How do I decorate my pooja room? If this is a question you keep asking yourself, you have come to the right place. We’ll guide you through creative and meaningful ways to decorate your pooja room, drawing inspiration from tradition while incorporating your personal touch.

What are the essential items to keep in your pooja room?

A pooja thali may be made of gold, brass, steel, silver, or any other metal

While there’s no “must-have” list to decorate your pooja room, as traditions and personal preferences vary, here are 8 common and important items typically found in many:

Decoration of puja room with idols or pictures:

  • The deities that represent your worship are the focal point of your devotion. Choose those that resonate with you and follow any specific guidelines your tradition advises

Decoration of puja room with diya or lamp:

  • Lighting a diya is symbolic of dispelling darkness and bringing in light. Traditionally, ghee (clarified butter) or oil is used, but eco-friendly options like diyas with wax candles are also acceptable

Decoration of puja room with flowers:

  • Fresh flowers are offered to the deity as a symbol of beauty and devotion. Offering fragrant flowers like marigolds or roses is considered auspicious and pleasing to the deities. Remember to replace wilted flowers with fresh ones regularly

Decoration of puja room with incense sticks:

  • The aromatic smoke of incense is believed to purify the atmosphere and invite positive energy

Home temple decoration ideas with holy water:

  • Keeping a vessel filled with holy water (often from a temple or a sacred river) allows for purification rituals

Home temple decoration ideas with religious texts:

  • Keeping scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita in the temple can enhance your spiritual journey

Home temple decoration ideas with bells:

  • The sound of bells is often believed to possess cleansing properties. It’s believed to ward off negativity, evil spirits and distractions, creating a sacred space for worship. The resonant harmony of bells is also said to help devotees concentrate and enter a deeper state of awareness during prayer or meditation

Home temple decoration ideas with offerings:

  • You may also keep items like fruits, sweets or betel leaves for offering to the deity

It’s also important to note that there may be specific guidelines or traditions related to your faith that dictate which items are appropriate for your pooja room. Consulting with a religious leader or elder can help you ensure your pooja space is set up as per the correct beliefs.

5 Pooja room designs on the wall

Wall-mounted units are ideal for small homes or apartments where floor space is limited. You can position them in different areas of your home, like the living room, hallway or dedicated prayer space. Here are some wall decor ideas to enhance your pooja room design:

Pooja room design on the wall #1: Mounted mandir with modern shelves

Carved beauty meets modern zen

This wall-mounted pooja unit uses two elegant colours: walnut brown and bright white, and features a convenient drawer for storing your essentials. The back panel boasts a stylish carved white jaali, adding a touch of sophistication. The wall behind the unit is painted a sunny yellow, making the whole space feel happy and bright.

Here’s why this pooja unit design could be perfect for your home:

  • Saves space: It hangs on the wall, so it doesn’t take up floor space. Great for smaller homes!
  • Looks stylish: The mix of colours and carved design makes it modern and attractive
  • Keeps things organised: The drawer helps you store all your pooja items neatly
  • Creates a cheerful atmosphere: The bright yellow wall adds a happy vibe to your prayer space

Pooja room design on the wall #2: Mounted mandir with jaali roof

Traditional temple with a modern touch

This exquisite pooja unit is tailor-made for enthusiasts of classic elegance. It has a rich walnut brown base and a convenient drawer to store all your prayer items.

What makes it special?

  • The wall behind the unit is decorated with elegant damask wallpaper and wooden panels with grooves, adding a touch of tradition
  • The carved wooden mandir unit itself is a timeless piece that brings a warm, spiritual feel to your home

Pooja room design on the wall #3: Mounted mandir with marble back-lit panel

White marble’s grace lights your sacred space

The beautiful white marble back panel with LED lighting throws a divine glow into your prayer space. These are space-saving, small pooja units with an open layout, so you can easily access your pooja items.

Prayer room design on the wall #4: Pendant lights

Choose your pendant: glass, wood or metal?

Pendant lights have always been those subtle additions that speak louder than any design.

  • Opt for brass or copper pendant lights with intricate designs, placing them on either side of the main deity or above the prayer platform
  • For a modern touch, consider positioning the lights off-centre or arranging them in clusters to create a contemporary aesthetic
  • Choose from a variety of materials such as glass, wood, frosted glass or metal, allowing you to tailor the lighting fixtures to match your personal style and preferences

Pooja room design on the wall #5: Mounted mandir with ledges

Accent wall? Pooja shelves, duh!

Experience the elegance of pooja units gracing your wall like refined shelves, meticulously crafted from lustrous dark brown wood. You can decorate this pooja room by incorporating a small ledge above, ideal for suspending golden bells that delicately chime.

  • Opt for shelves of different lengths to create a cascading effect
  • Alternatively, you can place shelves against an accent wall, adorned with wallpaper, or intricately carved wood, proudly showcasing your cherished idols

6 Mandir designs for the hall 

Since halls are often open and shared spaces, use space-saving units like wall-mounted mandirs, foldable designs or corner units to decorate your pooja room.

However, integrating the mandir seamlessly with the overall hall design is important. If the hall is used frequently, ensure the mandir design doesn’t hinder movement or daily activities.

Mandir designs for the hall #1: Beside the TV unit

If lack of space is an issue, you can place your mandir next to your TV units or cabinets. Whether you choose a pooja unit incorporated into a TV unit design or with its own dedicated space depends on several factors, including your space and budget constraints, personal preferences and religious traditions. You can choose a pre-designed unit or have one custom-made to fit your exact needs.

Mandir designs for the hall #2: Sleek vertical units

Here’s what makes these pooja room designs special:

  • They are bright and airy, with a frosty white and “Champagne” base unit
  • You can easily reach everything, as they have no doors
  • They have convenient drawers for storing pooja essentials
  • Cool laser-cut designs create sections and add a unique touch
  • A calming OM mandala decorates the back for a spiritual feel
  • The left one has a wall panel with a beautiful wood grain

Mandir designs for the hall #3: Decorative bells

Personalise it: Tassels, beads and more!

The idea behind ringing the bell when you enter the temple is to gently remind you to shift your focus towards prayer and devotion.

  • Traditionally, multiple bells are used. Odd numbers are considered auspicious, like 3, 5 or 7. You can choose based on your personal preference or cultural tradition
  • Brass offers a classic look, copper has auspicious connotations, and wood provides a natural vibe
  • Opt for larger bells reminiscent of temple bells for a more traditional and majestic feel
  • You can add decorative touches like tassels, beads or religious symbols to the bells or their mountings
  • Match the bells to other metal elements in your pooja unit, like diyas or statues, for a cohesive look

Mandir designs for the hall #4: Jaali partition

Sacred space, open to both light and soul

Incorporating a jaali partition design to decorate your pooja room also helps to separate the space from the rest of the room. Jaalis are a beautiful and traditional way to create a designated sanctuary for prayer and reflection.

  • The intricate latticework of the jaali is not only beautiful but also provides some privacy during your prayers and rituals
  • The open design of the jaali ensures natural light and air circulation
  • Geometric patterns, floral or religious motifs are some of the most popular jaali designs
  • You can integrate religious symbols like Om or Ganesha motifs

Mandir designs for the hall #5: CNC cut white panels and wooden panels

The design of the cuts is where you can get creative!

Use the CNC cutting method to create intricate geometric patterns, religious symbols, or even floral motifs. Ensure the design complements the overall style and doesn’t overwhelm the space.

CNC cut ideas:

  • Om symbol: A classic Hindu symbol of divinity and spirituality
  • Diya motifs: Cutouts of diya shapes can add a touch of tradition and light symbolism
  • Religious texts: Incorporate excerpts from your holy book in a stylish font through the cuts
  • Abstract patterns: Use geometric shapes or flowing lines to create a modern and visually interesting design

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Mandir designs for the hall #6: Frosted side panels

Frosted panels equal modern designs

Pooja units with frosted glass side panels add a modern touch to your sacred space, combining privacy with a sense of openness and diffused light.

  • For minimal aesthetics, decorate your pooja room with a sleek unit in a white or light wood finish and frosted glass panels
  • Combine a wooden base with frosted glass panels and metal accents like brass or copper for a touch of tradition
  • LED strips with dimmer control can create a warm and inviting glow
  • Use frosted glass panels with etched or sandblasted geometric patterns to add visual interest
  • Place recessed lights above the unit to illuminate the interior without creating glare on the frosted panels

3 Pooja room decoration items

Certain items like statues, pictures or symbols representing deities, spiritual concepts, or religious figures allow you to connect with your faith visually and feel their presence during worship. The importance of these items ultimately lies in their meaning to the individual or community using them. What matters most is creating a space that fosters a personal connection to the divine.

Pooja room decoration items #1: The sun and moon wall hanging decor

The cosmic truth about the sun and the moon

The sun and moon, representing celestial bodies and light sources, are popular motifs in many cultures and religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Indigenous traditions.

Symbolic meaning of this decor:

  • The cyclical nature of the sun’s and moon’s movements reflects the passage of time, rebirth and renewal
  • The sun is often associated with enlightenment, knowledge and spiritual awakening, while the moon can represent intuition, introspection and inner wisdom. Together, they can symbolise the journey towards spiritual growth and self-realisation

Pooja room decoration items #2: Flowers, hanging lamps, etc.

Pooja necessities like flowers and incense sticks create a divine sensory experience

Each element in your pooja room plays a unique role. Using flowers to decorate your pooja room symbolises purity, while bells announce your presence and invite divine attention. Incense smoke cleanses the space and invites calmness, while diyas and lamps illuminate the path towards enlightenment. These, alongside other pooja necessities, become more than just decorations; they create a series of sensory experiences that deepen your connection to the divine.

Pooja room decoration items #3: Chandelier or recessed lighting?

Let light define your pooja room

Choosing between a chandelier and a false ceiling light for your pooja space depends on several factors. Chandeliers create a more dramatic and ornate atmosphere while recessed lighting offers a more subtle and diffused light, ideal for creating a calm and serene atmosphere.

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Looking for flower decoration at home for pooja?

Here’s a gallery teeming with flower inspiration for your pooja room!

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