Pooja shelf designs are a boon, given the shrinking sizes of Indian homes today. Not everyone has the luxury of owning a dedicated pooja room and so pooja shelves on walls and corners are the way to go.

Check out these stylish pooja shelf designs and draw some inspiration:

Pooja shelf design #1: Multiple shelves
Pooja shelf designs

Have a wide range of idols you want to display in your pooja corner? This pooja shelf design is just right for you.

Place multiple floating shelves in a pattern that you like best and according to your room’s orientation. This way you have ample space for all your deities and your little pooja corner looks stylish as well. Add focus lights to enhance the beauty of this setting.

Pooja shelf design #2: Stylish doors
Pooja shelf designs

If you don’t like the idea of having an open pooja unit in your home’s living or dining area then go for this design.

Beautiful carved doors provide much needed privacy when the pooja corner is not in use while a simple task light illuminates the interiors well.

Try and blend in the doors’ color and material with the adjoining wall and see how your pooja corner turns heads!

Pooja shelf design #3: Tiny bells
Pooja shelf designs

Bells and temples are synonymous and we are giving you the perfect idea for your pooja shelf.

Decorate your wall mounted pooja shelf with numerous tiny bells and create an alluring design. Hang them on top and on either sides for creating an aura of purity and divinity.

You can also merge this idea with the previous design and add bells to cut-out frames on the pooja shelf’s doors — a pretty and practical solve.

Pooja shelf design #4: Lattice design
Pooja shelf designs

This is such a unique idea that it is sure to make a statement in your home. This wall mounted lattice shelf will give you ample space to keep all your idols, pooja items and and other essentials. Place this against a bright wall and make your pooja shelf stand out.

Considering how the lattice frame work itself works as a design focal point, you can up the ante by getting it made from different materials or finishes. For example, a coat of bronze paint on this pooja unit will give a resplendent touch to the home.

Pooja shelf design #5: Simple shelf with brackets
Pooja shelf designs

This pooja shelf with traditional style brackets is small but effective. There are a variety of these available in the market.

This no-frills pooja corner set against an ombre yellow wall has enough space for a single idol and a couple of complementary accent pieces. Simple and so pretty!

Try these easy pooja shelf designs for your walls and see how a simple corner can be transformed into a divine space for peaceful reflection. Just remember, these ideas work well for homes with limited space, but alternatively can be used in homes that do not want an elaborate pooja room.