Books, glorious books! They line our shelves, filling our home interiors with colour, knowledge and adventure. But where do you house these treasured tomes? A simple book storage might do the trick, but for the true bibliophile, a home library is a must. It’s a space to curl up with a good read, lose yourself in another world, and let your imagination soar.

However, designing reading rooms can be daunting. Do you go classic and cosy, or modern and sleek? Built-in or freestanding? Vintage or minimalist? Fear not, fellow bookworms! This article is your one-stop guide to all things home library design. We’ll explore styles, space-saving tips, and furniture must-haves to create the perfect literary haven. So grab your favourite mug of tea, settle in, and let’s get inspired!

Home libraries in dark aesthetics

#1: A cosy alcove for your literary trove

The perfect book nook

Alcove reading corners are the cosiest thing ever. Just change the colour of the wood from brown to white if traditional isn’t your aesthetic. A couple of cushions and a light fixture can turn your library furniture game around!

#2: Go au naturel!

Nestle among the timbers and discover a bookworm’s heaven

Exposed woodwork is such an earthy touch we all need in this concrete world. Pair a comfy tapestry with a wooden floor for your reading nook and throw in lamps and a mini book storage to turn your library into the cosiest corner on Earth!

#3: A book jungle? Why not!

Why leave your green babies behind in your literary quest?

Add a touch of nature to your home library with trailing plants on your modern bookshelves! Just let those vines hang and watch your reading corner transform into an inviting space to unwind.

#4: Sunny sills and snuggles

Don’t forget to tag us when you recreate this home library!

Imagine having a cosy reading nook right by a sunny window in your reading room. The window sill is perfect for a comfy seat, piled high with cushions and a warm throw.

#5: A mangrove vibe for your book storage

This one’s for #bookstagram!

This is yet another home library design inspiration for the plant parents! If you don’t like plants on your books, keep them beside for a lush reading nook. The dark green bookshelf and the mesh net give a major mangrove aesthetic and they need to be on your grid.

#6: The bookish espionage

Haters will say this is not a Bond movie set

Imagine sinking into a big leather sofa, fire crackling in the hearth, a vintage mirror reflecting flickering candlelight from a Victorian fixture above while a towering bookshelf crammed with spy novels begs you to dive in. This isn’t just a reading nook, it’s your personal 007 lair in disguise. ️

#7: Step back in time

Feel the fancy bookworm fantasy!

This design is all about transporting you into a bygone era of dark wood home libraries. Let’s be serious: all we want is to be a scholar from the 19th century lost in their literature and travels and attending fancy dinners at Oxford.

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Modern home library designs

#1: Welcome to modernity

A chic library to match your personality

The clean lines and absence of clutter in these modern bookshelves create sleek modern reading rooms for the modern interior designer in you. Of course, white shelves require frequent maintenance but what’s a little dusting if it gives you such a pleasing aesthetic space?

#2: A two-storey literary delight

Go up and away into your bookventures!

Have a lot of vertical space? Then why don’t you build this two-storey paradise? It can be built on a smaller scale too with an elephant ladder to access the upper shelves.

#3: Read, binge, repeat!

A wall that’s not just a wall, but a portal to your favorite stories

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves stretch across the room, their warm wood tones inviting you to curl up with a good read. Tucked right in the middle, a sleek mounted TV is ready to play movie marathons. This isn’t just a bookshelf, it’s a statement library furniture and a conversation starter for bookworms and binge-watchers alike.

#4: Beige classics up your way

Beige or bold: choose your reading vibe

Here’s a classic bookshelf for your home library that saves you the worry of decorating ideas on your wall. It comes in a cute beige but again you can change colours to change the aesthetics (brown for an 80s touch and beige or white for modern libraries).

#5: Book nooks: wall edition

A door to Narnia, perhaps?

There’s something about this home library that instantly reminds us of Mama Coco’s house. Plus, the doorway wall choice is such a clever idea to save floor space.

#6: Rack, roll, read, relax!

The social media definition of “aesthetic” is right here!

You don’t need huge pieces of library furniture to create a home library. Just wheel in a sufficient rack, arrange your book collection on it, roll it down to a corner, add a rug, a couple of pillows and a blanket, a plant on the side and you have your cutest corner ever!

#7: Parallel library perfection

Come sunshine or rain, we read again!

Another window sill but in a modern aesthetic space! This home library design inspiration is for those who have a designated space for creating a parallel library (a tiny hallway, probably?). Tuck in some sleek drawers to hide away clutter. Plus, that window seat beckons for a rainy day reading marathon.

#8: Minimalist book bliss

Soft hues and book views make the perfect reading rendezvous

Bookstagram goals meet Pinterest perfection. This look is all about clean lines, soft textures, and a neutral palette that lets your favourite reads take centre stage. Top it off with minimalist white lamps, and you’ve got a recipe for relaxation that’s pure eye candy.

#9: For your golden hour reads

From minimal to chic in a chair flip

Swap the off-white sofa chair with a bright-coloured one, add a potted plant and your minimal reading room has turned into a chic aesthetic space. Oh, do not forget to let the golden hour shine in there!

#10: Scandinavian or minimal?

Ditch the clutter and embrace the Scandi charm!

Imagine a cosy home library bathed in soft natural light, where greenery whispers secrets to framed memories, and plush sofas beg you to curl up with a good book. That’s the magic of Scandinavian reading rooms – a haven for hygge and bibliophiles alike.

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Wooden home library designs

#1: Ledge lit reading corner

Your books called, they want a ledge upgrade!

Whoever thought ledges could be turned into a home library?! Add a couple of bright-coloured reading chairs to cut the monotonicity of the wood accents.

#2: Reading one cube at a time

Read between the cubes for the MDF magic

This bookshelf made of MDF is a customised effort to create modern reading rooms. The diagonal cubes in it give it a quirky twist, making it the centrepiece of attraction in the room.

#3: Old meets new

Wood you believe it? 80s shelves, modern library lights, total wow!

This is what we’re talking about; woody bookshelves for the 80s library vibes and linear lighting for the modern touch. You can even switch the background walls by either putting up a bookshelf with wooden back panels or painting them in rich brown paint.

#4: Accent wall decor with bookshelves

Books as art, walls as a canvas

Why splurge on fancy wall art when you can mount your books? Just grab some shelves, toss your favourite reads on them, and voila – you have a budget-friendly bookshelf that’s also a cool wall statement! Pick contrasting colours for that extra pop, and you’ve got decorating ideas without breaking the bank.

#5: Reading rooms that scream throwback

Rustic blues and modern hues

Are you manifesting a farm life from the 1800s? This rustic blue bookshelf is made for your home library. Yup, we know! Do not forget, there’s a cool modern pull-out drawer at the bottom for the books you don’t need often.

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Home libraries in pops of colour

#1: Sky’s the limit

Blue and grey – a match made in book heaven

Blue is calming and relaxing, while grey shelves provide a neutral backdrop for your books. The lack of doors on the bookshelves makes it easy to access your books, and the open design can also help to make the space feel more airy and spacious. The design inspiration is relatively compact, so it would be a good option for a small space on your wall.

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#2: Desk or bookshelf?

When your desk moonlights as a secret bookshelf

Study table in the reading rooms is a smart way to motivate yourself. If you’re blessed with space, the desk can be extended into a bookshelf for you to read your heart away with this home library design.

So, whether you’re a book dragon with a towering TBR pile or a casual reader seeking a cosy nook, don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed home library. Also, did you know that the world’s largest private home library in London boasts over 1.5 million books? Talk about a bibliophile’s paradise!

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