False ceilings, also known as suspended ceilings, are a popular way to add depth, dimension, and style to a bedroom. They can be used to conceal wires and pipes, improve acoustics, and even incorporate lighting effects. With so many design options available, choosing the right false ceiling design for your bedroom can be overwhelming. But worry not, we’ve curated a list of 34 inspiring designs to spark your creativity!

  • A false ceiling design for your bedroom can ensure uniform lighting throughout the space and even some fancy mood lighting
  • It can conceal all electrical wires and any exposed beams in the construction 
  • Your room’s ceiling design also provides insulation and reduces noise levels
  • Moreover, ceiling designs for bedrooms can be fireproof and waterproof
  • When maintained well, your ceiling design can last a long time

Take a look at these false ceiling designs for your bedroom for more inspiration.

34 Unique false ceiling designs for your bedroom

POP simple design for bedroom #1: Raise the bar with peripheral ceiling

If your room has a low ceiling, peripheral designs are an ideal choice for you

This minimalistic blue bar on the ceiling adds a pop of colour to the bedroom while aligning with the overall theme of the room. Ideal for low-ceiling bedrooms, the peripheral design runs around the ceiling edges, as you can see in the picture. To enhance the look, you can add some diffused false ceiling light design and use a few study corner spotlights, as this bedroom’s false ceiling does.

POP simple design for bedroom #2: Experiment with recessed lighting

Put your ceiling design for the bedroom to good use with inverted cove recessed lights

Looking for the perfect bedroom false ceiling design for exceptionally high ceilings in your home? Then this can be your go-to option. It manages to add a few layers to your ceiling while keeping the look minimal. Additionally, work in a fan or a low-hanging chandelier and this modern false ceiling design will make it look perfect.

False ceiling design for bedroom #4: Bring the clouds home

Be imaginative with a false ceiling design for your kids’ bedroom

Who said bedroom ceiling designs were just for adults? Kids can have fun, too! Have a look at this dreamy kids’ bedroom that has a cloud-shaped false ceiling design. It is playful and imaginative, and it blends easily with the pink and blue palette of the space, making it a perfect ceiling design for a small bedroom.

False ceiling design for bedroom #5: Add drama with panels

MDF panel is a popular choice for such false ceiling designs for bedrooms

Put together with MDF panelling and covered in wallpaper for the canopy-like effect, this small bedroom ceiling design has a clean striped look. It’s smart and cost-effective when you compare it to other gypsum designs, not to mention the fact that it looks great!

Bedroom ceiling design #6: Add a dash of paint

Ply panelling can be used to customise colours for your ceiling design

Do you know why this ceiling design stands out in the bedroom? A dash of yellow Duco paint (on an MDF or ply panel) that matches the sunny headboard can give your bedroom the much-needed pop of colour. Also, such false ceiling decor ideas help you balance the colour distribution in the room.

Bedroom ceiling design #7: Use the old-world charm of wooden rafters

If traditional is your taste, consider wooden rafters for your bedroom

False ceiling designs featuring wooden rafters give such a beautiful vintage vibe to any bedroom. Take this room, for example. Its ceiling design combines the rafters with a bold floral print on the wall that casts a nostalgic effect on the best of us. Does it not make you recollect old memories of your childhood, as the radio played in the background and your grandmother made laddoos?

Bedroom ceiling design #8: Achieve focused lighting with an inverted cove for spotlights

Use spotlights and watch the space’s focus change with your false ceiling designs

Our Livspace designer who worked on this latest bedroom ceiling design decided to use orange paint in the inverted cove of the gypsum ceiling to match the cabinets. The recessed lights have been swapped with spotlights in this false ceiling design.

Ceiling design for bedroom #9: Affix wooden details to an island ceiling design

Wooden details are a trending option for your ceiling design

To add class and warmth to the bedroom, basic island false ceiling designs are made interesting with wooden rafters around the edges for that beautiful detail.

Ceiling design for bedroom #10: Jazz up with curvy false ceiling designs and wallpaper

Make a stunning focal point with curvy false ceiling designs and wallpaper

These new ceiling design for the bedroom has a theatrical finish with gypsum panelling. Additionally, the wallpaper extends from the wall to the ceiling and adds extra glamour to the room.

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Ceiling design for bedroom #11: Personalise your ceiling designs for your bedroom

Such false ceiling designs can make you feel connected to your bedroom

Don’t worry about cove lighting in such designs. That’s because you can still illuminate your bedroom with some warm diffused lighting to highlight your ceiling. This false ceiling design for bedrooms is trendy and gives your room a personal touch that can be quite intriguing.

Bedroom false ceiling design #12: Be savvy with chevron-patterned wood panelling 

You can never go wrong with chevron-patterned false ceiling designs

Elegance, thy name is wood panelling! This gorgeous chevron-patterned false ceiling design for the bedroom matches the headboard, thereby making the bed the focal point of the room.

Bedroom false ceiling design #13: Keep it basic with platform panels

Opt for platform panels if you like sophisticated false ceiling designs for bedroom

Such false ceiling designs for bedrooms hide the wiring well while keeping the cost low. This modern ceiling design is restricted to the periphery above the headboard with a variety of lighting options—backlights, spotlights and extended pendant lights—for added effect!

Bedroom false ceiling design #14: Opt for trendy tray false ceilings

A minimal and elegant design for your beautiful bedroom

As the name suggests, a tray false ceiling design looks like an inverted tray. Whether you are looking for a small bedroom ceiling design or a large one, tray ceilings look perfect everywhere. To amp up the look, you can add recessed lights or spotlights. The tray-shape ensures that the distribution of light is even throughout the room. 

Royal POP design for bedroom #15: Say it with a pop ceiling design for a bedroom

Create the design of your choice with a moulded POP ceiling design for a bedroom

Nowadays, most homeowners are opting for a POP ceiling design for their bedroom, as it’s not only versatile but also easy to install. POP is a quick-setting white powder that can be easily moulded into the design you desire, making it a popular choice among homeowners looking for an intricate bedroom POP ceiling design. 

False ceiling design for bedroom #16: Pick a soft-edged island ceiling for your kids’ room

A simple floating ceiling can elevate the look of your bedroom

A rounded island false ceiling is a great option for a kids’ bedroom. It’s suspended and appears to float in mid-air, thanks to the carefully hidden mounts. In this kids’ bedroom, the soft backlights also create the illusion that the false ceiling is floating. You can also opt for a multi-level/layered false ceiling design for larger bedrooms.

Royal POP design for bedroom #17: Mirrors are not only for the walls

A bedroom false ceiling design fit for royalty!

Tired of your compact bedroom? Did you know that your ceiling can make your room look spacious? If you are looking for ceiling designs for a small bedroom, you should choose a glass or a mirrored ceiling. That’s because the reflective surface creates an illusion of space, thereby making your bedroom look much larger than it actually is. 

Bedroom false ceiling design #18: Say yes to gypsum

A durable and cost-effective option among bedroom ceiling designs

Apart from POP, gypsum is another popular material that we see in false ceilings. Gypsum is not only very durable, but it is also cost-effective. Moreover, a gypsum bedroom ceiling design also has sound-absorbing qualities. 

False ceiling design for bedroom #19: Think of a parallel false ceiling for the gram

A white bedroom false ceiling is a good option for a contemporary flat

Minimal ceiling designs are evergreen and blend with all interior types! This is especially true for contemporary flats. Also, if you want a small bedroom ceiling design, white is a viable option as the use of white can open up the space and make the room look large. 

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False ceiling design for bedroom #20: Stay unique with a boxed ceiling design for your bedroom

Elevate your master bedroom with a false ceiling design that’s unique, intriguing and out of the box

Looking to introduce a touch of modern elegance with your bedroom false ceiling? This might be a great idea if you want to play with only three colours in your bedroom: white, beige and brown.

False ceiling design for bedroom #21: Bedroom ceiling design but with a split false ceiling

Go all the way and experiment with a false ceiling design that helps combine a sense of warmth and functional sophistication

Accommodating two separate false ceiling designs in the same bedroom is a bold move. But, as you can tell, bold moves guarantee bolder rewards. This split unit is one of the best false ceiling designs for a bedroom in the way it helps create separate zones within the room. The bed has a hollowed-out false ceiling that’s just like a regular false ceiling with recessed lights.

However, the seating area with accent chairs has a covered false ceiling design overhead. Such a unique idea adds a touch of simple yet stunning sophistication to the overall vibe of the bedroom.

Plaster of Paris design for bedroom #22: Give it a classy & simple finish

This simple bedroom false ceiling pairs well with the striking red accent wall

The key to a simple and classy bedroom false ceiling design is to keep it clean and subtle. By embracing minimalism and a restrained colour palette, this simple ceiling design for the bedroom exudes a sense of calm and serenity. The ceiling design also adds a touch of luxury, complementing the red and white decor of the bedroom.

Plaster of Paris design for bedroom #23: Every room needs an airplane magic

“Can we pretend that airplanes in the ceilings are like shootin’ stars”

If you have a child who loves airplanes, this design would be a dream come true for them. You could even add clouds, stars, or other airplane-related elements to the design. Plaster of Paris is a relatively affordable material, and the design itself is not too complex. This makes it a great option for budget-minded home interior designers.

False ceiling design for bedroom #24: LED strip light

LED strip lights can be a great choice for lighting fluted panels in a false ceiling if you consider their pros, cons, and specific needs for your project. Most LED strip lights have adhesive backing or mounting clips, making installation relatively simple.  They generate minimal heat, making them safe for PVC or gypsum board ceilings.

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