Small bathrooms are common in today’s homes and they tend to feel very cramped if not planned well. Although it might seem like a daunting task to design small bathrooms in Indian homes, we are here to tell you how to make the most of it.

Small Bathroom Designs Indian Homes #1: Style With Mirrors
small bathroom design mirror
A frame less mirror adds depth

Mirrors bounce plenty of light around and are great for opening up narrow spaces. Available in a variety of shape and designs, mirrors offer plenty of scope for styling.

In the above setup, a frame less mirror adds depth to the small space while chic lighting behind it makes it a beautiful focal point of the bathroom.

Alternatively, you can install an L-shaped mirror in your bathroom. This simple bathroom design tip will prevent the corner space from getting wasted.

Small Bathroom Designs Indian Home #2: Let in the Light
small bathroom designs indian home window
Always opt for larger windows over regular ones

Small bathrooms often lack a natural source of light, and even if there is one, it isn’t enough for that space. When designing the bathroom, make sure large windows are a part of your plan.

This will let in plenty of sunshine to light up the small bathroom so it feels visually vast. Opt for one-way or frosted glass or blinds for privacy.

Small Bathroom Designs Indian Home #3: Create clever storage
Small bathroom design
Floating shelves are your best friend

Bathroom storage is one of the major concerns we all face, when it comes to small bathrooms and so every corner needs to be intelligently utilized.

Floating shelves and a handle free cabinet give this small bathroom a seamless feel while accommodating items of daily use. This bathroom makes good use of height and has cabinets installed above to stock cleaning items, tissue rolls etc.

Small Bathroom Designs Indian Home #4: Use big tiles
small bathroom design indian big tiles
Big tiles help to create a larger bathroom feel

Big tiles in neutral shades impart an elegant vibe to a small bathrooms and also make the area look bigger than it actually is. Here, the tiles continue from the walls to the counter for a continued effect.

However, if you want to make a bold and attractive statement, pick tiles with patterns and stripes that cast an expansive effect.

Small Bathroom Designs Indian Home #5: Put in slim Fixtures
small bathroom design indian home tap
Chic and sleek are the way to go for fixtures

Instead of clunky shower fixtures and faucets, opt for these new age, slim ones that are not only pretty but practical for small bathing areas. Indian homes are quickly adapting Scandinavian style interiors and the same goes for bathrooms as well.

So, do you think these ideas could come handy, the next time you plan to design or renovate your bathroom? These small bathroom designs for Indian homes will definitely make your bathroom look bigger and way more attractive than any other spacious version.

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