We’re sure if you love reading books and enjoying some ‘me’ time, then you would love to have that reading nook for yourself. Go the extra mile and make these reading corners Insta-worthy too. Choose a simple bookshelf or treat yourself to an elaborate reading nook — the choice is yours! We just stopped by to show you some stunning reading nooks that are Insta-worthy in the luxury of your home.

Take a look at these wonderful home libraries that are goals for any book lover.

Bookshelf or Reading Corner Inspiration #1: Corners Work Best

When you have a corner that you do not know what to do with, then you should know that it is potential bookworm corner. If you are one at heart, then you will absolutely love the idea of this uber chic reading corner. Imagine how easy it would be, to slip into the world of books when you step inside this cozy space. We love it!

Bookshelf or Reading Corner Inspiration #2: Low Seating to Lounge

We can totally visualise lazing in this cozy little corner, on a rainy day, with a book in one hand and a coffee mug in the other. For anyone who loves spending evenings like this, this is the perfect reading nook for you. The low seating and the pendant lights are an added bonus!

Bookshelf or Reading Corner Inspiration #3: Natural Light

Your best bet for an Insta-worthy reading corner is one with plenty of sunlight. Sunlight is a crucial element to capture that insta-worthy image so, make sure the corner is well light. Besides, this will reduce the strain on your eyes when you cosy up with a book.

Bookshelf or Reading Corner Inspiration #4: Sectional Surprise

Talk about indulging in a full fledged reading corner that reeks of luxury! These reading nooks feature a plush sectional that has cushioned seating. One can just imagine how blissful it would be to unwind with your favourite book in this classy niche.

Bookshelf or Reading Corner Inspiration #5: Comfy Corner

Comfy accent chair? Check. Chic abstract wall design? Check. Soothing colour palette? Check. Insta-worthy? Check. This reading corner ticks all the boxes when it comes to relaxation and chilling. A wingback arm chair, upholstered in royal blue fabric and plush padding is just what you need to grab a quick read!

Bookshelf or Reading Corner Inspiration #6: Work and Leisure Setting

A reading nook-cum-study table is perfect when you want to combine work and pleasure. For the days when you’re working from home, treat this as your workstation. Whereas, make this your own quiet reading corner when you are in the mood for some relaxation. Versatility is the keyword here!

Bookshelf or Reading Corner Inspiration #7: Bay Seating

A reading corner by the window is a space efficient and a very insta-worthy spot. Decorate an existing bay seating area with pillows and a bookshelf or transform any window into a cosy reading spot by installing a platform.

Are you inspired enough to grab a book now? Reading is something that nurtures your mind and calms your nerves on any given day. So gift yourself a reading corner today inspired by some of our designs.

You can also decorate your existing bookshelves, using Storage Ideas for Vertical Space.

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