It’s not uncommon for Indian homes to opt for false ceiling designs these days. With false ceilings, you can take your interior design up a notch and turn ceilings into statement pieces. A plus-minus POP design is the latest craze in false ceiling options. A new modern POP design can make your ceiling the talk of the town. So let’s dive in and see the various options out there.

#1: What is a plus-minus POP design?

An attractive new modern POP plus minus design for the living room

A plus-minus ceiling design crafted from POP (Plaster of Paris) offers tremendous versatility by adding different depths to the design with the use of various shapes, patterns and dimensions. Traditionally confined to commercial spaces with lofty ceilings and ample room, this design trend has now found its way into homes and bedrooms. It’s evolved beyond mere ornamentation, becoming a tool to add dimension to any space, regardless of its size.

The standout feature of the room above is its ability to captivate attention instantly. Achieved through a boxed-in ceiling crafted with POP design, it eliminates the need for excessive decor and furnishings. Consequently, the ceiling effortlessly transforms into the focal point of your home.

#2: How is a POP plus-minus design made?

Let the magic of POP designs enchant you

Plus-minus POP is made from Plaster of Paris (POP), also known as gypsum plaster. You can customise attractive, modern POP plus-minus design for any room. Since these designs are so versatile, they help create the perfect layout for any space.

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#3: Is a plus-minus POP design affordable?

A new modern POP plus-minus design for the living room

To create a budget for a plus-minus POP design, it’s crucial to understand the intricacy of the design. An attractive, new modern POP plus-minus design’s cost is governed by the amount of material needed.

Elaborate designs are likely to incur higher costs due to the need for skilled artisans and a greater amount of materials. While simpler designs are more budget-friendly, opting for an unconventional design warrants exploring beyond the basics. After all, embracing a unique design approach often yields the most captivating results.

Rates can vary based on the area you intend to cover and any additional fixtures, like concealed lighting, that may be incorporated. Plus-minus POP designs offer flexibility, allowing you to opt for subtlety or boldness according to your preferences. It’s essential to consider factors such as colour, shape, design, and lighting when planning your POP design, as these elements significantly contribute to its overall impact.

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#4: How to maintain plus-minus POP designs?

Another reason why people opt for attractive, new modern POP plus-minus design is because it is very easy to clean. They can be dusted with a dry cloth. You can add easy to maintain to the list of benefits of this design.

#5: Where can you use a plus-minus POP design at home?

You can use a POP design for many of your false ceiling interiors. Bedrooms, balconies and kitchens are favourite areas for POP plus-minus designs. Below, we explore some placement options from #LivspaceHomes that are worth mentioning.

#6: Try plus-minus POP designs for different rooms

A lobby plus-minus design for a gallery fitted in with recessed and cove lights and chandeliers

When it comes to plus-minus designs, their versatility allows them to complement any room. They’re easy to maintain and seamlessly blend with other materials, making them an ideal choice for any space.

#7: Add modern POP plus-minus design to your bedroom

Use a modern plus-minus POP design with ambient lighting for a chic look

There are many modern POP plus-minus design ideas for bedrooms that you can try. The design should be done in such a way that it adds to the style of the room and creates uniform lighting.

#8: Introduce plus-minus POP designs to your halls

Make your living room attractive with plus-minus POP designs

The living room sets the tone for the entire house, making it essential to invest in a stunning ceiling design. Introducing a plus-minus design here is guaranteed to make your guests go wow! Thus, opt for a plus-minus design for the hall.

#9: Ace your kitchen’s plus-minus POP design

This POP design for the kitchen has recessed lights

Proper lighting is crucial in kitchen areas where cooking activities take centre stage. A plus-minus design effortlessly fulfills this need. Take, for instance, the kitchen above. It is equipped with recessed lights, ensuring uniform illumination throughout the space.

#10: Bring in some drama over the dining room

The dining area is another space where the ceiling holds significance. Chandeliers and pendant lights are commonly favoured for this room. Therefore, it’s worth considering experimenting with plus-minus POP designs to add a unique touch to the space.

#11: Look out for this kid’s bedroom with modern POP design

An eye-catchy ceiling design for your child

While it is common to use fun colours in a kid’s bedroom, how about adding a layer of innovation as well? Take the room interiors up a notch with a striking ceiling design. This bedroom’s modern ceiling design is quirky and adds some fun character to the space with the use of clouds.

#12: Enhance your pooja room with dedicated plus-minus POP designs

A ceiling wall to enhance the divinity of the pooja room

While the focus remains on the divine in this pooja room, the plus-minus POP ceiling design effortlessly enhances the room’s aesthetic appeal.

#13: Consider plus-minus POP design for bathrooms

Turn your bathroom into a spa with POP plus-minus design

In bathrooms, ambient lighting is essential for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Introducing a plus-minus POP ceiling can keep the space modern while remaining unaffected by moisture, ensuring a tranquil ambience.

#14: Get a grand plus-minus POP design for foyer

The grandness of this plus-minus POP design for the foyer is unforgettable

The use of modern POP plus-minus design is not limited to your bedroom. You can also flaunt it in the foyer area and leave a lasting first impression on your guests.

#15: What are the advantages of plus-minus POP design?

Mould your plus-minus designs into any shape

Plus-minus POP designs present a versatile, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing option for enhancing interior spaces. Their adaptability allows for customisation to suit diverse design preferences, while their durability and resistance to moisture ensure long-term viability. These designs offer ease of maintenance and compatibility with various lighting fixtures, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial settings.

#16: Ideas to experiment with plus-minus POP design

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of plus-minus ceilings, let’s explore some of the designs that stand out.

Stripe it up! 

For a modern touch, go with stripes

Given the mouldable nature of plus-minus ceilings, consider opting for striped designs to impart a modern flair to your space.

Box in your POP design

Embrace the trend of boxed ceiling designs, known for their ability to infuse any room with a sleek and edgy vibe. Elevate the allure further by incorporating halogen or ambient lighting, adding a touch of sophistication and ambience to the space.

A playful haven

Want to sprinkle some extra magic into your kid’s room? Check out these cloud-shaped custom plus-minus designs. Imagine your little one drifting off to sleep under a sky full of fluffy clouds. It’s like a bedtime story come to life right in their own room. So go ahead, let their imagination soar with these delightful touches!

Traditional with a twist of modern

Latticework design on the ceiling uses a traditional design to create an edgy look

When your ceiling craves character, latticework steps in as the ultimate solution. Its versatility effortlessly merges traditional charm with a modern twist, offering a timeless appeal that complements any style with finesse.

A triangular opportunity

Geometric shapes never fail to impress

Elevate your space with plus-minus ceiling designs in a sleek triangle shape, accented with a touch of gold. This luxurious addition brings a sense of opulence and sophistication to any room, making it a standout feature that exudes elegance.

Abstract POP design

Bring the artwork to your ceiling

Abstract ceilings offer a quirky and distinctive aesthetic. What better way to explore this style than through plus-minus POP design? Dare to be bold and experiment with an eccentric ceiling design, inspired by the captivating look showcased in our Livspace home above.

Bring sunshine into your space

Dazzle everyone with a pop of bold colours

Infuse your space with a burst of sunshine! Make your ceiling the ultimate showstopper by adding a bold pop of colour. A vibrant yellow will instantly grab the attention of anyone who walks in. It’s like bringing the warmth and energy of the sun right into your room, creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere that everyone will love.

Mixing shapes and designs

Bring a unique quality to your ceilings

With plus-minus POP ceilings being incredibly versatile, they can seamlessly blend two different shapes for added visual interest. Take, for instance, the dining room showcased above, where two distinct shapes effortlessly harmonise to create a stunning and unique ceiling design.

Carved-out ceiling designs

Another way to make use of the versatile plus-minus POP ceiling is to use it to carve out designs. The square ceiling with carved-out designs adds depth and character to the space.

Oval shaped POP design

Bring in uniform quality lighting to your kids’ room

This POP ceiling design can blend in well with its surroundings. The oval-shaped design perfectly offsets the eye-catching wallpaper. Here, it serves as a backdrop and lets the wallpaper take centre stage.

Combine it with glass

Dare to use glass on your ceiling design

When it comes to POP design, it can combine with other materials to give you a distinctive look. One such material is glass. Here, you can see how this mirrored ceiling is a great fit for this living room.

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Give a chance to cornices

Go old-school with the corners

Cornices bring a cozy warmth to ceilings, making them an inviting addition to any space. Even in minimalistic homes, they can work wonders, adding a touch of elegance and charm. By incorporating plus-minus POP into cornice designs, you can infuse your room with a distinct and personalised style that sets it apart from the rest.

Jazz up the space with cove lighting

Turn up the style dial with cove lighting

Take a look at this ceiling where the modern plus-minus POP design comes alive with cove lighting. The soft glow adds an upscale vibe and makes the space inviting and stylish.

Infuse a wooden and white charm

Bringing home the cafe charm

So, let’s dish about this dining room – it’s got this super cool cafe vibe going on, right? But what sets it apart is that plus-minus POP design. It’s like the cherry on top of an already awesome sundae. With all that wood and white charm, the POP design ties everything together perfectly.

Layered lighting for the win

Alright, let’s talk about this dining room that’s basically lighting goals! Seriously, it’s like a lighting symphony in there. You’ve got this rectangular plus-minus POP design stealing the show, showing off cove lighting, recessed lighting, AND pendant lights. It’s like a dance of light and shadows, setting the perfect mood for any meal.

Enjoy the fusion of designs

Talk about a double dose of WOW!

Stealing the spotlight in this living cum dining area is the plus-minus POP design. While both the living and dining spaces are rocking their own POP ceiling designs, they borrow elements from the overall theme of the places to create a cohesive look.

Adorn your ceiling with an extended design

Minimalist magic meets ceiling chic!

This simple bedroom design is giving us major minimalist vibes. However, what’s catching our attention right away, is the extended plus-minus POP design that uses muted tones that blend with the rest of the space. Thanks to the POP ceiling design, bedtime just got much dreamier.

Cascading effect

Embrace the calm in this all-white sanctuary!

Clad in all white, the bedroom speaks of calmness and serenity. The plus-minus POP design is what takes the cake here. It has a mesmerising cascading effect, like layers of soft clouds floating above your head. Additionally, the soft edges add an extra touch of cosy.

Go for a metallic look

Wondering how to add some serious glam to your space? Take inspiration from this stunning plus-minus POP design that is stealing the show with its chic geometric patterns and metallic finish. It’s like bringing a touch of Hollywood right into your home!

Use a touch of colourful 3D pop

Out with the boring and in with the exciting!

We love this plus-minus POP design that’s rocking a pop of blue. It’s like a breath of fresh air in a sea of white ceilings! This bold choice totally steals the spotlight, giving your room that extra wow factor. With this fun and vibrant touch, your space is going to stand out in all the best ways!

Embrace the coffered design

Ceiling sophistication, coming right up!

Ever heard of a plus-minus POP ceiling with a coffered design? It’s like adding a touch of architectural elegance to your space. The crisp lines and recessed panels create an intricate pattern that’s just begging to be admired. It’s like turning your ceiling into a work of art!

A step up from ordinary false ceiling options, a plus-minus POP design is a foolproof way to draw the eye upwards. When used correctly, it makes the room feel grander and more spacious. If you enjoyed reading this, also explore 5 ways to spruce up your ceiling.

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