When it comes to Indian homes, our pooja room designs become a source of pride. And when it comes to temple spaces within homes, people tend to stick to a more traditional style. In such cases, carved wood is unique as it offers a traditional look that has a contemporary look. It is classic, elegant and lends itself to intricate work, which makes it ideal for traditional pooja room designs. From jaali dividers to borders, here are some inspiring wooden mandir design ideas for your pooja room.

Wooden Mandir Design with a Carved Jaali

Create an enclosed space for worship

If you don’t have a designated pooja room, you can use jaali units to create an enclosed traditional mandir design. The carved jaali with golden finish in this #LivspaceHome is contemporary yet reminiscent of the shapes and sculptures we see in temples. The structure creates a private space while also allowing a view of the divine visage. In addition, this wooden mandir design is easy to move around, as per your convenience.

Traditional Pooja Room with Wooden Doors

Create a secluded prayer space with carved wooden doors

A classic way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a wooden mandir design is by fitting it with carved doors laid with intricate patterns and panelling. The doors serve to contour and define the space, particularly if the pooja room is built into a deep wall niche. The raised wooden structure and back panel complement the doors, creating a homogenous look. You can set up statement yellow lighting and hang up brass metal bells to emphasise and complete the traditional temple style look.

Temple Style Wooden Borders

Add a touch of wood in the borders of your pooja space

This is an inventive way to fashion your wooden mandir design if you don’t have sufficient space for an exclusive traditional pooja room. Carved wooden borders frame and embellish the space, packing both function and form. It is also essential that the wooden borders tie in seamlessly with the design aesthetics of the rest of the room. In this #LivspaceHome, the wooden sofa with pillars and intricate canopy complete the traditional pooja room design, making way for a space that is cohesive and rich.

Use a Wooden Partition in a Traditional Mandir Design

Add a gorgeous partition

This wooden mandir design with a carved wooden partition ticks all the right boxes, and stands out in creative splendour. While a divider may serve the purpose of cordoning off the pooja space, a little bit of creativity can bring forth a space that is truly unique and impressive. Accessorise the space with engraved wooden handles and brass bells, and add a ceiling backdrop that mirrors the carved wooden partition. Prop up your idols on a wooden platform etched with traditional patterns. You could also include built-in enclosures for storing your pooja paraphernalia. Install spot lights to rev up the sacred aura.

Wooden Mandir Design for Halls

Temple-style carvings for your in-house temple!

One of the more artistic pooja mandir designs, a carved wooden mandir is a temple unto itself. Moreover, it is a stand-alone decor piece that can define the design language of your interiors. With ornate temple-style carvings and structures such as pillars, spires and bells, the wooden mandir design is a beautiful masterpiece. It also comes with drawers for storage and can be moved around the house as the occasion demands.

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