Get inspired by these beautiful wall designs!

A striking wall treatment with tinted mirrors and stone grey laminate

If you’re stepping into the world of interior design, you have probably heard the word ‘contemporary’ far too many times. But what is contemporary style? A home featuring abstract wall treatments or beautiful wall designs? The use of asymmetrical or geometric shapes? Usage of state-of-the-art materials? Read on to find out!

#1: Industrial wall accent for the dining room

A striking wall treatment with tinted mirrors and stone grey laminate

Homes that have open floor plans and tall floor-to-ceiling windows make a great setting for a contemporary design. Contemporary-style homes were born out of the Industrial Revolution in the early 20th century. Therefore, this style mimics designs with building materials like iron, steel, glass and cement and has an unfinished look on purpose.

Keeping this in mind, Sakshi has incorporated these elements in the most suitable way possible. The accent wall in the dining room features a wall covered in stone grey laminate giving it a cement look. Used to embellish this wall is silver beading in geometric lines resembling steel. Moreover, this wall has tinted mirror panelling on either side that opens up the dining room space, giving it a luxurious look.

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#2: A dramatic floor-to-ceiling headboard for bedroom

The beige headboard stands out against the bright blue background
This suede headboard is upholstered making it a comfortable backrest

This minimally furnished room has one eye-catching element – the headboard. Set against a bright blue background, the luxurious headboard is a subtle yet grand addition to the beautiful wall designs. The full-height upholstered headboard runs from floor to ceiling and is made of soft suede. Not only does this sizable, vertical interior design make the ceiling seem higher, but it also makes you want to get into this cosy bed with a cup of tea and a book.

#3: Minimalist and rugged wallpaper for the guest bedroom

Classy monochromatic elements  for a minimalistic design
A unique wallpaper design that resembles faux wooden panelling

The home stands out because of its clean lines, plenty of sunlight and a one of a one-of-a-kind grey and blue theme. These beautiful wall designs extend to the guest bedroom as well. Furthermore, this grey and blue-themed room has a simple yet noteworthy accent wall. The wallpaper used here is in shades of grey and white with a wooden panelling design.

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