If you’re looking for a unique mandir design for your home, you’ve come to the right place. From intricate jaali designs to modern mandirs made to fit compact spaces, we have it all. Whether you like simple divine corners or ornate ones, your home can accommodate them quite tastefully. Take a look at some of the best and stunning ideas!

Mandir Design #1: Mandir corner with jaali panels

mandir design- jaali panels
Wooden jaali panels look perfect

Do you love the idea of having jaali panels for your pooja unit? Then this one’s perfect for you. While this design fits seamlessly into any living room, it is ideal for people who have a wood-finish TV unit. Since lattice looks best in laminate or wood, this white and wood pooja unit is high on aesthetic value. The drawers can be utilised to store pooja samagri as well.

Mandir Design #2: Carved wooden home temple design

home temple - compact unit
This unit is Ideal for corners

If you have a corner in your living room that is lying empty, then it’s time to utilise that space. Place a compact pooja corner unit with beautiful jaali work and a traditional dome. However, make sure you have a soft focus light inside that illuminates the corner and you will be surprised by this new addition.

Mandir Design #3: Sleek pooja room in an open living area

home temple - modern mandir
Stick to neutral colours for a modern look

So, you have a modern living room with Scandinavian design and sleek furniture, you think that a pooja unit might not fit in here? Well, think again! You can turn a wall niche into a small mandir, with a base unit and pretty lights like this one. Make sure you stick to clean lines, and choose from neutral colours in keeping with the modern design aesthetic.

Mandir Design #4: Go compact with a mandir on the wall

home temple - hanging lamps
All you need is an empty wall and a base unit

Most often than not, we all have at least one wall in the living room that is not being utilised. This is your best bet to place your deity. Take a look at this wonderful design that has a simple, low height base unit with drawers and brass bells that add glitter to this otherwise neglected corner.

Mandir Design #5: Create a corner for your temple

home temple - white temple unit
This will help you create a miniature mandir at home

A pooja room inside the living room, anyone? If you have a separate section in your living room that you can convert into a pooja corner, then you’re in luck. Hence, a beautiful carved marble unit with matching dividers are perfect for this setting. This will give you the feeling of having a full-fledged pooja room, while still having an open design.

Mandir Design #6: Get a traditional wooden pooja unit

home temple - traditional unit
Decorate the corner with brass decor

You can use a living room corners to set up a home temple. Get an ornate, traditionally carved pooja unit in wood to adorn this space. Additionally, do not forget to highlight this area with focus lights and lovely bells suspended from the wall over the unit. Meanwhile, you will soon have compliments pouring in from friends and family for this one.

Mandir Design #7: Add little decor details

Home temple-simple design-ganesha idol-wooden panel
Add drama to your pooja corner with lamps and diyas

A pooja corner that’s so stark and simple is a sureshot winner in any living room. On the contrary, if you want to place your mandir against a plain wall, consider adding a veneer panel as the background with a matching wooden base unit to create an interesting visual. Complete the look with shimmering lamps on either side and light candles around the unit to add to the effect.

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Mandir Design #8: How about a half-open mandir?

Home temple-colourful door
Maintain privacy while not shutting it out completely

The pooja corner in your living room does not need to be open at all times. However, this is a wonderful idea for everyone who likes to have an elaborate home temple. You can add colourful glass doors along with a wooden door with bells to close it.

Mandir Design #9: When your display unit doubles up as a mandir

display pooja-wooden unit-hanging lamp
Multi-purpose and beautiful

This is a simple idea for people who are not very religious but like having a few idols placed in their living room. Subsequently, a display-cum-pooja unit like this one is ideal for placing beautiful idols with similar decorative items alongside.

Mandir Design #10: Clever use of space

mandir design - clever use of space
Modular pooja unit

This space-saving mandir design gives out a very modern vibe. The laser cut acrylic panel pops with its vibrant yellow colour. A modular unit sitting comfortably and effectively utilizing space between the door and wardrobe.

Mandir Design #11: Glass Pooja Room Designs

Enclosed glass pooja room

mandir design - pooja room below the staircase
Pooja room tucked onto the staircase landing

This pooja room is neatly placed in the staircase landing. In recent times, glass pooja rooms have been trending. This mandir has a good space utilization with religious Sanskrit writings on the glass panel.

mandir design - double glass door
Elegant white pooja rooms

Glass pooja rooms give you complete connectivity with your deity. Having doors for your pooja rooms keeps the sanctity of the room intact. This mandir has double glass doors with a frosted glass backdrop.

mandir design - glass back panel
Frosted glass back panel with elegant designs

This elegant open pooja unit has a backlit glass panel placed behind your idols. The perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional aesthetics for your home. Since the balcony is a fairly open space, it lets in sufficient amount of sunlight as well.

mandir design - glass and wood doors
Embossed glass doors

These versatile glass doors incorporated with wood frames are perfect for a semi private mandir design. These doors are ribbed with etched glass and one can get a nice peek into this pooja room. These semi-private pooja rooms can be placed just about anywhere in your home.

mandir design - frosted glass pooja room
Frosted glass mandirs

Glass pooja rooms are definitely in vogue now. A blend of frosted glass with wooden frames, this layout sits elegantly into the living room and is semi concealed.

Mandir Design #12: Wooden Pooja Room Designs

mandir design - wooden pooja room
A wooden backdrop with ample storage

Wooden pooja rooms add to the aesthetics of your home. This pooja unit comes packed with storage space and a wooden backdrop. Perfect to fit extra space in any room and can effectively be demarcated with a partition.

pooja room design - wall bracket
Wall mounted brackets

If you have space shortage, you can always go for wall mounted units. This unit consists of wooden jaali brackets and wooden ledges. To add more utility to this, you can always add in more shelving space.

mandir designs - backlit panel
Backlit panel

A backlit jaali panel is always a good idea for mandir design. This design is high on simplicity. Moreover, not all wooden designs need to be made in brown. This open mandir design has a laser cut wooden back panel with inlay detailing.

pooja room designs - carved wooden doors
Traditional elegance

This elaborate mandap screams heritage with its wooden doors. The intricate carvings on these double doors are sure to give the believer a sense of walking into their own private temple.

pooja room design - wooden jaali doors
Wooden jaali doors

Jaali doors can include an element of privacy into your pooja room. In addition to this, wooden jaali doors are vastu compliant and therefore act as a great addition for any section of a mandir.

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Mandir Design #13: Pooja rooms in other materials

Marble and wood

A mix of materials, this pooja room as it all. Marble flooring, carved wooden design for a backdrop, metal lamps and bells. Notice how subtly the ‘om’ is neatly almost camouflaged amongst the intricacies of the panel. The purity of white in this room easily sets the mood for prayer.

Marble magic

The colour white is ideal for a pooja room setup. And what better material to use for it than marble. The gold detailing easily compliments the pillars for this mandir thereby creating a devotional look.

Wall mounted open mandir design

If you have a lack of space, any wall in your home can be converted into an open pooja room. The addition of shelves can be done in any material from glass to wood and marble. Moreover, you can completely recreate the wall by changing its colour, or by adding a wallpaper.

A centre of celestial energy

From observation we understand that glass and wood are a perfect combination. These transparent glass doors open into a vastu-friendly pooja room with a wooden jaali backdrop. The brass idol and metal lamps complete this mandir design.

Perfectly pristine

Small pooja units can work wonders. A modular floating unit like the one above is perfect for any small space in just about any room. Furthermore, this white marble unit is packed with all the amenities needed for a mandir design – drawers, blinds, and even a backlit panel.

Moreover, these ideas are perfect for people who want to have a prayer corner in the common area of their home. Looking for more ideas? Check out Do You Want Unique Mandir Designs for Your Home?

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