least 4 to 5 feet above the floor
  • Since the television screen is also a reflective surface, Vastu experts say that it is advisable to place it in the South-East corner of the room and make sure you always cover up the screen when not in use
  • When specific corners are missing in the construction of your home or apartment, they could be corrected by placing mirrors in appropriate positions. Two mirrors are required for these Vastu remedies and they should not have any distortions
  • Keep mirrors and reflective glass objects clean at all times. Always make sure that mirror shows a clear picture or reflection of anyone standing in front of it
  • Always hang mirrors flat against the wall and not leaning forward
  • Avoid placing mirrors near the staircase
  • Avoid transparent glass window panes and doors. Keep them translucent
  • Kids lose concentration in studies if there’s a mirror near the study table, hence avoid it

We are sure if you follow these simple steps while purchasing and placing mirrors at home, you will enjoy a blissful life. Vastu shastra has the power to transform living conditions with easy remedies that everyone can follow. You can also take a look at these Tips to Design a Vastu-Friendly Bedroom.

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