The lack of space in our compact homes drives us to make some sacrifices. One of the essential areas that is getting more difficult to incorporate is a proper pooja room because, unlike older apartments, the new ones do not have a dedicated space for pooja. But even if your apartment does not have a pooja room, worry not. We have some very practical and pretty wooden temple for home designs that require only one wall to fit in. 

An Indian home is incomplete without a mandir. So, browse our best designs and pick one that you like and is apt for your home.  

Which Wood is Best for Pooja Room?

Many pooja room designs may come and go, but wooden mandirs have stood the test of time and remained a desi favourite. The main wood varieties used in Indian pooja rooms are teak wood, sheesham wood and mango wood. Sheesham wood or rosewood is considered the most auspicious, according to Vastu Shastra. 


However, if you wish to stick with a tight budget or make an eco-friendly choice, you can always opt for engineered wood too. 

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Latest Wooden Pooja Room Designs for Home

#1: Wooden Pooja Room With Geometric Patterns

The back panel here is made of wooden pattis

Have an empty corner in your living room? Then consider this mandir design featuring a wooden platform for the murti and a geometric-patterned back panel. The area is also amped up with temple bells and a bright pendant light.  The back panel here is made of wooden pattis that give it this unique texture. 

#2: Try the Stone Effect for Pooja Room Wall 

Turn a niche into your pooja corner 

The partition wall is mighty useful to set up a mandir. What makes this mandir stand out is the choice of design elements. The stone-clad accent wall adds visual interest to this space. The look is complete with a wooden panelling of the ceiling and a high wooden platform.  

PRO Tip 

The mandir should always have a foundation above the ground and not be placed directly on the floor.

#3: Make a Statement With Intricate Jaali Designs 

Marble and wood is one of the most popular combinations for pooja rooms

Who doesn’t love the beautiful jaalis? If you are contemplating having a jaali in your home, then the mandir is an ideal spot. Take a look at this design. Following a combination of white marble and light wood, the mandir is brought to life by the exquisite jaali. The best part about jaali frames is that they allow air-circulation while giving you partial visibility too! 

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#4: A Simple Light-coloured Wooden Floating Unit

Want extra storage? Opt for a unit with drawers and cabinets

This is for those who absolutely do not have space and are looking for a minimal design. This light wooden floating unit has a big cabinet for the murti and small drawers for storage. To add a little drama, we have opted for jaali shutters. This is also very useful because it allows you to light incense sticks and diyas without worrying about fire accidents.


If the rest of your home has Scandinavian design, this is the mandir design you should choose. 

#5: Dark Wooden Floating Mandir 

A mandir like this mimics a real temple in style and proportion 

Have a compact home but don’t like minimal designs? Have a look at this floating wooden temple for home. Made with dark wood, this mandir is traditional with the gopura on top. Notice that there are also small open shelves to keep the pooja room items? 


This mandir would fit right into a home that has traditional Indian decor or a design style heavy on warm wooden finishes.  

#6: Pooja Unit Integrated With Swing

Use glass in your mandir unit to create an illusion of space

This one wall unit integrated with a swing is the most unique one in our collection. The polished solid wood beams with intricate jaali details extend to the swing, showing off the craftsmanship. Glass panes are used for the shutters and on the side of the pooja room to create an illusion of space. Don’t miss the design continuity here that extends to the swing as well. 

#7: Wooden Rafters for Pooja Room

The glam backspalsh for this temple is a shimmering wallpaper

Lighting is an important component of a pooja room. This wooden temple design for home is brightly lit with recessed lights in the wooden rafters. Additionally, the shimmering gold wallpaper accentuates this simple design, while being reasonably affordable. This pooja corner shows us that you don’t need a fat budget for home interiors if you have imagination! 

#8: Elaborate Wooden Carvings in Pristine White

Opt for brass murtis and decor items to add a pop to the white setup

Looking for a wooden temple design for a larger apartment? Then this should be it. The wooden platform with a white laminate finish is for the murtis. The star of this one-wall mandir is the wooden jaali with evocative traditional carvings. To break the monotony of white, the temple-style brass lamps and bells do the trick.    

#9: A Simple Wooden Shelf Mounted on an Accent Wall

Use green to make your mandir serene

If you are not into big and bold units, then this simple pooja corner may work for you. Installed into a wall niche, it features only a wooden shelf, bells and lamps. The green wallpaper with plant motifs breathes life into the space. Evoking a sense of calm, isn’t green an apt colour for a mandir? 

#10: Wooden Mandir With Ample Storage

Curtains can be used to close the mandirs  

The dead space in a passageway of this home is cleverly converted into a mandir. The high wooden platform with a white top for the murtis has cabinets for storage too. This pooja room wall also features a simple wooden panel in the centre. Instead of doors, we have plush white curtains to close the pooja corner from view.    

#11: Liven up With a Contrasting Colour Palette


Orange is a vastu-approved colour for mandir

If you already have a pop-coloured wall in your home, you can convert it into a mandir like this one. The wooden floating unit with a grey back panel complements the vastu-compliant orange beautifully. There are also open shelves and drawers for storage. If you’d like, you can also add temple bells to add an extra dose of divinity.   

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#12: Wooden Partition Segregating the Mandir

Wooden jaalis add warmth to the place

This wooden temple design big size is for those who like to separate the place for worship from the hustle-bustle of the home. Wooden jaali is used as a partition; the jaali work continues to a ceiling ledge too. The murti is placed on a wooden stage with gold detailing. The entire look of the room is complete with temple bells.  

#13: Compact and Minimal Floating Wooden Temple for Home

A compact mandir design for compact spaces

Save space with this svelte mandir design. Featuring open and closed shelves, its top is where you place the murti. Dab with pretty patterns to make it stand out.  

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#14: Floating Wooden Temple in an Empty Corner


Niches are a great spot to work in a mandir

The customised partition in this home has veneer finish for a seamless look.  This partition segregates the living and dining areas, creating a wall niche that houses the mandir. Incredibly space-efficient, it has a jaali back panel and a floating console to place the murtis. 

#15: A Simple Wooden Console on a Stylish Grey Wall

Suave pooja room for the urban desi

If you prefer urbane and chic interiors, consider this wooden temple design for home. The stone wall with a dash of marble in the centre takes the aesthetic up a notch. While the floating console unit takes care of storage. 

#16: Traditional Wooden Temple With Bells

See how the doors of this mandir are studded with bells!

A pooja room implies traditional designs for some. If you are one of them, then pick this solid wooden unit oozing Indian-ness. The bells fixed to the shutters remind us of temples. The bottom half of the unit allows ample storage space.  

#17: Wooden Platform With an Etched Glass Back Panel

Set the right ambience with diyas and bells

The pooja room design has a wooden platform with a white marble top and a glass back panel. The back panel is etched with traditional motifs, setting the right ambience for the place. Along with the brass bells and diyas, a stylish pendant light adds to the room’s look. 

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