This home in Adani Western Heights is teeming with child-friendly ideas

adani-western-heights-white-wardrobe designs-white-chest-of-drawers
Saddle up for storage in these white western wonders

Who Livs here: Srikanth Rao & Pavana Shetty with their twins

Location: Adani Western Heights, Mumbai

Size of home: 3BHK spanning 1,200 sq. ft.

Design team: Interior designer Pallavi Doel and junior designer Hamza Pinwala

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Here’s the project in a nutshell

Moving into a new home with young children is quite a task. So Srikanth and Pavani had their hands full with their toddling twin boys. But with interior designer Pallavi Goel and Livspace to help them, they managed to achieve this feat without any hiccups!

The couple had very clear requirements for their 3BHK apartment at Adani Western Heights; they wanted their home to be simple yet sophisticated with a smattering of subtle colours. However, more than the aesthetics, they were particular about the safety of their boys. Thus, they wanted their home to be child-proofed in terms of design without using any of the obvious baby-proofing techniques.

Do you need some ingenious baby-proofing ideas for your home? This home at Adani Western Heights will definitely inspire you.

Adani Western Heights feature #1: Opulent foyer

Shutters, mirrors, console delight – foyer fantasies brought to life

This apartment had a narrow foyer so Pallavi used mirror shutters for the cabinet to make it look wider. Moreover, the base cabinets function as shoe storage and the top cabinets are used to stash knick-knacks. Despite being completely functional, this space cuts a posh image as an entryway for the home.

Adani Western Heights feature #2: Baby-proofed living room

The leatherette sofa is easy to maintain and kid-friendly
Adani adani-western-heights-leather-sofa-designs-veneer-tv-cabinet-designsHeights Living Room Sofa
Sit pretty on leather, gaze at TV perfection

The living room designs are rather unique because it has a tufted rexine ottoman instead of a centre table, which serves two purposes. Firstly, unlike a centre table, the ottoman lacks sharp edges so the kids are less likely to hurt themselves while playing around.

Secondly, the two adults in the home can also put their feet up on this comfy ottoman while they watch TV sitting on the three-seater leatherette couch. The two blue chairs add a pop of colour to this space and also serve as additional seating. 

The panelling on the wall is a veneer that has a textured finish. Further, the entertainment cabinet is kept floating to optimise space. Essentially, the chandelier has industrial overtones as it is made of rope and naked bulbs. In summation, the living area is dressed in various shades of brown with a pop of blue. It also makes a comfortable setting to sit back and relax after a long day. 

Adani Western Heights feature #3: Industrial dining area

Bricks and beams, dreams and themes – light it up
The dining set fits in a compact space and imitates the tufted style of the living room furniture
Brick by brick: Dining in style with a fantastic four

A rustic exposed brick wall that sports vintage wall lights demarcates the dining area. Essentially, it is accompanied by a sofa on one side and a chair on another is custom-made. In fact, it is upholstered in grey leatherette and sports the same tufted design as the living area furniture.

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Brick and light: The ultimate design power couple

Black lampshades light up the passage leading up to the bedroom lending a contemporary vibe to this area.

Adani Western Heights feature #4: Gorgeously grey master bedroom 

The headboard stands out for floor-to-ceiling upholstery to make the bed kid-friendly
Monochrome magic: grey headboards and white table tales
The blending of warm wooden flooring and cool grey furnishing makes the colour balance perfect

The master bedroom is a mix of warm wood tones of the flooring and the cool texture of grey and white furnishings. Moreover, the custom-made bed has a low height to ensure that kids do not fall off and hurt themselves. The full-length headboard is the focal point of the room but it also ensures that the bed doesn’t have any sharp edges.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, grey headboard stands tall
White wonders and grey dreams: A bedframe made fabulous

The side table is a country-style white piece that fits into the scope of this room’s interior seamlessly. There is also a full length mirror next to the bed that serves as a dresser.

Adaniadani-western-heights-white-wardrobe-designs-walk-in-wardrobe-designs Western Heights Master Bedroom Wardrobe
Strut your stuff in these fabulous walk-in wardrobe dreams
Wooden catwalk for your closet runway moments

We were particularly taken in by the walk-in wardrobe created in this room within a small space. Essentially, the wardrobe shutters are made of PU with moulding and mirrors. The moulding adds texture and also gives a cheerful country vibe to the dressing area. 

Float on style with these wooden ledge masterpieces

As Srikanth works from home for long hours, there is a veneer ledge complete with drawers and shelves in this bedroom. Needless to say, this unit serves as his workstation at home.

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Adani Western Heights feature #5: Shades of white in the guest bedroom

Green dreams on a wooden stage – bed and curtain
White furniture, white side table – pure bliss
Cloud nine decor: where white reigns and shelves ascend
Snooze in style with this chic white and wood combo

The solid wood bed that we see in the guest bedroom was an existing piece of furniture. The same white side table we saw in the master bedroom stands by the side of this bed. Further, the shelves in this room are cast into a niche to save space. 

The uneven PU shutters give a textured finish to the wardrobe

The most interesting aspect of this room is the wall-to-wall wardrobe that stands out for its pristine white PU finish. Consequently, it has an interesting textured detail for the shutters that gives it a quirky uneven finish. 

Adani Western Heights feature #5: Neat & tidy kids’ room

adani -western-heights-single-bed-designs-kids’-bed-designs
The kid’s room has enough bare space for the twins to play
Snug as a bug: single bed drapes for cosy kiddo dreams
Draped in blue, cosiness just got a makeover

You must be wondering why a room for twins has a single bed. The family believes in co-sleeping so the kids’ bedroom is mainly used as a play area. Furthermore, the sky blue curtains paired with the blue colour of the walls add a touch of playfulness to this room.

Having a sliding wardrobe ensures that space is optimised in the kids’ room

As this bedroom is compact, Pallavi has optimised space by installing a custom sliding wardrobe. In addition, the shutters for this wardrobe are made of white back-painted glass that has a clean and tidy effect on the room.

“Srikanth and Pavana wanted a simple yet sophisticated home that would have a subtle dash of colours. They were very impressed by my past work and wanted something on similar lines. Hence, we had a very good connect from the beginning and the project was a smooth sail for me.”

– Pallavi Goel, Interior Designer, Livspace

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