A low cost pooja room design can be hard to find, especially if you think a high pooja room cost is the only thing that makes the space look stunning. Well, the good news is that’s not true! Not anymore! We at Livspace have some beautiful pooja room designs under ₹1 Lakh that are serene and will fit into any interior style. Before we jump into the designs, here’s a look at the factors that affect the cost of pooja room interior design.

Get ready to apply some of these low budget room design ideas for the pooja room.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Your Pooja Room Design?

pooja room designs-cost
Look out for size, materials, finishes and customisation

#1: Size

At the risk of stating the obvious, the cost of pooja room interior design is determined by its size. The bigger the pooja room or the pooja unit, the more it costs. However, this is not the only factor that will affect its cost. This brings us to the next point.  

#2: Materials 

The material used to make a pooja unit has a determining effect on their price. For instance, wood costs more than glass, jaali or plywood. Marble, granite or any other natural stone will cost more than wood. Thus, a grand glass pooja room would still cost less than a small marble mandir!

#3: Finishes

A low cost pooja room design is more than the materials that go into making the pooja room. You’ve to account for the outer finishes as well. For instance, acrylic and PU paint finish will cost more than laminate or membrane finish. Also, a pooja unit wall tile cost will be lesser than a coat of wall paint in the pooja room corner.

#4: Customisation

Customised furniture costs more than ready-to-install modular furniture. This rule of thumb applies to all kinds of furniture, and pooja unit designs are no exception. If you want your pooja unit made to fit a particular space, it would cost you more than picking one from our catalogue or an online search. 

Now that you have a clear understanding of what affects the price of a pooja unit, let’s take a look at some interesting pooja room designs under ₹1 lakh from #LivspaceHomes. Moreover, we’ll break down each of these designs so that you can understand why they are affordable. 

9+ Pooja Room Designs Under ₹1 Lakh

1. A Child-Friendly Low-Cost Pooja Unit Design

A customised door for divine vibes

This child-friendly pooja unit from Kochi has a thoughtful design. It is wall mounted and has CNC cut shutters that close all the way to discourage children from playing with candles or diyas.

This came at a cost of ₹14,500.

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

Custom doors, drawers for storage CNC cut shutters

Why is it affordable?

The drawer unit in this pooja unit design is modular and the CNC cut panel cuts down costs.

2. Traditional Pooja Room With Low Budget Room Design Ideas

An intricate entrance for this pooja unit

This traditional pooja room with an intricate door design costs the homeowner ₹50,000 in total. Isn’t it lovely?

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

Notice the affordable modular units to keep the idols and the stone cladding around.

Why is it affordable?

That’s simply because modular Indian style pooja room designs are cost-effective!

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3. A Space Saving Pooja Room

Enter the home to be greeted with a small, compact mandir unit

Why make a fancy pooja room when you can simply opt for a small pooja unit? This pooja unit is mounted on the foyer display and has our hearts. This modular pooja unit was completed in ₹30,000.

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

Jaali panels and plywood shelf.

Why is it affordable?

This one is exceedingly compact and minimal.

4. A Glass Mounted Budget Pooja Room Cost

low budget pooja room ideas
Close your floating mandir unit with custom glass doors

All pooja room designs under ₹1 lakh are made smartly. For example, take this ₹22,000 pooja unit that takes up no floor space. Besides being wall mounted, this unit has been finished with glass doors that can shut anytime.

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

Modular unit and customised pooja room glass doors

Why is it affordable?

Despite the glamorous gloss doors that are customised, this pooja unit design is actually quite affordable because it’s modular.  

5. A White Low Budget Room Design Ideas For Pooja

Get a pooja unit with ample storage

This white on white pooja unit is another affordable piece with the budget value of ₹30,000. Doesn’t it look serene?

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

Jaali panel, modular drawer unit and onyx-style backsplash.

Why is it affordable?

Firstly, it’s modular. And secondly, this interior design for pooja room wall unit is made of plywood. 

6. A Compact Pooja Unit Adjusted in the Living Room

A concealed pooja unit in the living room

The cost of this pooja room interior design is just ₹20,000. It is beautifully concealed in the living room. Aptly lit with a pendant light, this is one way to save space with a pooja unit.

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

Brought from the Livspace catalogue but customised to fit the home, this is a modular unit with modern wooden panelling.

Why is it affordable?

A modular pooja unit design like this can be bought off the racks and installed on your walls. It’s both affordable and quick!

7. Pooja Room Designs Under ₹1 Lakh Fit Into a Niche

A pooja room made with bamboo screen with privacy

This beautiful low cost pooja room design was completed in ₹18,000 hence making it to the super affordable list. Carved into a niche, this pooja unit is installed with a bamboo screen for privacy.

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

PVC sheet finishing on the walls and backlighting.

Why is it affordable?

The affordable PVC sheet finish and minimal style of the unit make it a budget-friendly option. Additionally, we also love that it uses sustainable bamboo screen to maintain its privacy.

8. A Wooden Low Cost Pooja Room Design

A perfect pooja room with CNC cut jaali pattern

Wood is the hot element for most Indian homes. Thus, behold this pooja unit that has a wooden finish and CNC cut jaali pattern that costs under ₹15,000. Don’t you just love it?

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

A CNC cut jaali panel, an MDF unit and the custom wall in one of the best Indian style pooja room designs we have seen.

Why is it affordable?

The materials used here are all affordable and the design too is very basic. While it looks wooden, it is actually made of MDF and has a matte-laminate finish.

9. Corner Pooja Room Designs Under ₹1 Lakh

Customised perfectly for a corner

This pooja unit is yet another example on how to optimise space. Wall-mounted and fit in a niche, this compact pooja unit packs a punch of Indian style that we love.

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

Plywood body, jaali panels and a backlight that makes this unit a favourite for all of us. Also, it is compact.

Why is it affordable?

If you want pooja unit designs that fit like a glove in a given corner, they must be customised. This is one of the best examples of budget pooja room designs that we have seen in innumerable homes.   

10. A Minimalist Pooja Room Cost

A minimal pooja room design

Want a low cost pooja room design? Go for a minimal pooja room. This one is a perfect example, with a sleek shelf and jaali panels.

What are the elements of this pooja room design?

Laser-cut panels and modular base unit.

Why is it affordable?

The modular base in this unit is budget-friendly and so is the laser-cut panel that forms the backdrop of this pooja corner. Above all, we love the sleek design.

If you found these Indian style pooja room designs useful, also explore pooja room designs for homes in every size!

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