We believe that some sort of bedside table is always welcome in your bedroom. Whether you are someone who requires an elaborate storage space or someone who likes to keep it minimal, we have something for everyone. Take a look at these lovely bedside tables that suit every need. But do remember, the bedside table design that you choose must work with the theme of your room. For your convenience, we have included our expert advice on how to choose some of the best bedside tables. Read on!

Choosing Bedside Tables by Their Design Styles

It is easy to follow the theme of your bedroom interiors and pick a bedside table design that complements it. Now, let’s take a look at some bedside table design ideas you can try.

Classic Bedside Table Designs

If you also have one of those solid wooden beds, like most Indian homeowners, then these classic side table designs for bedroom are for you.

A lightweight traditional table to match your dark wood bed
A classic table that will fit in perfectly with your contemporary interiors as well
If you have light-coloured interiors, then this painted wooden bedside table design can be your perfect choice
A fun, painted bedside table idea for kid’s bedrooms

Colonial Wooden Tables

Colonial furniture, owing to its simplicity, can blend in with any sort of interior style. Buying durable and sturdy side tables like these can add character to your interiors and enliven your space.

A common colonial style bedside table design idea to work with any kind of interiors
This all-rounder tall colonial table will give your room a dose of classical furniture in this modern era

Scandinavian Bedside Tables

These days, rumour has it that you mix-and-match interior styles to get the perfect home design you desire. Scandinavian furniture has been right in the middle of this mix. Since these furniture pieces are generally lightweight and made with light coloured materials, they can give your room a bright and airy look.

This is a Scandinavian design that blends well with all-white interiors
A modified contemporary-scandinavian bedside table decor for modern interiors

Contemporary Bedside Tables

The thing about contemporary furniture is that it evolves. What is contemporary this year may be outdated the next. The fast trends in this design style may be hard to keep up with, but every now and then, there are a few trends that last forever. See these timeless contemporary bedside table designs to make wiser choices for your bedroom.

A wooden laminated, handleless design that is more common these days
A blue-and-white, floating table to match the mixed interiors of this room
A wooden bedside table option for your contemporary homes
A minimal bedside table decor for a modern or contemporary look

Neo Deco Table Inspiration

First things first, neo deco is not all about loud colours. You are welcome to use light pastel colours as well. You can sustain its maximalist nature with striking textures and some bling. By bling, we mean metal accents that make your interiors dramatic.

A PU paint-finish, neo deco table with fluted shutters to add texture to the room

Antique Bedside Table Ideas

Some people look at antique furniture as collectibles. It’s rewarding to spot these gems and incorporate them at home. And why not? They are excellent conservation starters!

A Romanesque design for a dramatic bedroom decor
A traditional, regal design with brass handles to make it more eye-catchy

Floating Bedside Tables

These bedside table designs are easy to maintain and don’t consume any floor space. Floating tables are a perfect solution when you have low-storage and high free space requirements. Plus, they look so classy that you’d wonder why you didn’t get them before!

You can opt for floating tables that match your accent wall
Or floating tables that can match your bed

Tables Integrated in the Beds

A lot of times, you don’t have to work separately on the bedside tables. You can get them with pre-fabricated beds like these and have one less problem without it. You can also get these beds custom-made, and here are some designs that you can steal.

A neo deco, sage green bed with integrated bedside tables
Well, this one is for all the booklovers out there, who cannot live without their reading before bedtime
If drawers aren’t your thing, you could always ditch them for ledges!
A low-height table attached to the wide headboard of the bed
A clever bedside table design for a platform bed

A Statement Piece

As the world evolves, a lot of people are becoming sensitive toward art. They recognise its value and appreciate the creativity and innovation that produced it. Statement pieces like this, then become a reflection of a lifestyle and interest that are not limited to rich folks anymore.

A statement piece to add to your bedroom, a bedside table like this one does not need any explanation

Bedside Tables Categorised by Their Materials

Identifying the material theory that already exists in your room is a great way to begin choosing your side table designs for bedroom. This also helps you identify the colours that exist in the room, and your final choice will be fail-proof.

Wooden Bedside Table Design

Add some warmth with these side table designs for bedroom. Make use of the textures and colours of wood that make your bedrooms warm and welcoming.

Solid Wood Bedside Table Ideas

The advantage of using solid wood furniture is that they are durable and require very little maintenance. They are also versatile, customisable, sustainable and sometimes quite unique from plywood and MDF furniture.

If you want the best of both worlds—modern and traditional—for your piece, pick a bedside table with open space at the bottom and a simple handle
A solid wood side table design for bedroom with an open bookshelf and a cabinet
Best way to use wooden bedside table designs is by matching the wood to your bed
A designer piece with simple carvings on it to match the design of the bed
A round bedside table idea for lean decor in your bedroom
A simple bedside table design idea with limited storing capacity
Love unwinding with a book in bed? You need a bedside table that doubles as a bookshelf

Laminated Bedside Tables

When it comes to laminates, the variety in colours and textures is unmatchable. And when laminated properly, they can last for longer periods. What’s more is, they are economical. They also make for a second-best option after solid wood.

You can’t go wrong with a sleek dual tone bedside table that sits snug beside the bed
A simple modern bedside table design made of wood
A plain bedside table design with a single cabinet for storage
An otherwise floating table but with a single-leg support
Keep things simple with a white bedside table decor that is sure to complement all the elements in your room
A seamless bedside table design idea with an open shelf and drawer

PU-Finish Side Table Designs for Bedroom

Does your bedroom sport a Scandinavian design? Then you are very likely to love these bedside tables. Sleek and seamless, these bedside tables are a wonder in themselves.

Displaying different shades of grey, this table looks classy in a modern bedroom
A traditional wooden table with a white PU finish
A simple green side table design for bedroom with splayed legs

Metal Bedside Tables

Metal is not a common material used for furniture, especially in Indian households. But there are many perks of using metal furniture. Moreover, they manage to give your home an industrial, luxurious look at a more economical price than wood can.

A sturdy metal table with wooden top to match the colour scheme of the room
Simple round bedside tables with stainless steel legs
A white metal table with designs that complements the patterns on curtains in the room
An economical option of bedside table that can be painted to suit the aesthetics of the bedroom

Glass Bedside Table Designs

Not much of a bedside table person or simply do not want to clutter up your bedside space? Then go for this low-key alternative, just perfect for you!

A simple glass ledge that acts as a table top for storage next to the bed

Wicker Bedside Tables

Wicker is the name of the game! You can easily add a little texture to your room with a dark wicker bedside table design. This one has a flat surface at the top to keep things sturdy.

A sustainable bedside table idea that makes use of jute to bind the wooden frame

Mirror-Finish Bedside Table Designs

Besides metal, there is one another material that implies luxury—mirror. This has been a part of luxurious interiors since ancient times and will continue to be so.

Using mirror panels is a great way to make your interior look luxurious instantly

Upholstered Bedside Table Designs

Following the trends, if you have upholstered headboards on your beds, then this can be a straight-forward trendy option for you. Matching the upholstery on your bed and its side tables will bring the whole set-up together and complete the look of your room.

Upholstery fan? You can get it for your drawers as well!

Matching your headboard to its bedside tables can do wonders in the aesthetic area of your decor. Look at this stunning design from a Livspace home!

Bedside Table Designs by Their Storage Capacity

It helps to know your requirements when it comes to bedside essentials. If you keep a lot of things around your bed, then choosing a hefty bedside table design will work in your favour. 

Minimum Storage Capacity Tables

It isn’t very common to keep night lamps on the bedside tables in India. What we do love to keep are pictures and photo frames of our loved ones. And for such minimal storage purposes, we have these minimal bedside table designs for you.

A retractable bedside table design to allow flexi use of space
A designer table that has its top to use for storing or keeping
An open shelf bedside table design with minimum storage space
This one is ideal for a compact bedside corner, since it has a single cabinet for storage
A contemporary bedside table idea in multi-colour to match the room aesthetics

Customisable Storage Capacity Tables

Since we are aware of our needs when it comes to storage and usage, we must use that knowledge to get a distinct kind of bedside table that’s compatible with our needs. This sometimes also helps in cost-cutting in addition to giving you a piece of decor that’s unique and tailor-made for you.

You can customise your design to have drawers or open shelves like this
Another example of such bedside table designs that can be modified

Maximum Storage Capacity Tables

This can be a little difficult to follow in compact homes, but if you are willing to build vertical, then these ideas can also be transferable.

A six-drawer bedside table design for a large storage space
This one features two small drawers and a shelf for storing books

These are some of our best bedside tables because they have yielded great results. We have also made this list dynamic so you can find ideas for every size, layout, style and theme of bedrooms out there. If you loved our bedside table suggestions, take a look at these beautiful dressing tables for your home as well.

Check out the bedside tables in this home:

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