Prayer and faith is an extremely personal journey, and your pooja mandir designs should be able to facilitate your religious growth. Depending on the amount of space available in your home, you could have a dedicated room or a small nook designed to amplify your inner peace. For your inspiration, we have rounded up these top pooja room images!

Pooja mandir designs #1: Unit with wooden carvings
Take a peek without compromising on privacy

One of the most common Indian pooja mandir designs incorporates wooden carvings on the door. These intricately chiseled spaces on the pooja mandir door gives you a sneak peek into the mandir, without compromising on privacy. Additionally, it allows for the divine fragrance of the incense sticks or cones to waft into the house, or the glow of the lamp to light up the space. In these pooja room images, there are two types of wooden carving designs to give the space an extra dimension.

Pooja mandir designs #2: Bells for a traditional touch
Bells are always synonymous with temples

Any temple in India, big or small, will feature at least one towering bell in front of the main deity. When little bells are introduced in pooja mandir designs, it adds a divine touch to the mandir, and makes you fondly reminisce about your favourite temple. In these pooja room images, the combination of stained wood, brass bells and sculptures enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Pooja mandir designs #3: Om inlay with backlighting
This will exude a calm vibe in your pooja room

If you are looking for pooja mandir designs that can also transition into warm and meditative spaces, try incorporating an ‘Om’ inlay. In these pooja room images in a #LivspaceHome, the ‘Om’ inlay on the glass background exudes a calming vibe. While there are several types of inlays for you to choose from, in this case we have used a golden motif in the middle of an intricate mandala design on a backlit glass panel.

Pooja mandir designs #4: A customised marble unit
A go to material for pooja units

While marble mandir designs are more popular in North Indian homes, they feature in several homes down south as well! The material offers a clean and classic aesthetic, and is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. These pooja room images feature a light coloured marble base that enhances the hue of God pictures and brass statues.

Pooja mandir designs #5: A unit made out of rosewood
This reddish brown wood colour is ideal for pooja units

Create a dedicated and open pooja unit by opting for a rosewood mandir. You could enhance the look of your mandir by using intricately carved columns on either side or small brass bells. Take inspiration from this #LivspaceHome pooja room images to create a quiet nook for prayers in your home.

Pooja mandir designs #6: A unit with jaali panels
Opt for light colours to make your unit appear larger

Don’t let the lack of space get in the way of ideal mandir designs. You can make the best of your walls by installing a jaali. You can add open shelving to display your religious artifacts. Pooja room images of jaalis are often characterized by carved wooden panels on either side. Make your space appear bigger by opting for lighter colours.

Pooja mandir designs #7: A completely carved unit
Get a ready-made one from the market or get it customised

Personalise your prayer corner with intricately carved pooja units. While there are several ready-made options in the market to choose from, you could also get a custom-made mandir. Take a leaf out of these pooja room images and play with the combination of a light coloured carved mandir and deep toned wallpaper.

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