When we get our homes designed, we add wow factors in all rooms, but today we have pooja room ideas for you that will make you want to rush for a tiny reno project. We have shown you everything from wooden pooja rooms to jaali designs for this space and even some unique door designs.

Today, let’s talk about some latest pooja rooms that we have designed for homeowners across the country.

#1: Elaborate pooja room with complete jaali entrance frame 

Go big or go home kinda mandir

We are in awe of this extensive pooja room in one of the homes we designed in Noida. Would you look at the entrance? This is nothing short of a masterpiece. This space sits in one corner of a room and the jaali panels at the entrance are what’s making all the difference here.

What we love: Gold paint accentuates the pillar-like structure and two comfy seats are kept in front of the step-like mantap.

#2: Get a trendy colour for the storage cabinet

Add a wall ledge for extra space

If you don’t want to settle for a boring colour for your pooja room cabinetry then this one of pooja room ideas might interest you. Our homeowners opted to get a fancy purple shutter for the storage cabinet and we topped it off with a yellow counter. Colour lovers, this one’s for you.

What we love: The metallic bronze finish backdrop that ties it together.

#3: Install a jaali partition to create a niche

Place a rug to make space for seating

People with open layouts and pooja units places in a corner, you can try out this idea. Our all-time favourite accessory for pooja rooms—the jaali. You can add this versatile piece of accessory to almost any space and it instantly adds a glamorous touch to that area. Take this pooja corner for example. If not for the jaali partition, this would have been a regular unit placed on the floor in a corner.

What we love: Thanks to the lattice panel, this portion is cordoned off and it makes it look like a separate space.

#4: Add a laser-cut back panel in a bright colour

You can experiment with the carving of the panel

Is your pooja room lacking that punch? Then why don’t you add some colour to it in the form of a backdrop? Laser-cut panels are in vogue these days and everyone is getting them for their homes. Just like these homeowners, you can also add a bright-coloured panel on the wall behind your pooja unit and when you switch on the light, this corner is going to shine like a star!

What we love: The bright yellow panel in this otherwise neutral pooja corner.

#5: Put up wallpapers and add tiny bells on the door

Choose rosewood to on the right side of Vastu

Not in the mood for a big installation? Just get some abstract wallpapers and add them on either wall of your pooja unit, just like we did for this home. You can also add it as a backdrop if you like. Here we have added a cream-coloured patterned wallpaper that goes perfectly with the wooden unit. Another idea is just to change the doors of your pooja unit. Get something with bells to add that traditional touch.

What we love: The elegant touch of adding wallpapers within the niche created by wall trims. We also love the huge idols placed in front.

#6: Go functional with a cute seat

Choose the height of the seat according to the height of the unit

If you have a low pooja unit and spend some time in here every morning, we know what you need the most. You need to add a seat where you can comfortably sit and pray. In this home, we have added a pretty dust pink, round-shaped ottoman with splayed legs.

What we love: The heavenly om inscribed in the back panel. We love the simplicity of this one!

#7: Space-saving marble unit with drawers and intricate carvings

You can also opt for artistic knobs instead of handles

We all love compact furniture, especially if we are even a little bit low on square footage. Also, marble mandirs are vastu-friendly and look pristine and peaceful. This wall-mounted unit is complete with drawers and a cute blind that one can pull down when it’s shut-eye time for the deity. The backlit panel gives out enough light that can be used for prayer time.

What we love: The intricate carving on the unit and the fact that this compact unit has everything a pooja corner should have.

If you are someone who does not have much experience with pooja rooms, then you must read this: How to Set Up Your Pooja Room for the First Time.

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