Bound by small sheets and monochrome ink, early wallpaper designs found beauty in simplicity with floral motifs and scenes, borrowed from textiles, and adorned walls in a patchwork quilt of paper. This charmingly limited format persisted until the mid-17th century when the clever invention of long rolls made way for grander patterns and block-printing, a technique that remained the signature of fine wallpapers long after.

We have rounded some of our best #LivspaceHomes with wallpapers for you to create an Instagram-worthy feature wall. Keep reading!

Wallpaper design #1: Subtle

If subtle is your calling, then opt for wallpaper designs like these. Perfect for your master bedroom, this will create a serene atmosphere that is also luxurious.

Wallpaper design #2: Stripes

Vertical stripes can make ceilings appear taller by drawing the eye upwards and even creating a focal point and drawing attention to a specific area, like a fireplace or headboard. Horizontal stripes, on the other hand, are calming and grounding.

Wallpaper design #3: Florals

Delicate floral designs with vintage vibes can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, akin to a cottage or an English garden. Smaller floral prints or watercolour-style designs are perfect for a fun accent wall, but if you want grandeur then go for those with large-scale blooms and rich colours.

Drawing room wall design #4: Dusky

Fill the walls at home with dusky wallpapers to make each one speak for itself. Colours like olive, sea green, grey, sage, etc., are perfect for this. Dusky colours tend to visually “shrink” a room, especially in small spaces. Use them cautiously if you want a room to feel expansive.

Home front wall design #5: Rainbows

Wake up to a wall that looks like a rainbow in the sky. Lovely, isn’t it? Our clients in Noida did the same for their daughters’ rooms. Check out the interiors of their 3BHK home. Did you know that the stripes create a sense of visual movement and depth, drawing the eye around the room and making it appear larger than it actually is?

Home front wall design #6: Monuments

We are crushing over this trendy style of wallpapering a wall—myriad colours with a black and white historical monument in the background. Moroccan mosaics, Japanese pagodas, or temples can instantly evoke the essence of these cultures within your room.

Home front wall design #7: Bedroom 3D wallpaper for wall

Flat walls? Not on this watch (or wall?)

3D murals depicting landscapes or cityscapes can create the illusion of looking out onto another space whereas 3D patterns, like the ones shown above, can hide imperfections on walls and act as statement pieces.

Home front wall design #8: Textured

Textured wallpapers can break up the monotony of plain walls

Raised patterns catch the light, creating a dynamic interplay of highlights and shadows, while subtle textures add depth and warmth. This can be particularly effective in rooms with limited natural light.

Home front wall design #9: Geometric

Large-scale geometric patterns make a powerful visual statement whereas smaller, repeating geometric patterns in neutral tones, like triangles or stripes, blend in without overwhelming the room. It can even be used to draw attention to architectural details like mouldings, arches, or alcoves.

House wall design #10: Doodles

Who needs Disneyland when you’ve got doodleland on your walls?

You don’t always have to go bold in your kids’ room. Kindle the imagination of your little ones with these doodle art wallpaper designs.

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House wall design #11: Leaves

Aren’t these such pretty wallpapers for walls?

When you think of nature-inspired interiors in wallpaper design, lush green leaves are the most common choice with bold patterns like monstera or banana leaves. But the ones in pastel pinks and greys are such a mood. If colours aren’t your thing, you can go for printed motifs in leaves.

House wall design #12: Warli art

Warli art often narrates stories through its symbols and patterns

Warli print on the wall? Isn’t this such a cool idea? Perfectly traditional and aesthetically appealing. You do not need anything else to jazz it up!

House wall design #13: Drawings

Unlike static patterns or textures, wallpapers featuring drawings act as narrative elements, infusing the room with a unique personality. The wholesome nature of the comic strips or similar other drawings makes them a great choice for a family room or a shared space. 

House wall design #14: Wood

Wallpaper + wood = endless aesthetic possibilities

Introducing wood into your room through wallpaper can drastically change the aesthetics in many ways, depending on the type of wood and wallpaper design you choose:

  • Think weathered barn wood, reclaimed wood grains, or warm oak shades
  • Pale birch, bleached wood, or bamboo patterns bring a sense of Scandinavian minimalism and airiness
  • Palm tree trunks, driftwood patterns, or teak-inspired designs evoke beachy islands
  • Wood grain patterns reimagined in abstract swirls or brushstrokes add a unique and artistic touch

Home wallpaper designs #15: Solid colours

Solid-coloured wallpapers can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of a room, influencing its mood, perceived size, and overall style. Plus, the clean canvas of a solid colour allows your furniture, artwork, and accessories to take centre stage.

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Room wallpaper designs #16: Industrial

Industrial design wallpapers typically feature bold patterns and textures, often mimicking exposed brick, weathered wood, or even concrete. If you are considering them as wallpapers for office walls, use a single wall behind the reception desk, in a brainstorming area, or even within individual workspaces to create designated zones.

Home wallpaper designs #17: Bricks

Lighting on brick wallpaper design can create an illusion of depth and texture

Apart from homes, brick designs can also be used as wallpapers for office walls. This is because they allow the space to move away from the sterile coldness often associated with traditional offices. You can further accentuate them by pairing them with contrasting furniture, modern light fixtures, or artwork.

Wallpaper designs #18: Polka dots

Both your and your kids’ bedroom can benefit from a polka dots wallpaper, but they are also great as wallpapers for office walls! Pastel polka dots or dark-coloured ones are apt for a 90s office room but you can mix polka dots with other retro-inspired patterns like stripes or chevrons for a fun and eclectic look. Just make sure the polka-dot wallpaper complements your existing furniture and decor.

Kids’ wallpapers #19: Maps and dinos

It needn’t be just maps or dinos; kids’ wallpaper designs come in everything they are passionate about: cartoons, anime, rockets, planets… Remember that larger design elements can make a small room feel smaller and vice versa. So experiment and then choose.

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