Whether you’re someone who loves tacking up books or just wants a place to showcase a few trinkets, shelves are a necessary evil. However, it might be that you’d rather not deface the surface with nails or you’d prefer a floor-mounted shelf that is sturdy yet stylish. In such cases, a floor-standing shelf design is a boon. It does all the work of a wall-mounted shelf but doesn’t damage walls!

Shelf Design Ideas #1: Low-lying Shelf

shelf design-low-lying shelf-wooden shelf design
Easy to reach for kids

Let us begin with a variety of shelves that are really in — low-lying shelves. These shelves are ideal for our modern homes that have low ceiling height. It does not cramp up the vertical space in the room and makes it look less crowded. Plus, your little ones can pick out their essentials from it without your help!

Shelf Design Ideas #2: Corner Shelves

shelf design-corner shelf-wooden shelf design
Fits in a wee corner

Have an awkward corner you don’t know what to do with? Consider filling it up with a free-standing bookshelf. Not only does this give new life to dead space, but it also allows for more space to keep things on display. You could opt for a shelf with parallel walls, or switch things up with a ladder-style or curved shelf system. 

Shelf Design Ideas #3: Boat-shaped

shelf design-boat shape shelf-wooden shelf design
Looks like standing boat

Boat-shaped shelves have been riding the internet waves for a while now, because of their nautical-inspired theme and a surprising amount of space. These free-standing shelves are a quirky addition to your home without needing to drill holes into the wall. The curved walls give you more space and keep showpieces from falling off the sides. 

Shelf Design Ideas #4: Ladder Unit

shelf design-ladder unit-white ladder shelf
A ladder with storage

It’s easy to achieve vintage flair and storage at one go with a ladder shelf. It’s a slanted shelf with a number of levels and can easily be placed against a wall rather than fixed to it. In this bedroom, the steps function as catch-all trays to prevent trinkets from falling off. Varying widths allow for more items to be placed.

Shelf Design Ideas #5: Twin Shelves

 white shelf designs-blue ottoman designs
A pair of the same

If two people are using a room, twin shelves are perfect storage options. The symmetrical pieces in this room function as personalized displays yet tie in perfectly with each other. Open backs allow the wall colour to come through.

Shelf Design Ideas #6: Open & Closed Shelves

open and closed shelf-industrial shelf
An industrial update

This design for open and closed shelves is quite the rage these days. This shelf is actually inspired by industrial design. It is basically a version in which you add closed storage modules to a warehouse shelf. So you can have display and closed storage units within the save shelf. Not only is this kind of shelf in vogue, it is also super functional!

Shelf Design Ideas #7: Quintessential Bookshelf

white bookshelf design-wooden bookshelf-reading corner
The reading nook

You could use this shelf for books in the living room or as an accessory in the dining hall– it depends on how much space you want to fill. In this room, the bookshelf blends in with the wall; a plethora of differently-sized shelves are home to a wide variety of décor and books. The cut-out sides add contemporary flair and break up the white monotony.

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