Some homes are all about space optimisation. Others give us the best budgeting lessons. And some have the coolest design tricks. But Sanjay Bhat’s 3 BHK apartment interior in Mumbai is a pure visual treat! As you marvel at the sheer beauty of this home, make sure  you take with you a whole bank of home design ideas. 

Who livs here: Sanjay Bhat and his family
Location: Mulund, Mumbai
Size of home: 3BHK
Design team: Interior Designer Shilpa Hinge and Project Manager Saikrishna Kalluri
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹


Let’s take a full tour so that you can glean all the details!

#1: Wall design ideas

There are two wall treatments in this 3 BHK apartment interior that distinctly caught our attention. The first is the accent wall in the living room and the second, the floral wall in the bedroom. 

Batten and Board Wall Panelling

3 bhk apartment interior-purple couch-batten and board wall panelling
Notice the contrast in the sheen on upholstery and the matte effect of the wall

Batten and board is a type of wall panelling that is usually used in combination with other techniques like wainscoting. However, a full wall of neat squares here adds a perfect backdrop for a rather eclectic living area. Also notice how the grey gradient here makes the purple couch pop. 

Floral Decals

floral wall decal-pink headboard
The headboard and not the accent wall in the hero here!

The striking feature about this wall treatment is the sheer size of the floral prints. We love how neatly the decals occupy two corners of the wall leaving the rest bare. Also, the subtle shades used on the wall allow the pink headboard to shine. 

#2: Colour ideas

Among the many other things to learn from this 3 BHK apartment interior, the use of colours definitely makes a case. There are some very interesting colour combination ideas in this home that you could borrow for your own. 


3 bhk apartment interior-grey wall-purple sofa
The contrast in this living room is as significant as the colours

Continuity essentially means that all areas of a home look like a part of the whole design plan. Colours can be an important tool to establish continuity within a home. For instance, in the living room, we see the same purple velvet on the couch and the dining bench. The baby pink of the armchairs complement this bright shade. 

Pop Colours

headboard designs-pink headboard-blue headboard
One pop of colour can change the mood of any room

A pop colour is typically the only colour within a room that is instantly visible due to its brightness. The use of headboards in pop colours in this Mumbai home adds so much energy to the bedrooms instantly. Articles

Textures & Patterns

headboard designs-blue headboard
Those pentagrams make a great pattern
kitchen tiles-bathroom tiles
Tiles can be used to create textures using different patterns

Apart from setting the tone for a room or acting as the focal point, colours used in combinations can also create textures. Take this headboard for example; it uses many different gradients of blue and grey to create a busy texture. In the kitchen backsplash, we see a 3D effect due to the pattern. And in the bathroom, the floral tiles mark the wet area with distinction. 

#3: Storage ideas

Alongside the amazing aesthetic design ideas, this 3 BHK apartment interior also gives us a bunch of storage ideas that can be very useful. After all, this is a Mumbai home, and homes in the maximum city always have to fit a number of things into small spaces. 

Integrated furniture

3 bhk apartment interior-bed designs-pink headboard
The bed, the side ledge and the shelves around the corner are all part of one piece

Do you notice how the shelves in the entryway to this bedroom are connected to the mirror shutter wall cabinet? Also, don’t miss how the side table here is actually a ledge with drawers! And it seems that the bed, the ledge and the shelves on the other side are all part of the same piece. 

Using the corners

3 bhk apartment interior-shelf designs
See how the shelves cover the entire corner and not just one side

From the foyer to the dining area, the shoe cabinet occupies the entire corner. This allows the family to use the entire corner space for storage, which is much more utilitarian than putting the shoe rack against a wall. 

Wall-mounted storage

study unit-wall mounted shelves
See the variety of storage options within one unit

In one of the bedrooms, the design team converted the entire wall opposite the bed to make a study-cum-entertainment unit. On one side, there is a ledge and wall cabinets. On the other side, the TV occupies the wall with base cabinets below. 

Under-bed storage

bed designs-under bed storage
Low-height bed with storage and a customised side ledge (also with storage) to match!

This customised bed offered the family storage space that can be easily accessed using drawers. And we just love how it matches the drawer on the ledge!

Chest of drawers

chest of drawers-wooden flooring
The perfect companion for your bedside

The side table on the other side of the bed is not just any storage unit but a good-looking chest of drawers. With a compartmentalised chest of drawers like this one, you will never again lose your knick-knacks again. 

#4: Ideas for finishes

Last but not least, this 3 BHK apartment interior offers you inspiration for a whole array of fresh finishes, too. And you can easily pick from these to make your furniture look interesting. 

Back Painted Glass

backpainted glass-black cabinets
Who knew black painted glass could look so elegant

Bored of old-fashioned glass shutters? You can always try a black glass shutter like this one. It’s reflective, so it will make your room look larger. The shiny black looks glam but is quite affordable. Doesn’t get better than this, does it?


3 bhk apartment interior-wardrobe design
Neat grooves can be added to many different finishes

Grooves are so in trend. So, why not pick a groovy finish like this one for your wardrobes? The best part is that you can try it with laminate, membrane or acrylic finishes. 

Abstract Prints

wardrobe design-laminate finish wardrobe
There is no end to the patterns you can choose for laminate finishes

Doesn’t the finish of this wardrobe look like wallpaper? These abstract smudged prints are now available in laminate finishes and make quite the impression in any bedroom. 

Did you enjoy touring this 3 BHK apartment interior? You can get more ideas from this Gurgaon home.

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