Good interior design involves multiple elements – colour, theme, form, texture and more. Among these, texture not only adds beauty to a space but also creates depth and personality. One of the easiest ways to add some texture to your home is by using wall texturing designs. In this article, we’ll show you 20 unique and modern texture designs, encompassing paint, wallpaper and everything in between.

#1: Wall Texturing Designs for the Ones Who Love Simplicity

Elegance has a new name: Simplicity!

What’s Amazing: The simple patterns that highlight the wall without being overpowering. In addition, the neutral colour goes well with the Indian-style interiors.

What’s Unique: The patterned flooring and the enclosed pooja room in the corner.

#2: Modern Texture Paint Designs in Aqua Blue

A pop of blue!

What’s Amazing: Texture has been used to create a rustic and unfinished effect on this wall.

What’s Unique: The vibrant aqua blue colour that adds a pop.

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#3: Interior Textured Wall With a Warm Wooden Finish

The warmth of wood for a cosy bedroom

What’s Amazing: Among wall texturing designs, this is one of our favourites, as wooden panelling creates different patterns and textures. Moreover, the wood acts as an accent against the neutral furnishings.

What’s Unique: Sleek and contemporary pendant lights.

#4: Industrial-Style Wall Texture Painting

Muted grey is perfect for modern homes

What’s Amazing: This type of modern grey texture helps in creating an industrial effect. Additionally, the circular patterns make this wall look like a sleek cabinet.

What’s Unique: Lighting adds a spotlight over this wall.

#5: Marble-Like Wall Texturing Designs for Your Living Room

All things grand and royal!

What’s Amazing: The marble-like texture effect on the wall creates a glam effect. Moreover, the gold wall lights add to the appeal.

What’s Unique: The gold accents throughout this living room.

#6: Texture Wallpaper Against Your TV Unit Wall

Cheery vibes in this living room

What’s Amazing: The use of yellow texture paint to create a design that’s both vibrant and understated.

What’s Unique: The floating TV unit is both minimal and low-maintenance.

#7: Classical Texture Paint Designs

Elegant and minimal patterns for the living room

What’s Amazing: Muted grey and white wall texture paint along with the gold border trim creates a classical, traditional and artistic design.

What’s Unique: The texture only covers half the wall which is perfect when you want your room to look lighter and more spacious.

#8: Latest Wall Texture Designs Like Fluting

Opt for fluting if you want a contemporary design style

What’s Amazing: Fluting not only has contemporary appeal but also creates immense depth and texture in a room.

What’s Unique: The fluted wall has a built-in niche which is used as a storage and display shelf. In addition, to make the niche stand out, it’s painted red.

#9: Rustic Wall Texturing Designs

This bedroom is straight out of a rustic, countryside cottage

What’s Amazing: Unpolished wood-like panels create a rustic texture for this bedroom wall.

What’s Unique: The stunning wall decor above the wall.

#10: Blue Texture Paint Designs for Your Wall

Dining with a view!

What’s Amazing: Instead of choosing a plain blue wall, texture paint helps in creating depth and personality.

What’s Unique: The wall comes with a sleek ledge which is great for displaying decor.

#11: Bedroom Wallpaper Featuring a Brick-Like Texture

Brick-like wallpapers are a winner!

What’s Amazing: The brick-like texture wall in this bedroom looks rustic. Additionally, a neutral shade like beige is an elegant choice which keeps the looking partly contemporary.

What’s Unique: The sleek ledge on the wall.

#12: Modern Texture Paint Designs for Your Living Room

The right colours and decor can make your living room look both minimal and glam

What’s Amazing: Soft shades of blue and white create subtle patterns against this living room wall, which adds texture without being overpowering.

What’s Unique: The hanging planters on the wall provide freshness.

#13: Modern Texture Paint Designs for Your Bedroom

All that glitters is gold!

What’s Amazing: This wall texturing design matches the wooden and neutral tones of the bedroom. However, due to the colour and simple patterns, it also stands out.

What’s Unique: The glamorous gold colour.

#14: Add Some Texture With Mirrors and Paint

Mirror, mirror on the wall!

What’s Amazing: Mirror panels look glam and create the illusion of space. Moreover, opting for panels instead of a full mirror is an economical choice.

What’s Unique: The use of texture paint to create trims on the opposite wall of this dining and living room.

#15: A Wallpaper Texture Design in Geometric Patterns

Abstract is beautiful

What’s Amazing: Wall trims in an abstract, geometric pattern helps in creating texture in this bedroom.

What’s Unique: The beautiful blue colour which transforms this headboard wall into an accent wall.

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#16: Wall Texturing Designs With Vibrant Colours Like Burnt Orange

The right way to use a bright colour like orange in your living room

What’s Amazing: The subtle patterns and burnt orange colour of the texture paint in this living room.

What’s Unique: The way a vibrant shade like orange has been used with neutrals like beige and brown.

#17: Modern Texture Paint Designs in Bright Colours for Your Bedroom

A wall that gives off paintball vibes!

What’s Amazing: The combination of aqua blue and grey.

What’s Unique: The textured pattern of this bedroom wall looks like someone threw paint at it!

#18: Marble Texture With Wooden Pattis in the Living Room

All things glam and glitzy!

What’s Amazing: This is among the most glamorous wall texturing designs, created using high-end marble and wooden pattis.

What’s Unique: The gold trims on the accent wall.

#19: Wall Texturing Designs With Exposed Timber

This bedroom reminds us of a hotel room!

What’s Amazing: The use of olive green Duco paint and trims to create texture in this stunning bedroom.

What’s Unique: The exposed timber section of the wall that adds more personality.

#20: Brick-Like Texture Wallpaper for Your Foyer Interior

Don’t forget to add some texture in your foyer

What’s Amazing: The brick-like wallpaper keeps the look simple yet trendy.

What’s Unique: The dark wood bar cabinet.

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