Often overlooked, the false ceiling design for a hall quite an important part of your interior design. In fact, that’s another space where you can get creative. Traditionally, a few coats of white paint and some texturing was considered sufficient. But now, with a multitude of options for ceiling design for your hall, there’s no more reason to ignore the fifth wall.

You may find asking yourself, “What is false ceiling design?”
Well, a false ceiling design is constructed over the original ceiling to enhance aesthetics, acoustics and hide wires. A good ceiling design for living room interiors can also radically transform the whole space and give it a new look.

Without further ado, here are our 8 drop-dead gorgeous false ceiling design for your hall interiors.

#1: Opt for a Jaali False Ceiling Design for Your Hall

Lend an ethnic vibe to your false ceiling design for hall with intricate jaali work

Create distinct spaces in your living room by using a jaali in your false ceiling design like this design does to highlight the trendy TV unit. You can also use it to add an illusion of symmetry by incorporating the pattern in the adjacent wall or pairing it with a soft, matching wallpaper, as this #LivspaceHome does.

Also, a jaali is the perfect way to add a subtle ethnic touch, especially if you have an open altar or a pooja area in the room. The false ceiling price of incorporating jaali can only be determined when we take into account the materials, finishes and scope of work done. For example, a POP ceiling design for your hall with jaali design will cost lesser than a false ceiling design that’s made with gypsum. 

#2: Get Geometric False Ceilings for That Extra Oomph

What is a false ceiling design without a little spice?

Choose a geometric style with recessed lighting for your false ceiling design for the living room, and you’ll weather any changes in trends over the years. You can also use it to emphasise the other colours in the space.

The bright ceiling across the room helps the cobalt blue furniture and the curtains stand out. You can also incorporate a touch of luxury with some wooden detailing or contemporary light fixtures. Similar to jaali design, the geometric false ceiling cost can vary based on the scope of work. However, you can opt for POP ceiling design for your halls even when you’re going for a pattern, as that can lower the cost and guarantee fire and water resistance.

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#3: Keep an Eye Out for the Wooden Details

Add a rustic charm to your living room with wooden ceiling rafters

It’s an open secret that wood makes a room feel warm and welcoming. Therefore, a wooden false ceiling design for living rooms can lend a charming and relaxing vibe to the space.

Use warm lights, painted wooden rafters, a beige sofa and bold pops of colour to set an upbeat tone to the house. Alternatively, use thick wooden beams for a farmhouse aesthetic and pair it with white walls and warm wooden finishes.

However, when it comes to false ceiling price ranges for wood, you should know that wood can be an expensive option.

#4: Use Wallpaper and Paint to Enhance Your Fifth Wall

Add a touch of grandeur to your ceiling

Bring a royal touch to your false ceiling design in the living room using patterned wallpaper and a gold trim. You can furnish the space with large pieces of furniture, preferably in neutral shades, to add to the regal vibe.

Choose from a range of sofas and ottomans, and consider including a vintage gold-framed mirror on the wall for a more resplendent look.

Let your ceiling reflect your personal preferences

On the other hand, if you want a contemporary space, then simply opt for a bold, striped ceiling while maintaining a monochromatic colour palette throughout. It’s a great way to add a bright pop of colour, as you can see in this living room, where the lime green contrasts the black accents beautifully.

#5: Consider Lighting for False Ceiling Design for Hall

Add recessed lights to your false ceiling design to create a good ambience

Only installation of a false ceiling is not sufficient to enhance your hall’s appearance and functionality. You also need some top-notch LED false ceiling lighting in a variety of styles and designs for your living room.

Low ceilings like this room are ideal for recessed lighting. However, recessed lights must be installed in large numbers to adequately light your hall because they can illuminate a smaller area usually. In fact, you can also use cove lights for your hall.

#6: A False Ceiling Design for Hall With the Hanging Fixtures

Add classy decor to your hall with bespoke chandeliers

If you’re looking for beautiful decorative ceiling lights that can add brightness to your hall, think of chandeliers. They come in a variety of designs, and they not only light your hall, but also give it a royal appearance. Another task lighting that you can use for illuminating a hall is pendant lights. In fact, they also enhance the suspended ceiling style and serve as magnificent ornamental lights.

#7: A False Ceiling Design for Hall With Two Fans

If your hall is large, use a false ceiling design for your hall with two fans for proper ventilation

If yours is a big living room, adding a false ceiling can be useful for giving the space some much-needed character. But a large hall comes with its own design challenges, and one of them is ensuring good ventilation across it. Going for a two-fan false ceiling can help resolve this issue.

But, if your hall lacks the structure for a two-fan POP design, things may look tasteless. Also, to make your living area stand out, you can add a statement element by choosing a contrasting colour or an abstract pattern for your fan design.

#8: A False Ceiling for the Living Room With Coffered Details

A coffered false ceiling creates a fashion statement

A coffered false ceiling for the hall creates a fashion statement that no other option can match. It comes in a variety of design patterns and can give an ordinary hall a magnificent appearance.

Primarily, it comes with a partitioned ceiling design and might also feature a dual-toned colour scheme.

Did these 8 stunning ceiling design for halls inspire you to transform your own blank ceiling? If you are still confused, then maybe it’s time to approach the professionals. For more ideas on how to decorate your living room, check out:

Things to Consider While Choosing False Ceiling for Living Room

A minimum thickness of 10 mm-12 mm must be there for false ceilings

a. Design Layout of Your Living Room 

It’s better to take into account the room’s layout before planning your simple false ceiling design for the hall. If your primary concern is better illumination, designate a small space with a combination of cove and spot fixture lights.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance and ambience of the space, you can consider using bold and bright colours.

b. Understand the Lighting Positions 

When designing the false ceiling, you should plan ahead on how to use lights. That’s because the ceiling’s visibility and enhanced appeal will depend on that. For a cohesive visual appeal, your living room’s lighting and false ceiling design must work together.

c. Know the Room Height

Be sure to account for the height of the room when planning a false ceiling. Additionally, it’s recommended to maintain a thickness of 10 mm to 12 mm for false ceilings. Anything less than that can be weak and injury-prone.

d. Select the Right Colours

False ceilings don’t have to be only white or neutral in colour. You can choose colours or surfaces that go with your hall’s theme or its concept based on the purpose and desired appearance. Depending on the look we’re going for, various colours may be employed in addition to white or shades of the white family.

e. Consider The Space Service Lines Can Take

In addition, a certain amount of height would be occupied by service lines like HVAC, lighting, and other support lines, which could cause the height of the space to be reduced. Consider this when planning a simple false ceiling design for your hall.

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Precautions to Be Taken During the Installation

  • A home’s ceiling shouldn’t be one that is susceptible to water damage
  • Ensure you maintain a minimum thickness of 10 to 12 millimetres. Anything less than that would be vulnerable to injury
  • Before installing the fall ceiling design, remember to ensure that it’s completely dry
  • All electrical lines should be inserted inside pipes to stop inadvertent fires from starting

How To Clean And Maintain The POP Ceiling Design?

Ensure no-water contact while cleaning the false ceiling

Once put up, false ceilings are permanent – at least for a minimum of 15 to 20 years. However, bad weather conditions can cause exterior harm, if not maintained well.

It’s easy to keep artificial ceilings looking beautiful and delicate. Like other interiors of your home, it can be cleaned with a broom or a smooth rug if there is any dust build-up. However, the homeowners must avoid cleaning the false ceiling with water, as it might interfere with its chemical composition.

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