Have you watched the show Downton Abbey? Or even the more recent Bridgerton? If yes, you would have come across the term “receiving room” or “parlor”. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, these rooms were exclusively used to entertain guests and decorated with the finest furniture. Ladies would often sit in this room, awaiting visitors during scheduled times — thereby the name receiving room. Over time, this room evolved into the present day “living room” — a more casual room where families spend time together. The first room that guests see when they visit your home, the living room sets the tone for the design of the entire house. So, to inspire you, we have compiled 20 stunning living room designs from Livspace homes. Take a look.

#1: A Stunning Living Room Showcasing Indian Designs

living room design-Indian living room-wooden jhoola
The jhoola acts as both seating and a decor piece
living room designs Indian apartments-Warli art
The blue wall with Warli art is the accent as the room is mostly neutral

What we Love: The ethnic jhoola adds a much-loved Indian touch to the living room and acts as a seating option as well as a partition. It is a design element that never goes out of fashion.

Look out for:

  • The blue accent wall features traditional Warli art done by a local artist
  • The minimal TV unit comes with ample display space
  • Grey furniture complements the desi decor by keeping the look balanced

#2: A Clutter-free Living Room

living room designs-clutter free living room-blue L shaped sofa-accent wall
Lesser the clutter, the easier the space is to maintain!
modern living room designs-TV unit-honeycomb pattern accent wall
The TV unit is floating, making it easy to clean

What we Love: The gold accent wall and blue L-shaped sofa act as the only highlights of this room. This also keeps the look clutter-free.

Look out for: 

  • The furniture used in this living room is all refurbished, which is a good idea when you have a limited budget
  • Laminate finish floating shelves of the TV unit make it both budget-friendly and low-maintenance
  • The MDF back panel in a honeycomb pattern hides the TV wires

#3: Wooden Living Room with Pops of Colour

living room designs-blue accent chairs-wooden jhoola-wooden and glass accent wall
The perfect mix of desi and contemporary design
living room designs Indian style-dusty pink double sofa-Ganesha motif
The partition with the likeness of Ganesha splits the living room into two

What we Love: Living room designs in wood will always remain timeless. This Mumbai home features a wooden accent wall and a solid wood jhoola, making the space so warm and welcoming!

Look out for: 

  • The Ganesha motif on a wooden finish partition that segregates the huge living room
  • The living room is a mix of desi the jhoola and wooden elements, and contemporary — the glass accent wall and sofas, design elements

#4: A Transitional-style Living Room Design

living room designs-transitional living room-wall grooves-Chesterfield sofa-pendant lights
The transitional design style captures a space in it’s transition from an older style to a more recent one
simple living room designs-pink seating-TV unit-accent walls
Soft pastels makes this living room look spacious and elegant

What we Love: The tufted Chesterfield sofa from a bygone era in combination with the contemporary grooves on the wall creates a transitional look.

Look out for: 

  • Instead of using mouldings to create wall trims (which is the norm), our designer created grooves on a double gypsum panel
  • The dusty pink Chesterfields are all refurbished
  • Side tables have a modern design but  flaunt marble tops for a classic look
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#5: A Living Room That is a Potpourri of Contrasting Styles

living room designs-desi and western living room-exposed brick wall-jhoola-Indian prints
The yellow accent chair in the corner features traditional Indian prints
simple living room designs-jhoola-TV unit-rug
The TV unit is contemporary while the exposed brick wall is industrial

What we Love: The rustic brick wall, which is a well-known element of the industrial design style, and the traditional Indian jhula are our favourites.

Look out for: 

  • The upholstery features ethnic prints from different parts of India like olk prints and tribal motifs
  • The floating TV unit is a Western, modern design that is easy-to-maintain
  • The desi jhoola looks perfect in contrast to the contemporary tripod floor lamp

#6: A Minimal Glam Living Room

living room designs-minimal glam living room-pops of orange
Plush upholstery glams up this minimal room
simple living room designs-accent chairs-sofa-TV unit
Furniture in geometric shapes keeps the look minimal

What we Love: Minimal glam living room designs are our favourite! A clean layout, monochromatic colours along with plush upholstery and metallic accents have been used to create the much-loved minimal glam look.

Look out for:

  • Furniture featuring clean, geometric lines keep the open space from looking cramped
  • Silk wallpapers and suede sofas add a glam touch
  • Pops of orange are in keeping with the minimal design style to create a focal point

#7: A 7-Year-old Living Room After Renovation

living room designs-before image-cluttered living room
Before: Cluttered and dark
modern living room designs-after image-brick wall-TV unit-dining table with wheels
After: Spacious and bright

What we Love: The main design element in this renovated living room is the oodles of natural light streaming in. The pristine white interiors accentuate the light flowing in and is in a complete contrast to the original cluttered look.

Look out for:

  • The wood-like furniture, dining table with wheels, exposed brick wall and pebbles below the TV unit add a rustic vibe to this modern room
  • This living room also has a wooden jhoola for some desi drama

#8: A Compact 180 Sq. Ft. Living Room That is Ethnic in Style

living room designs-small living room-jhula-seating-storage
Can you believe this living room is only 180 sq. ft.!
living room designs Indian style-customised seating
And we actually managed to fit a swing into it!

What we Love: This tiny living room has seating, storage and a swing! Every piece of furniture has been made on-site to fit into the exact dimensions of the room. 

Look out for:

  • The centre table can be folded to make it smaller
  • The slim TV unit and crockery unit have been custom-designed to fit into a compact space
  • The swing acts as both seating and a partition between the living and dining areas

#9: A Riot of Colours in This Desi Living Room

living room designs-arch designs-sofa-accent chairs-Ganesha-curvy furniture-colours
Curvaceous furniture and vivid colours for the perfect Indian living room
living room designs Indian style-chandelier-daybed-stencil art
The stencil paint used here is both cost-effective and beautiful

What we Love: Looking for living room designs Indian style? Kruti Gala’s living room is decidedly Indian in design, which goes perfectly with a wide variety of vibrant colours used here.

Look out for:

  • The plywood arch around the window is the showstopper of the room
  • Curvaceous furniture is an important element of Indian decor
  • Stencil painting is cost-effective and very easy to do

#10: An Eclectic Living Room With a Mix of Different Styles

living room designs-eclectic living room-batten board wall-wood-metallic pendant lights
This eclectic living area features a mix of multiple styles
simple living room designs-seating-TV unit
The grey wall makes the purple sofa pop

What we Love: The eclectic mix of design styles in this living room — the contemporary batten and board wall panelling, traditional ornate pendant lights, the warmth of wood and the coolness of metallic accents.

Look out for:

  • The full wall of neat squares stands out and makes the purple sofa pop
  • The centre table features a unique and neo deco design

Here are some more of the latest living room design ideas to consider for your space:

#11: A Scandinavian-style Living Room Design

living room designs-Scandinavian living room-wooden furniture-warm materials
The Scandinavian design style focuses on using warm and natural materials and textures
simple living room designs-stone texture wall-lighting
Stone cladding for the raw and natural look!

What we Love: How about living room designs in Scandinavian style? This living room is a great example of Scandinavian design. And guess where this home is? No, not in Sweden but our very own Gurgaon!

Look out for:

  • The stone cladded accent wall is an important symbol of Scandinavian style — neutral colours and natural finishes
  • Wooden furniture is another important aspect of this design style as it adds warmth to the room

#12: Customised Furniture That fit Perfectly Into a Small Living Room

living room designs-customised seating-TV unit
Ample seating for family and friends
simple living room designs-accent chairs-sofa
While the room features a neutral palette, the vivid accent chairs adds a pop of colour

What we Love: The mid-century modern accent chairs have been custom-designed to fit into the available space of the compact living room.

Look out for:

  • The room features a variety of seating options in the form of accent chairs, colourful stools and a couch
  • Floating furniture like the TV unit and centre table creates the illusion of space
  • The wallpaper finish of the TV cabinet is an affordable choice

#13: A Drawing Room Dressed in Pastel Shades to Maximise Light

living room designs-pastel sofa-olive green sofa-wall trims
Victorian trims and charming colours!
modern living room designs-dusty pink Zuri bench-dusty pink sofa-olive green sofa-olive green accent chairs
Do you see the wide variety of seating options

What we Love: The seamless blend of pastel shades and dark olives enhance the light streaming into the room and make the living area look more spacious.

Look out for:

  • The dusty pink Zuri bench ensures that the homeowners get an uninterrupted view outside
  • Wall trims add some Victorian drama
  • The olive couch and accent chairs provide a pop of colour

#14: A Formal Living Room Design That is Also Renter-friendly

living room designs-rental living room-black and white bench-sofa-artwork
In rental homes, play around with furniture as you cannot work with the walls
simple living room designs-chaise lounge chair-centre table-seating
The striped chaise lounge chair is a showstopper!

What we Love: The black and white striped chaise lounge chair is a statement piece that will look good in homes of all styles.

Look out for:

  • The variety of seating options fills up the large room without making it look cramped
  • While black and white bench and colourful cushions add a pop to this otherwise neutral space

#15:  Glam but Low-cost Drawing Room

living room designs-velvet sofas-false ceiling-lighting
Fit for royalty!
modern living room designs-artwork on walls-seating
Large framed pieces of art give this room an air of sophistication

What we Love: This living room is the epitome of opulent and glam, but it’s on a budget. Simple false ceilings, velvet upholstery and tasteful artwork — there are so many tricks to steal!

Look out for:

  • The velvet upholstery adds a glam look but the neutral colours keep it understated
  • While the walls have been kept neutral, stunning artwork has been used to doll up the space
  • The false ceiling designs keep it simple so as to reduce the cost

#16: Clean Lines and Curvy Silhouettes in This Low-Maintenance Living Room

living room designs-blue L shaped sofa-accent chair-wall trims-curvaceous furniture
Wall trims look stunning and are long-lasting
modern living room designs-centre table-TV unit
Notice the unique legs of the centre table

What we Love: The utter timelessness of this room! From the trims on the walls that are long-lasting to the royal blue L-shaped sofa that always remains in trend, this living room is the perfect example of evergreen beauty!

Look out for:

  • Grey wall trims highlight the neutral walls
  • Curvaceous and quirky furniture add a fun element
  • The acrylic finish TV unit comes with tons of storage

#17: A Drawing Room With Ample Seating

living room designs-transitional living room-seating
This living room features the transitional design style
living room designs- seating-Indian accent chair
While the sofas in grey are contemporary, the accent chair features an Indian design

What we Love: When you are choosing living room designs, you not only must consider the number of people in your family but also those guests who keep visiting. This Mumbai duplex has enough seating on offer — accent chairs, a Chesterfield sofa, a daybed and more sofas.

Look out for:

  • This transitional living room is a mix of Indian and contemporary designs
  • The reeded metal base of the glass centre table is a showstopper

#18: A LIving Room That has It’s Sunny Side up!

living room designs-yellow sofa-accent wall-wood centre table-nested stools
The yellow pop of the sofa lifts your mood instantly
modern living room designs-wood TV unit-nested stools
Nested stools add seating without taking up extra space

What we Love: While the sunny yellow sofa stands out, this living room has so much more to offer in the form of accent walls and warm wooden details.

Look out for:

  • The centre table comes with nested stools to increase seating
  • The wall behind the sofa has a Chevron patterned wallpaper to create a contemporary look
  • The TV unit also has nested stools for extra seating

#19: A Living Room That’s Straight out of a Luxury Hotel!

living room designs-red and beige living room-swimming pool-chandelier-bench-stools-accent chairs-sofa
A luxury staycation at home!
modern living room designs-ample seating-centre table-false ceiling
The centre table features a unique design which is in contrast to the traditional seating colours and designs

What we Love: The luxurious living room is straight out of a 5-star hotel and has an amazing view of the pool!

Look out for:

  • The use of red and beige ensures understated glamour
  • Ample seating in the form of an L-shaped sofa, a bench, accent sofas and stools

#20: When Your Drawing Room is an Artistic Retreat

living room designs-Buddha painting-Chesterfield sofa-accent chair-turquoise blue centre table
A riot of colours in an artist’s living room!
modern living room designs-sofa-jhoola
Who doesn’t love a jhoola in their living room?

What we Love: Ever wondered what an artist’s living room looks like? This vibrant living room belongs to an artist and is a plethora of beautiful colours.

Look out for:

  • The Buddha painting has been done by the homeowner herself
  • Pops of turquoise blue to add a lively touch
  • The quintessential desi jhoola near the window

We hope these living room designs from Livspace homes could inspire you. Looking for more ideas? Check out these 12 iconic living room design styles.

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