Living in a wired world, we are all too familiar with the feeling of waking up in the morning without a good night’s sleep. Add to this a dose of stress, some restlessness and maybe a bit of strife in your personal life, it becomes the optimum combination for a crisis. But this is not a Grimm’s fairy tale that we are narrating; in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Bedroom vastu could be at the root of this brewing discontent in your life. However, it’s remarkably easy to fix it!

So, let’s take you through the elements that make a bedroom vastu-friendly. 

The Salient Features of a Vastu-compliant Bedroom

#1: Direction: South-west

bedroom vastu-mirror designs
The direction of the master bedroom should be in the South

Good health and peace would be forth-coming if your bedroom is in the south-west direction. It helps rule out energies that might cause relationship problems among couples. This dictum holds particularly true for the master bedroom. Getting the direction of the bedroom right also helps couples make prudent decisions about the family. To further enhance the compatibility of a couple, a wife must sleep on the left side of her husband. 


“Only married couples should be sleeping in the master bedroom, as per vastu recommendations by our experts.”

#2: Bed Placement: East or South

bedroom vastu-poster bed-wooden bed
Always place the bed against a wall

Needless to say, the bed is the most important aspect of a bedroom vastu. Ideally, it should be placed in the East or South direction against a wall. While placing the bed in the advised direction, you must ensure that it does not block a window or gets fitted in a corner. In both these scenarios, the flow of energy gets blocked and the bedroom becomes less positive than it should be. Articles


“Beds in irregular shapes like oval or round are not good for vastu. Also, iron beds are not good for bedroom vastu.”

#3: Mirror Placement: To have or not to have?

mirror designs-white bedroom
The mirror should not be directly opposite the bed

Mirrors are a double-edged sword when it comes to bedroom vastu. If used right, they can double the positive energy in your home. If placed improperly, mirrors propagate negativity. The thumb rule is to ensure that the mirror is not placed directly opposite to your bed. It is not considered auspicious to have a reflection of your sleeping self in a mirror. Also, it is not ideal to see your own reflection as soon as you wake up in the morning. 

Thus, mirrors can be placed in a bedroom but not directly opposite the bed. Moreover, you can choose to place the mirrors inside the wardrobe shutters so that they remain concealed and do not affect the vastu of your bedroom. Some people also place curtains over mirrors so that they can be covered when not in use. 

You can get a detailed account of mirror-related vastu rules here. 

#4: Colour: And your options are…

pastel colors-pink wallpaper-pink cushions
Colours for your bedroom should be soothing

When it comes to colour, bedroom vastu rules are not limited at all. In fact, you will find yourself many suitable choices. You could stick with subtle colours like white or peach. There is also the option to opt for a vibrant shade of purple or blue. Warm colours like red and orange should be used for soft furnishings (e.g. bedspread, curtains) instead of walls. 

Find out what are the 10 most suitable colours for your bedroom here. 

Things Your Bedroom Should Not Have…

  • Clutter: As it prevents the free flow of energy within any room
  • Television/computer/mobile phones: As they have negative energy which comes from electric signals, and they are bad for sleep hygiene 
  • Pooja room: As per bedroom vastu, pooja rooms should not be included in the bedroom
  • Broken items: As they are a drain on positive energy, and also increase clutter
  • Overhead beams: As they reduce ceiling height and make a bedroom claustrophobic

Things Your Bedroom Should Have…

  • Windows: Natural light is very important for good bedroom vastu and windows allow ventilation and free flow of energy
  • Fragrances: Potpourri, scented candles and incense sticks are good for the vastu of your bedroom as they elevate your senses
  • Single mattress: As per vastu, you must always have two separate mattresses even on a double bed to ensure privacy and space for each individual

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