It’s not often that we see a 2 BHK house interior design and go:

“Whatever colours you have
In your mind
I’ll show them to you
And you’ll see them shine…”

These lyrics from Bob Dylan’s classic ballad Lay Lady Lay were going through my head as I walked around this apartment belonging to Kruti Gala, who is quite a colourful personality herself!

Who livs here: Kruti Gala with her mother|
Location: Shanti Niwas, Mumbai
Size of home: A 2BHK spanning 700 sq. ft. (approx.)
Design team: Interior Designer Sumit Patel  
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹₹₹₹

Almost all Indians love colours in their home, but not everyone has the courage to be as experimental with colours like Kruti and our designer Sumit Patel. However, let’s not get blindsided by the sheer vividity of this home; it has some big lessons in space optimisation and lighting too! In other words, this 2 BHK house interior design balances aesthetics with functionality perfectly. That makes it just like Kruti herself who is both a freelance IT consultant and a full-time artist!  

2 bhk house interior design
Kruti Gala, Livspace Homeowner

“As a designer, I was very happy to work with Sumit as he did not shy away from experimenting with colours. He understood my taste perfectly and designed options that were relevant for us. In fact, the design phase moved rather quickly for us!” 

Kruti Gala, Livspace Homeowner

And we couldn’t agree more! Designing a great home is all about understanding the person(s) who live in it. So, exactly what did Kruti want her new home to be?

#1: She has a self-confessed weakness for colours, so there were…

arch designs for hall-purple wall
How many colours can you spot?
study table design-home office design
Affordable colours with laminate finishes
green kitchen-black and white tiles
The monochrome times balance out the vibrant green

How did we provide this?

The theme of the living room is distinctly Indian, and a melange of colours usually go hand in hand with Indian decor. That wasn’t so hard. Everything starting from the walls to the upholstery exuded shades of sunshine. In the guest bedroom, we see colours within the aesthetic boundaries of contemporary design. Also, the vibrant colours of this workstation are not all; its functionality is something Kruti managed to appreciate during the lockdown! Moving on to the kitchen, the bright green laminate finish on the cabinets is not the most common choice, but the shade is well-matched with the monochrome effect of the backsplash tiles! There is not a ‘dull’ area in this 2 BHK house interior design. 

#2: Distinct Indian elements was on the cards

arch designs for hall-wooden sofa
Bringing back the most popular curve in design history– the arch
blue chairs-partition designs
Super curvy furniture
pooja unit design-wall hanging pooja unit
PU painted blue pooja altar saves floor space

How did we provide this?

“I did not want a contemporary living room because it’s all too common,” says Kruti. Thus, Sumit added all these definitely Indian elements in the living room. The most distinct feature, of course, is the arch we see around the window; it is basically a plywood panel painted with PU. Similar arches are seen in the partition-cum-console at the entrance. Moreover, all the furniture in this space is made on site and has a distinctly curvaceous Indianianess to it. Kruti’s favourite are the two turquoise chairs; she picked their designs from a design magazine!

#3: She wanted a kitchen with plenty of storage space and also one that follows the golden triangle rule

l shaped kitchen-green kitchen cabinets
And the new kitchen is L-shaped

How did we provide this?

To put it quite simply, Sumit changed the layout of the kitchen. We demolished the parallel kitchen to make way for a L-shaped one. In the new kitchen, the hob, the sink and refrigerator form a neat little triangle. This change of layout also allowed Sumit to add plenty of storage space to the kitchen. 

#4: In an artist’s home no two walls should look the same

wall moulding designs-half and half painting
Portrait moulds on half and half wall painting
wallpaper panel-floral wallpaper
Floral wallpaper panel offers a subtle statement wall
wainscoating on wall-blue chairs
That wallpaper under the wooden patti
stencil painting-wall painting ideas
Typically Indian patterns for the stencil painting

How did we provide this?

Whether it is the half and half wall painting in the master bedroom (with portrait moulds that add texture) or the wallpaper panel in the guest bedroom, every wall in this 2 BHK house interior design has a character of its own. This is something that is quite hard to get right! Our favourite is the red stencil painting in the living room, which adds an instant Indian vibe to the space. Also, don’t miss the unusual wainscoting around the dining space. That wallpaper you see under the wooden patti!

#5: The lighting had to serve more purposes than one

half and half wall painting-reading corner
That’s Kruti’s favourite spot to read, thanks to the lighting!
workstation design-study unit design
The false ceiling has spot lights for more targeting lighting

How did we provide this?

To make sure it does, Sumit has used spot lights in the false ceiling instead of recessed lights. So, these spot lights light up different areas like the workstation or the area around the wardrobe wonderfully. Kruti herself attests to this by saying, “my favourite spot in the house is the cosy two-seater in my bedroom because it’s so well-lit! I do my reading there.”

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