Whether you are starting a new job or attending an exam, the common practice among most Indians is to pray to God first. The role of the divine is of paramount importance in India. Therefore, it goes without saying that most Indian homes are incomplete without a pooja room. However, gone are the days when houses were large enough to have a separate mandir. With flats getting smaller and smaller, space-saving mandir units are the go-to option among homeowners. From wall-mounted to multifunctional, this article lists over 20 compact pooja room designs for your home. What’s more, these are all low-cost options, to fit your budget!

#1: A Multifunctional Pooja Unit

Pray and relax in the same space with a multifunctional pooja and TV unit

It’s not necessary that you have to purchase a separate pooja unit. If you have a large enough piece of furniture, like a TV unit, you can allocate a section of it for your mandir.

Budget ElementThe wood-like laminate backdrop
Space-Saving ElementThe mandir unit is part of the TV unit

#2: Small Mandir Design With Jaali

This lattice mandir design stands out against the floral accent wall

First and foremost, pooja rooms should look traditional. Jaali is a great way to add that Indian touch to your mandir design. Also, lattice work looks great in compact homes.

Budget ElementThe jaali work on the mandir
Space-Saving ElementThe wall-mounted design

#3: Pooja Units That Fit Into a Niche

All you need is a niche to set up this mandir

This pooja unit proves that simple can also be beautiful. If you have a niche in your home, you can opt for a mandir specially designed to fit into that space. Moreover, your designer can also carve out a niche for you as per your requirements.

Budget ElementThe simple and basic design
Space-Saving ElementThe mandir fits into a niche

#4: A Standalone Unit That Does Not Take Up Too Much Space

Opt for a standalone mandir with vastu-friendly doors and interior lighting

Want a standalone unit with storage? These designs can usually end up being bulky. However, you can find more compact options (or ask your designer to customise one for you) that will fit into your small flat.

Budget ElementInstead of wood, this mandir is made of wood-like laminate
Space-Saving ElementThe compact design that fits into a corner

#5: A Mandir Unit With Storage

Pooja units with storage are perfect to store samagri

You will also need space to store your pooja samagri. In case you do not have space for storage, you can use any cabinet, for instance, a crockery unit, as a pooja unit with storage for the samagri.

Budget ElementYou don’t need a separate unit to recreate this design
Space-Saving ElementYou can use the same unit for your mandir, mandir storage and other storage

#6: A Niche Created Using a Partition

If you don’t have a niche, create one using a partition

Previously, we had mentioned that your designer can help you create a niche for your pooja unit. One of the ways in which they can do this is by using a partition to segregate some space in any room of your choice.

Budget ElementThe unit itself is a simple shelf with just a drawer for storage
Space-Saving ElementIt fits right into a niche

#7: A Compact Pooja Shelf

A simple shelf for your deity with hanging bells for decoration

This is one of the best options for a small home. Not only is it wall-mounted, the simple shelf takes up very less space on your wall. Moreover, the drawer underneath ensures you do not need a separate unit for pooja samagri storage.

Budget ElementThe simple and minimal shelves
Space-Saving ElementThe wall-mounted and sleek design

#8: A Wall-Mounted Unit Against an Accent Wall

If you want to elevate your simple mandir design, set it up against a vibrant accent wall

Wall-mounted pooja units may be small, but they don’t have to be plain! One way to make your mandir look striking is to add some jaali. Another option is to set it up against an accent wall.

Budget ElementThe brightly painted accent wall that also elevates the look of the mandir
Space-Saving ElementThe compact design

#9: When You Don’t Have Space for a Separate Pooja Room

For a vastu-friendly mandir, clear out some space within your kitchen

Did you know that having your mandir in your kitchen is good for vastu? So, if space is scarce, make some room on your kitchen counter and set up a small mandir unit.

Budget ElementThe entire unit is just an extension of the cabinets
Space-Saving ElementIt’s part of the kitchen cabinetry design

#10: A Small Unit Perfect for Compact Homes

For a small mandir, use a bold wallpaper to create a striking effect

While small, this wall-mounted mandir is pretty in its own way. Be it the jaali backdrop, the arch at the top, the hanging bells or the lovely wallpaper, this pooja unit is a stunning addition in compact homes.

Budget ElementThe laminate unit and the wallpaper
Space-Saving ElementThe wall-mounted, compact design

#11: One That Doubles as a Display Shelf

Use a part of your display rack as your mandir unit

If you don’t have the space or budget for a separate pooja unit, use any rack or cabinet present in your home to set up your deities. To create a more divine ambience, hang some diyas from the ceiling.

Budget ElementYou don’t need to spend extra for this unit, any rack in your home will do
Space-Saving ElementThe mandir is part of a display rack

#12: Let’s Look at Vertical Height

The mandir extends to the ceiling to accommodate the heavy hanging lamp

If you have a compact flat, instead of opting for a big mandir, choose one that is tall and sleek. This mandir fit into a narrow niche outside the kitchen, while the height ensured that the heavy Tibetan brass lamp could be hung from a beam on the ceiling.

Budget ElementThe simple design with no intricacies or lighting
Space-Saving ElementThe tall design that fits into a niche

#13: When Compact Meets Tradition

This compact pooja unit can be set up in any room where there is some extra space

If you want a traditional Indian mandir unit, this design is perfect for you! While this pooja unit has been set up on a wooden platform, you can forego the platform and instead opt for a small wooden stool.

Budget ElementThe single wooden panel as a background looks stunning and is cheaper than a full wooden wall
Space-Saving ElementThe small design

#14: Wood and Glass With a Special Feature

The jaali frames on top and the sides ensure that the fumes of the akhandjyoth can escape

Another multifunctional design, this mandir can be set up on top of any cabinet that you own. The special feature in this pooja unit is the jaali. By adding jaali on the ceiling and sides, our designer ensured that the fumes of the akhandjyoth can easily escape.

Budget ElementGlass shutters and jaali
Space-Saving ElementThe pooja unit can be set up on any tall cabinet

#15: All You Need Is Jaali!

Add some seating in your pooja room to make it elder-friendly

If you lack space but want a separate pooja room, ask your designer to use jaali doors to create a nook which you can use as a pooja room. You can even add seating in the form of small tools and pouffes to make the space comfortable for elders.

Budget ElementJaali doors
Space-Saving ElementThe pooja room fits into a nook

#16: A Wall-Mounted Pooja Cabinet

The combination of wood and tiny hanging bells gives this pooja unit a traditional look

Generally, considering cabinets are bulky, you would expect them to be standalone units. However, this pooja cabinet design proves that you can even opt for wall-mounted cabinets. Opting for such a design clears up the floor space while giving you extra room for storage.

Budget ElementThis eliminates the need for a separate storage cabinet
Space-Saving ElementThe floating, wall-mounted design

#17: A Compact Corner Unit

Any corner in your home can be converted into space for a mandir

When it comes to small pooja units, this is among the best! If you have an empty corner in your home, all you need is a pair of shelves to set up a mandir unit.

Budget ElementThe laminate shelves and the jaali backdrop
Space-Saving ElementThe small shelves of this unit can be set up in any corner of a room

#18: Vibrant Pops of Colours

Pops of turquoise blue in your divine corner with stunning lighting

While unique, this PU-painted turquoise blue mandir unit is a great way to add some colour to your home. In addition, the wall-mounted design clears up floor space.

Budget ElementWhile the paint maybe PU (an expensive option as compared to Duco), the small design keeps the price low
Space-Saving ElementThe wall-mounted design

#19: A Space-Saving Mandir Unit

A compact mandir within a niche created using a wooden partition

Partitions are the easiest way to create a niche for your pooja unit. In this home, the pooja niche is compact and sleek, created using a polished wood partition. Moreover, the panelled design of the partition ensures that it does not look bulky.

Budget ElementThe sleek and simple pooja unit itself
Space-Saving ElementThe panelled partition and the jaali backdrop does not take up too much space

#20: Use Your Storage Cabinet as a Pooja Unit

Set up your mandir on a storage cabinet

As we keep saying, opt for multifunctional furniture when space is scarce. What’s more, you don’t have to buy multifunctional furniture, you can even create one. For instance, if you have a sturdy storage cabinet with ample counter space, use that space as a makeshift mandir.

Budget ElementNo need to spend separately on a pooja unit
Space-Saving ElementThe mandir is part of an existing storage cabinet, making it multifunctional

21: Or Just a Table!

Use a table as your pooja unit to save space

This is an easy and DIY option for your pooja unit. If you have a spare table in your bedroom, use it as your mandir. You can also decorate the space with diyas and bells.

Budget ElementAll you need is a table to create this pooja unit
Space-Saving ElementSet up on a table, you don’t need space for a separate pooja unit

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