Finding the right dedicated small pooja room designs for homes can be difficult. You need to understand more about the free space in your home – whether it is around a column, a portion of a wall or a corner. These days, you might find yourselves struggling to fit just the storage and furniture into a small space, and it gets even more challenging when you have to further make room for a place of worship. But, not to worry! We have curated 25+ modern mandir designs that will fit right into your living room.

According to vastu, your living room is the perfect place for a small pooja room. All family members will have access to the pooja room here, as it is in a common area. Additionally, a living room also has more space than other rooms and a small mandir is easy to install here. 

Now let’s move straight to some of the best small pooja room designs for homes. 

#1: Simple Small Pooja Room Designs With Jaali Doors

Made of plywood, this compact design is replete with details

The wall-mounted modern mandir design for small flats with its intricately carved jaali doors is a beautiful addition to any living room. 

#2: Layered Mandir Designs for Small Flats

Create elevation for a layered look

If you have a wall that isn’t used, then create a small elevation to keep your deities. The jaali design brings in a temple-like ambience just like the CNC-carved back panel. 

#3: Rustic Small Pooja Room Designs for Homes

Highlight pooja corner with the stone-cladding on the walls

This design is beautifully made to spread serenity with its wooden finish and unique stone-cladded backdrop. If you have a wall niche like this one, use it to the fullest.

#4: Wall-Mounted Wooden Mandir Designs for Small Flats

Make sure there is storage for pooja essentials

Pooja room designs for homes don’t have to be small, but you can save space using a large wall-mounted unit with shelves to store your pooja items.

#5: Minimal Pooja Room Ideas in Small Flats

Make a bold statement with rich, vastu-approved paint colours

Even in a simple mandir design for homes, you can definitely give it a buoyant look with a bold colour. It makes the pooja shelf stand out and also glams up your living room.

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#6: Narrow Mandir Designs With Storage for Small Homes

Carve out a quiet niche and install a false ceiling to complete the look

You can create a pooja room niche in small flats using a narrow partition to separate the space from your living room. Also, add a chest of drawers to store essentials and finish up the look using a false ceiling.

#7: Simple Mandir Designs for Small Flats Using Jaali Partitions

Add a simple jaali partition to the living room

This small pooja room design uses a gold jaali partition to give it a luxurious look in this home. The low-cost, easy-to-install partition also gives enough privacy when you offer your prayers.

#8: Pooja Unit Designs With Wooden Back Panels

Go for the wooden back panel and roofing for a stunning effect

Let your small pooja room design have the centre stage with a beautiful golden decal to highlight the space.

#9: Wall-Mounted Mandir Designs With Traditional Bells

Don’t miss the grey jaali enclosure that defines this design

Instead of a simple mandir design for a small flat make a statement with delicate details. The grey jaali enclosure and small floating shelves along with the bells make this design wholesome for small flats. 

#10: Movable Mandir Designs for Small Flats

If you move homes a lot, you need a portable unit

Portable mandir designs in small spaces are beneficial when you need to make room for different occasions like festivals and more. It can be moved according to your convenience.

#11: Full-Height Pooja Units With Storage

pooja corner-jaali-storage
Storage for all pooja samagri

This pooja unit is fixed in a corner of the living room with two jaali partitions to create a niche of its own. The trick is to stick with a colour scheme that complements the one in the living room.

#12: Traditional Mandir Designs That You Can Keep on Floor

Make it a part of your home

Your mandir doesn’t have to be hidden away into a corner. This design makes the pooja room unit the focal point of the small flat.

#13: Simple Pooja Platforms for Living Rooms

mandir designs for small flats-short wooden unit-bells
All you have to do is place a low-height bench against the wall

With this design, you’ll have a dedicated mandir design without sacrificing too much floor space. You can also add gold accents and hanging bells to complete the look. 

#14: Wooden Mandir Designs Mounted on Columns

Use the columns in your living room to create your own pooja space

Another small pooja room design for homes that makes use of the space around columns. This is an ideal wooden mandir design with double doors for any small flat.

#15: Contemporary Pooja Racks for Living Rooms

Think outside the box

A multi-shelving unit is put to good use in this mandir design for small flats. Fusing tradition in a contemporary setup, this design works for most modern Indian homes.

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#16: Floating Pooja Units for Living Rooms

Don’t miss the frosted glass partition here

In an energetic world where chaos reigns, a meditative space brings in peace of mind. As a depiction of this idea, this mandir design for small flats tones down the vibrance of the orange walls with its compact yet rich wooden presence.

#17: Solid Wood Pooja Units for Living Areas

Rooted in tradition

Even in modern designs with their clean, straight lines, adding a wooden pooja unit can bring in a soothing look. Not only does it sit comfortably in an otherwise unused space, it also becomes a part of the interior design.

#18: Veneer-Finished Small Pooja Units for Wall

mandir designs for small flats-mounted pooja unit-wooden
When in doubt, keep it simple!

Using a simple wall-mounted unit can be helpful in creating a zone to pray in peace. Subtlety eases the mind; a principle of pooja room vastu that the the design follows.

#19: Wood and Glass Pooja Units With Storage

Use a jaali back panel like this pooja unit if you want to keep lamps lit in there

This pooja room can be tucked away behind glass doors, allowing it to reside in its own dedicated space. Making the mandir a part of your living and dining room partition is a great idea.

#20: Compact Mandir Designs for Small Flats

Sleek and fitted in a niche

When you put your mind to it, you can place your mandir design in small flats easily. Even the smallest nooks and crannies can be put to good use. This small mandir design with wooden slats for partition is the proof. 

#21: Pooja Units With Backlit Panels

Light up the pooja room

If you want your pooja space to be a focal point, don’t shy away from added decorations. The bright backlit jaali background acts as a great highlight for the mandir placed atop the drawers.

#22: Mandir Designs for Small Flats With Wooden Pattis

Warm and traditional, yet eye-catching

By paying close attention to details, even a simple design can stand out in your small home. These criss-cross wooden panels add to the elegance of the simple mandir design for small homes. It shows that you don’t need to add items to decorate the space.

#23: Small Pooja Room Designs With Wooden Rafters

The glowing backsplash is shimmer gold-coloured wallpaper

In this design, the pooja room is placed in a quiet corner of the living room. Faux rafters help to visually anchor the space, while a simple mat provides a space where you can spend some quality time in silence or prayers. 

#24: Mandir Designs for Small Flats With Wallpapers

Use colours and patterns of nature to liven the space

Nature brings you closer to the meditative state with its vibrant greens and soothing natural aura. In this example, a wallpaper with leaf prints encourages a sense of calm and wellbeing.

#25: Industrial-Style Mandir Designs for Small Flats

Blend into the ambience with organic textures

Your mandir can be a core part of your home by blending in well with its interior style. This industrial look is elevated with a marble background for the deity. The addition of organic textures also helps to ground the look.

#26: Small Pooja Units With Jaali Enclosures

Notice the delicate carvings on the jaali panels?

Creating space by simply using a jaali enclosure can also make your mandir a part of your living room. This creates a special area that’s integrated into the rest of the interior design.

#27: Traditional All-White Pooja Rooms

All-white mandir designs look divine under warm lighting

As the colours of serenity and purity, an all-white mandir design for small spaces not just sets the mood but also suits small flats. Embellish the look with intricate carvings for a space-saving design that’ll definitely draw attention.

Having a mandir at home gives you a space to relax and focus. Even the smallest pooja room design can help you achieve this. Here are 35+ pooja room designs you can see for more inspiration. 

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